Ansel / Anselm Goodman of Bedford County VA (ca 1752 – 1840)

Based on his stated age of 80 in his 1832 Rev War petition, Ansel Goodman was b. about 1752, probably in Hanover County or Lunenburg County, VA, His parentage has not yet been determined with any certainty. Neither have I been able to positively identify any of his family, other than brother John Goodman, my own direct ancestor. Ansel married, probably about March 1777, to Edith (Edy) Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown (Re: Rev War Widow’s Pension application of Jane (Brown) Craig).

Excerpt from Pension Application of John and Jane Brown Craig: W8638
Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris:

“… on this the 20th day of September 1838 personally appeared before me Benjamin Hancock a Justice of the peace in and for said County, Jane Craig aged Seventy Eight years the 2nd day of August last past. She being entirely reputable and after being duly sworn for that purpose on her oath makes the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed the 4th July 1836, that she is the widow of John Craig, who was a soldier of the Revolutionary War as herein after stated.

She states that she saw her deceased husband the said John Craig enlist in the united States Service in Bedford County in the State of Virginia to serve as a private soldier to serve three years, that she saw Joel Devenport [sic: Joel Davenport, pension application S39413], and his brother Moses Devenport enlist at the same time they all enlisted at the house of Thomas Brown on a Wedding day, said Brown’s daughter Edy Brown being that day married to Ancel Goodman [sic: Ansel Goodman], …”

As told in his own petition application, Ansel enlisted in July 1777 with about 50 others of Bedford Co, in the Company of Capt. Charles Gwatkins, who had come back to his home county to enlist volunteers to go the the relief of Boonesborough. This was called “The Kentucky Expedition” in one reference in “Virginia State Papers”. In Signers of the Oath of Allegiance in Bedford Co., Virginia, published in Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, December 1957, Vol. 91, p 1343, there is a list of exactly 50 Bedford men, including Charles Gwatkins, Ansel (listed as Auselom) Goodman, Jesse Copher, Benjamin Kelly and several others that were later captured with Boone at the Blue Licks making salt, all of whom signed the Oath on 1 September 1777. At this time, this appears to be the most definitive list of the members of the “Kentucky Expedition” from Bedford to Ft Boone. By how his name is shown on this list, Ansel’s true and full name is also confirmed as Anselm. For an alphabetized list of the 1 Sept 1777 signors, see: Kentucky Expedition Members. Arabia Brown was also a member of this group, as described in Arabia Brown’s Rev War Pension Application, for which Ansel was a testator. Arabia Brown may have been Ansel’s brother-in-law, and also son of Thomas Brown.

Bedford County, VA, Court Order Book 6, 26 Oct 1778: “Edith Goodman Wife of Ansal Goodman who was Captivated by the Indians upon Kentucky allowed 18 Pounds for the Support of her and her family to this day which is Ordered to be Certified to the Treasurer.”. This tells us they started their family before Ansel departed Bedford for Fort Boone in July 1777.

Based on his land transactions with and proximity to Arabia / Raba Brown of Bedford Co., VA, and the given names of Robert in the families of his brother John / James Goodman, also of Bedford Co., VA, it now seems likely that he and John / James Goodman, father of my ancestor Amos I. Goodman, were probably both sons of Robert Goodman, of Hanover Co., who arrived in then Lunenburg Co., VA and bought land adjoining the Israel Brown family on Flat Rock Creek in 1759.

Ansel Goodman’s first recorded land purchase in Bedford Co., VA, was for 150 ac., on 7 Aug 1786, from Raba Brown, and wife Elizabeth, she also relinquishes dower rights. (Be DB 8:71). See transcription below.

This was almost certainly Abraham/Arabia Brown, son of Israel Brown, and Ansel and his father Robert’s close neighbor in 1758, on Flat Rock Creek, Lunenburg Co. Or, possibly a son of that Abraham/Arabia Brown. This is probably the same Arabia Brown who testified on Ansel’s behalf in Russell Co., KY court that recorded and ruled on Ansel’s Rev. War pension application, and who knew Ansel before and after the Revolutionary War.

On 28 May 1788, Ansalom (Ansel) and wife Edith sold this land in two parts, one parcel of 56-1/4 ac to Henry Maderis, and the rest to adjoining neighbor Charles Caffery. Sig: Ansel Goodman, Sig: Edith Goodman. (Be DB 8:72). See transcription below.

This probably establishes the date after which Ansel and family removed to Stokes Co., NC, where they are recorded in the 1790 Stokes Co. US Census, but in none of the earlier Stokes Co records I have found. Also notable about the second transaction, is that Ansel and Edith apparently both personally signed their names. Another deed recorded by the same clerk, and on the same DB 8:72 page that includes the deeds mentioned above, clearly identified and differentiated “His X Mark” signatures. In Ansel’s 1832 pension application, he is also indicated as using “His X Mark”

Other Possible Family Relationships

By his name, it is possible that he may have been related in some way to Charles Goodman of Albemarle, not as a son or brother, but possibly a nephew. Bedford Co., (later Campbell Co.) was also the residence of Bartellot Goodman, b. ca. 1730, a French & Indian War veteran, of Louisa Co., VA, and a number of whose descendants also migrated through Kentucky and settled in Indiana.

Ansel Goodman sold his Bedford Co. land in 1788, probably removing first to Stokes Co., NC, where Ansylem Goodman is recorded in the 1790 census with wife, two male and 3 female children. He is found next in Adair Co., KY, where he appears in the census in 1810 and 1820. Three younger Goodmans, Andrew and Jesse and Ansle (sic.) , were also in Adair 1810 census, and were of an age to be possible sons of Ansel. Ansel Sr and his wife, with no children, plus Andrew, Ansel Jr and a John Goodman, all with children, are in the Adair 1820 census. Adair was divided in 1825/6 to form Russell County, where Ansel Sr is listed in 1830 census, and he made his application for a Rev. War pension in October, 1832. Arabia Brown, his old Bedford Co., VA neighbor, “Kentucky Expedition” member and friend, being one of the testators. In the 1830 census, presumed sons Ansel and Martin Goodman are in Spencer Co., IN.


Ansel Goodman of Bedford VA — 3 Comments

  1. Francis Brown “I” left his Will in Essex Co., VA in 1691/1692 (he was apparently married to Elizabeth Cole). His son Daniel Brown “I” married Jane Copeland. This last couple had a son who we call Francis Brown “III,” and he married Christiana unknown (Francis “III” moved to Chesterfield Co., VA, a few years before his death around 1755/1756). Francis “III” and Christiana had Thomas, Daniel, Francis, Hezekiah, Mary and Linar (Linah/Linhar/other spellings) Brown. Linar and his brother Thomas went to Bedford Co., VA. Linar’s son James Brown married Elizabeth Woody, and Elizabeth was a daughter of William Woody and Margaret Brown. That Margaret Brown was a daughter of an “unknown” James Brown and his wife Jennit. James and Jinnet also had a son who was named Thomas (among other children), and one has to be careful to keep the two Thomas Browns “segregated.” The bother of Linar who was named Thomas was often shown on records in Bedford Co., VA as Thomas Brown, Senior. The family of Francis Brown “I” is DNA “Group 10” at the Brown Genealogy Society DNA testing project. We do not know at this time if the James Brown who married Jinnet was a member of that same Brown family. We hope to someday have a proven male Brown descendant of that James Brown/Jinnet family take the Y chromosome DNA test for comparison. It appears that Arabia Brown was a son of Thomas Brown, Senior of DNA “Group 10″….though I am not sure if that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Anyway, the above-two Brown lines might or might not be related. Maybe someday this can be determined. Comments/questions?

  2. I am a descendant of Arabia Brown, Sr (VA and KY)and Arabia Brown, Jr (KY). I have to date been unsuccessful in validating the parents of Arabia Sr. Any help would be appreciated. Would having a DNA test help clear this up?
    Regards- John Brown

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