Mary B. Reynolds, Wife of Socrates Goodman

and Reynolds / Fuqua Families

There are many Reynolds connections to my Goodman lines. Click here for a 5-generation chart of this family. the FUQUA family is also closely related to the Reynolds and Goodman families, and these families remained close from the late 1700s in Bedford Co., VA, in the early and middle 1800s in Barren/Hart Co., KY, and through the middle and late 1800s in Knox Co., IL. Click here for 4 generation FTM Genealogy Report on the related Fuqua families.

My 1st known direct ancestor of this line is Jesse David Reynolds, b. bef 1758 in VA, d. 22 Apr 1836, in Bedford Co., VA. He married Mary Bright, 02 Apr 1778, in Bedford Co., VA. Mary Bright was the daughter of Charles and Jemima Bright of Bedford Co. Charles Bright b. 16 Aug 1728, in VA. Edward Reynolds, b abt 1779, was the son of Jesse David and Mary (Bright) Reynolds. Edward married Celia Fuqua in Bedford Co., VA, and they removed to Barren Co., KY. Their daughter, Mary B. Reynolds, married my ancestor Socrates Goodman in 1851 in Knox Co., IL. Willis Reynolds, a son of Edward and Celia, had a daughter, Celia Jane Reynolds, who married in Hart Co, KY, Amos M. Goodman, half brother of my ancestor Anselm Goodman.

In Louisa and Bedford, VA and Barren / Hart KY

The Reynolds, Fuqua, Goodman, Bright, Richardson, and other families of Bedford Co., VA, frequently intermarried in VA, and later in Barren, Hart and Monroe Counties of KY. They apparently migrated west together, as will be shown following.

One of the other Bedford County militiamen mentioned in some accounts, is young Aaron Reynolds, notorious for his vile swearing and curses, and for keeping a mean dog. It is likely that Ansel and Aaron struck a friendship during their service together. Aaron continued to serve in the Kentucky Militias for many years, and he was later rewarded with 200 acres of land by one commanding officer, whose life he saved in a fierce battle with Indians at the Blue Licks.

Martha Goodman married Matthias Reynolds in Bedford County, VA, in 1788. Matthias Reynolds appears in the 1810 census in Barren County., KY, along with several other Reynolds and Goodman families, including Amos, John, and William Goodman. Given the proximity of these Reynolds and Goodman clans in Barren County, KY in the 1810 census, it seems likely that Matthias Reynolds and his wife Martha Goodman Reynolds, traveled with Amos Goodman, and possibly other Reynolds and Goodman families, from Virginia and/or TN to Kentucky, at or about the same time. Matthias and Martha Reynolds and other Reynolds were among the founding members of two Baptist churches in Barren Co., and several Goodman names also appear in the church founders and membership lists. So, it is likely that the Goodmans were Baptist at that time.

As mentioned previuosly, Jesse Reynolds married Mary Bright, and they lived in Bedford County, VA. Their children included William Reynolds, born in 1798, and Martha Reynolds, born about 1801, both in Bedford County, VA. William Reynolds married Nancy Bennett. Nancy (Bennett) Reynolds was born about 1775 in VA to John Bennett. Nancy died about 1850s, in Adair County, KY, at age 77, of the “dropsy”.

Martha Reynolds married Joseph Fuqua. Joseph Fuqua’s father was William Fuqua, and his mother was Elizabeth. William Fuqua died 11 Dec 1760. Thomas Watkins, Thomas Baughan, and James Anderson were witnesses to William Fuqua’s will. Joseph Fuqua and Martha Reynolds Fuqua had a son, Charles Fuqua, who was the first husband of Lourania Goodman, daughter of Amos I. Goodman and his second wife, Mourning Jones. Joseph Fuqua died 22 Jun 1829.

The will of John Fuqua of Bedford Co., proved 26 Sep 1796, names his wife Ann, Executor Joseph Fuqua, Sr., daughter Edy, wife of Moses Milam, son William (given 300 ac), son Joseph (given remainder of land at age 21), sons Ralph, John, daughters Elizabeth, Magdelen, Ann, Celey. Witnesses were Henry Jeter, Betty Jeter, and John Bondurant. Celey (or Celia) Fuqua, who by this will was apparently a minor, was almost certainly the Celia who later married a Reynolds. She was listed in 1805 as a founding member of the Green River Baptist Church of Barren Co., KY, along with other Reynolds, Logsdon, Fuqua, and Goodman families, including Matthias Reynolds and his wife Martha Goodman, and Stephen Goodman, who was the brother of Amos Goodman. Celia (Fuqua) Reynolds was in Knox Co., IL in the 1850 census, where she listed her age as 61, and birthplace as VA. In her household was her daughter, Mary (Reynolds) Hustin, who later married as her second husband, my ancestor Socrates E. Goodman.

Lourania Goodman was born 29 Dec. 1810, in Hart Co., KY, to Amos Goodman and his second wife, Mourning Jones. She married husband 1: Charles Fuqua, c.1831, h2: Carter Key, c.1841. Lourania was in Henry County, IL in the 1850 census, residing with Carter Key, and Fuqua and Key children. Lourania died 15 Dec 1890 in Forest Grove, Oregon. In 1825, Anselm Goodman, son of Amos Goodman and his first wife, Sarah Conway, named one of his daughters Lurana, probably after his younger half-sister. Also in Henry Co., IL, Harriet B. Goodman, sister of Socrates, was born in 1837 to Anselm and Nancy Goodman. The families of Anselm Goodman and Charles Fuqua probably removed to Henry Co., IL about the same time, between 1832 and 1840, along with Edward Reynolds and his wife, Celia Fuqua Reynolds.

In another line, Richard Reynolds (Raynolds), died about 1801, left the bulk of his estate to his sons, including Edward, Richard Jr., and Charles. In another will probated 30 Oct 1820 – 12 Mar 1821 in Jefferson Co. KY, Charles Reynolds leaves “To wife Margaret, for life, home plantation with slaves, etc.; at her death to children, as well as his share in estate of Richard Raynolds, his father”. The will mentions sons Thomas, John, Abraham; and daughters: Elizabeth wife of Basil Williams; Mary wife of John Noor (Noon?); Sarah wife of Jacob Goodman, and her children; and Esther; and his brother Edward Reynolds; Executor, wife Margaret Reynolds. A Jacob Goodman was a prominent Barren County, KY landowner.

Charles Reynolds married Nancy Goodman, on 9 Oct 1817, in Barren County, KY. I have been unable to find records to pinpoint exactly which families these two belong to. However, based on the location, their likely ages, and proximity of these two families in the 1810 Barren County census books, I would place Charles Reynolds as a son of William and Nancy Reynolds, or Matthias Reynolds and Martha Goodman. And, I believe that Nancy Goodman was probably the daughter of Amos Goodman and Sarah Conway. This would make them 1st or 2nd cousins.

The Reynolds family may have sometimes been involved with the Goodman family for business reasons. John Reynolds of Madison County, KY, born about 1790, died about 1860, at age 70, was a saddler. In Knox County, TN, both John Reynolds born about 1795, and William Reynolds, born about 1783, were wagon makers, and both were originally from NC, where many Goodman families also are listed. Charles Goodman, born about 1814 in VA, was a carpenter and joiner. Other Goodmans were also carpenters and cabinet makers. W.C. Goodman was a livestock trader. Making wagons, woodworking, livestock, and farming, were all occupations that supported the westward migrations. It is not surprising that the two families seem to have migrated westward together, settling where they had kinfolk to assist them with the rigors of pioneering a new land.


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