Conjectures of Others on Ancestry of John James Goodman

While visiting with Virginia Goodman in Munfordville, she showed me a family chart and letters resulting from research by Ms. Jeanie Greyson, Oct 1962, commissioned by Virginia Goodman’s father. In these, Ms. Greyson asserts that she had found records in Goochland Parish that proved that Charles Goodman & Elizabeth Horsley m. there before 1761, and that John Goodman was their son, b. 1761 in Goochland. I can only assume that her primary source was baptism record of John Goodman, son of Charles & Elizabeth Goodman, as the specific document is not provided. Ms. Greyson further asserts that this was the same John Goodman who m. Jeanie Laurie in Goochland Co., (Douglas Register) in 1780. She further asserts that she found that Amos I. Goodman was b. Goochland Co. Feb 28, 1782, son of John Goodman & Jeanie Lawrie. She goes on to name the other children of John Goodman & Jeanie Laurie as:

  1. George, bapt. 26 Mar 1781/2 (of which we know to be s/o John & Jeanie),
  2. (2) Amos I. Goodman, our ancestor of Barren / Hart County
  3. (3) John N. Goodman, b. Albemarle, d. TN, who actually went from TN to Georgia, left issue and died there. The initial N. is unproven, and she may have been referring to a completely different and incorrect John Goodman.
  4. (4) Robert Goodman, b. Albemarle, d. Albemarle (who I believe to actually be Robert Goodman, Sr. of Wilson Co., TN),
  5. (5) Stephen Goodman, b. Albemarle, d. KY (who was known to be with Amos in Greene Co. Court record, and also in Barren Co., and Stephen m. 1st. a Jones girl in Hardin Co., KY, 1809, and 2nd Milly DeFevers 8 Nov 1814 in Barren Co. (John DeFevers family is on p.33 of 1810 Barren Co. census, Amos I. on p 32, just 11 names away), and finally
  6. (6) Arthur Goodman, b. Albemarle, d. KY, probably Greyson Co, whose descendants include children with same names as those in Amos’s line, including a son Amos.

All of the preceding is purely conjecture, and much of it is now believed to be incorrect.

My problems with this account include:

1) John Goodman, b ca 1761, s/o Charles & Elizabeth Horsley Goodman, m. Frances Dickerson, 13 Dec 1790. He would have been age 29, so it is not impossible that this was his 2nd marriage. For this to be so, he would of had to have divorced his first wife (or she d.) in Greene Co., TN, earlier in 1790, which is within the realm of possibility, given the close proximity of the Aug 1790 date when Amos and his siblings were given into the care of the Richardsons by the Greene Co. Court, and the fact that several of this family moved to KY in the early 1800s. However, Stephen Goodman of Hart Co., KY was b. 1777, and his brother, Robert Goodman, was by Feb 27, 1775. Therefore, this John Goodman would have been 14 when Robert was born!!

2) Sons John, Arthur & George are not mentioned in the Greene Co. Court minutes, although they too would have been minors at the time. The only other possibility I see here, is that either John or Jeanie kept those three, and allowed the others to be adopted out to the Richardsons. 3) No female children are given, though two, Sarah & Rachel are mentioned in Greene Co., TN court record. All of this, though possible, stretches the imagination, based on what we now know for certain about some of these individuals.

3) Ms. Greyson’s findings do not include several of the known siblings of Amos I. Goodman as mentioned in the Greene Co., TN court record of 1790, including Sarah Jane Goodman, Robert Goodman, Susannah Goodman, or Rachel Goodman. She did not find or mention sister Susannah Goodman, who m. Joseph Richardson in July 1790 in Greene Co., TN.

Many of the same given names do occur in the lines of Charles Goodman of Albemarle, and also later in the line of Amos I. Goodman, son of John Goodman, including the Ansel / Anselm name. So, it is likely that these families are related, at least indirectly, but not as Ms. Greyson asserts.

Images of some of the inaccurate source materials referenced by earlier researchers and family members follow. Notice the inconsistencies and illogical connections, typical of the “jumps” made by many early genealogical researchers, and families eager to “prove” their connections to Mayflower passengers. I do not know who may have added the margin notes.

Letter 1 Transcript / copy of a letter dated July 27, 1962 from ? to “Ike”.

Letter 2 Hart Co. Goodman Family Tree, purportedly by John Amos Goodman (b 8/16/1864), and done ca. 1920. Two pages I have “stitched” into one .jpg file.

Letter 3 Transcript / copy of letter from Henry S. “Ike” Chestnut to Seymour B. Goodman, dated Oct 20, 1962.

If any of the Hart Co., Greyson Co. or other KY. Goodmans have the “Greyson Papers” mentioned in these letters, I would love to get copies so we could know exactly what they contain.


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