Ansel Goodman’s Application for a Revolutionary War Pension

My first hint that these documents existed, was a mention as a reference in one of the many Daniel Boone biographies. Images of the original documents were found in the Revolutionary War Pension Applications microfilm collection of the US National Archives, Denver, CO, and transcribed by Ronald E. Goodman. The following is the entire text of the Court proceedings, and the attached statements of witnesses.  It was dictated by him, and is in his own words. It describes his enlistment in Bedford VA, march to Boonesborough, then known as Fort Boone, his capture by Indians, along with Daniel Boone and about 30 others, some details of their captivity, and his subsequent escape and return to Virginia. The exact spelling and punctuation has been retained, as closely as could be determined from the hand written documents.

Images of this Petition and Court Records: Page 1   Page 2   Page 3


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