Roy Eugene Goodman (1897 – 1977)

My grandfather was Roy Eugene Goodman, b. 21 Oct 1897 on the ranch of his father John Anslem Goodman and his wife, Estella Fenton, in Finney Co., KS. Roy grew up on that ranch, and was a real cowboy for most of his younger life. Roy E. Goodman married Florence Viola Blocher, on 27 Aug 1920 in Garden City, KS. Their eldest son, Clifford Eugene Goodman, is my father. He is still living.

Roy Goodman was on the rodeo circuit for many years as a young man in the 1920s, and Florence and their kids went with him, until he was seriously injured riding a bull. After that, he became a blacksmith, farmer and stone mason. In the 1930 US Census, Roy Goodman, Florence and their children, Clifford, Josephine and Dwayne, were settled down and living in Mission, Shawnee Co., KS, in the same household with Florence’s mother, Mary S. Blocher, her grandfather, William Blocher, Her sister Eva and Eva’s husband Harold Baker and daughter Neva. Quite an extended family, with 4 generations represented!

Their stories are more completely told in the Family Chronicle section of this site, primarily consisting of the work of my aunt, Josephine Goodman.

Roy Goodman died 16 Jan 1977 in Springfield, MO. He is buried in the cemetery at Caplinger Mills, MO. Florence Viola (Blocher) Goodman died October 11, 2003, and is buried next to Roy in the Caplinger Mills Cemetery

Their children are:

  • Clifford Eugene (my father)
  • Josephine June (my inspiration for this site)
  • Francis Dwayne (aka Frank or Dwayne)
  • Dale Galen
  • Myrna Louisa (deceased)
  • Shirley Loree
  • Robert Anslem (deceased)
  • Estella (aka Pat)

With the exceptions noted, the rest are still living.

The third weekend of June, every odd numbered year, this Goodman family has a big weekend reunion at the home of Florence Goodman. At the most recent, in 1999, over 100 members of the family attended, with 5 generations represented, including Florence, and Roy’s sister Mary (Lieutitia) Mills. A fishing contest, an evening campfire and singing, and a big Saturday dinner in the church basement are the traditional highlights of the weekend!


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