Kentucky Expedition Members

The following men signed the September 1 1777 Oath of Allegiance in Bedford Co., VA, and are believed to be the 50 members of “The Kentucky Expedition”, commanded by Capt. Charles Gwatkin, that was sent to relieve Ft Boone in Kentucky. Where another name appears in parentheses, the name in parentheses is how the person may be listed in other sources, for example, in the list of salt makers captures with Daniel Boone at the Blue Licks, or in various lists of Boonesborough residents.

Daniel Asberry (Asbury)
Claiborn Brown (possibly Arabia Brown)
John Brown
William Chandley (Chandler/Candler)
Kaba Claiborn
John Connelly (Connolly)
Jesse Copher
David Crews
Stanley Crews
Philip Cuppe
William Dale
Benjamin Davis
James Davis
David Eubank
William Eubank
Samuel Findley
Bartholomew Geddy
Huriah Gilmore
Auselom Goodman (Ansel/Anselm)
Charles Gwatkins
John Halley (Holley)
Stephen Hancock
John Hart (Short)
John Hitchook (Hitchcock)
Jesse Hoges (Hodges)
John Holley (Holly)
John Holloway
William Humphrey
Joseph Johnson (Jackson)
Charles Jones
Benjamin Kelley (Kelly)
Martin King Jr.
John Milam
John Morton (Martin)
Charles O’Neal
Thomas Overstreet
James Pratt
John Prippble (Pribble)
George Richardson
John Routon
Thomas Scruggs
Palser Smelser
Dodson Throp (Thorp)
William Tracy
Ignatius Turman (Thurman)
Richard Wade
Adam Whylley (Wiley)
John Williams
Charles Woodward
Joshua Woodward


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