Other Goodman Lineages in America

This section covers some of the Goodman family lines in America from Colonial times to about the middle 1800s. In some cases, like the well researched and documented line of Benjamin Goodman b. ca 1665, the lines are divided after a couple of generations, and each major branch is given its own sub-section. In other cases, where the ancestry of a line is believed to be from one of the main lines, but perhaps not absolutely proven, the purported ancestry may be stated in that line’s section, but it is given its own sub-section, separate from its purported ancestry.

For each family line, its first known location in America is established, and the line’s migrations, if any, are documented. From each family’s lineages area, references and links will be provided to specific states and counties where the family resided, and where all of the known records of all Goodmans and their related families in those locations will be listed as they are researched and discovered. This approach is necessary because the different Goodman lines do sometimes originate and/or converge in the same locations, and we want to allow our visitors to see those convergences.

If you have a different Goodman line, or a line closely related to these Goodmans, that you would like to see here, and would like to share your own Goodman or related family research, then you are invited to set up your own account on this website and contribute articles about your Goodmans and related families. See the User Login area in the left panel to get started!

In the meantime, please continue your exploration with any of the other Goodman lines that are now displayed in the main menu, that may be of interest to you!


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