Arabia Brown Testimony

State of Ky.

Garrard County

This day came before me Arabia Brown a justice of the
peace in and for the county afd. and made oath that he was well acquainted with
Ansel Goodman both before and ever since he enlisted in the county of Bedford
state of Virginia in the year 1777 under Capn Charles Watkins. He did nor know,
when this applicant made out his dictation before Lewis Laudsam, on the 13th day
of Sepr 1832 that the sd. Ansel Goodman was alive– He has however had the
unexpected pleasure of seeing and conversing with one of his old fellow
sufferers. He has heard his statement read, hearing date the 13th of Octor 1832.
He knows its all true, of his own knowledge up to the time the sd. Goodman went
with a party to make salt under Col Boone. He always understood he was then
taken prisoner by the Indians with Boone and remained a prisoner for the time he
sets forth. He understood from this applicant himself ever since he returned
from his captivity, also from Col Boone, and many others, and such has been the
understanding always since the event occurred. He knows the sd. Goodman is a man
of truth, that he was a good spy, and a faithful soldier, and that he places the
utmost reliance in his entire statement.

Given under my hand seal this 13th day of Octor 1832

Signed: (undecipherable)


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