John Goodman of Bedford VA and Georgia 1772-1859

Three Families of John Goodman of Georgia

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Source: Georgia Bible Records, Jeannette Holland Austin, compiler. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1985. p. 281-282:

At front of bible, on two pages:

John Goodman Bible
Owner Mrs. Montague Tuttle, 691 Peoples St., Atlanta GA.

John Goodman b. 10/31/1772 (RG: d. 2 May 1859)

Sarah Goodman b. 9/29/1778 (RG: His 1st wife)
Mary (RG: aka Polly?) Goodman b. 2/29/1800

(RG: Next three children were by Sally Elsberry, his 2nd wife, birth date not in the bible Re: m. 21 Jan 1806, #2 Husband of Sally Elsberry
Source: Family Puzzlers, 13 Mar 1975, No. 386, pg 13 and The History of Oglethorpe Co. Georgia, 975.8175, H2s)
Betsy Goodman b. 12/12/1806
John Tharp Goodman b. 3/22/1810
Kiziah Goodman b. 5/10/1812

Sarah Goodman b. 4/5/1779 (RG: His 3rd wife, Sarah Martin. Next three children listed were by her.)
Nancy Goodman b. 3/3/1815
Robert Hope Goodman b. 2/12/1819
Susannah Goodman b. 2/11/1823

On separate page at back of bible:

Stephen Goodman b. 3/19/1777 (RG: John Goodman’s brother, then living in Barren/Hart Co KY)

On another page at back of bible:

John Goodman, his book, this 8/13/1815
Sally Goodman, her hand and pen this 8/13/1815
Polly (RG: Mary?) Goodman

Remarks on the Bible Records:

Mrs. Montague Tuttle, owner of the bible, was Nora F. Goodman, born 13 March 1884 in Atlanta, and died 17 July 1875 in Atlanta. She was the daughter of Charles Mason Goodman and Georgia Fowler, granddaughter of Robert Hope Goodman and Caroline Mason, and great-granddaughter of our subject, John Goodman and his 3rd wife Sarah Martin. Nora F. Goodman married Montague Tuttle late in life, and they had no children. The University of Georgia Library Special Collections has copies of the original bible family pages, which I now have copies of. Unfortunately they do not contain any more information than above.

The birth date of Mary Goodman, 1800, seems to indicate that Sarah Goodman, b. 1778, was a first wife, not mentioned in the Robert Hope Goodman letter, or perhaps unknown to him.

Note Tharp / Thorpe middle name for John Tharp Goodman b. 3/22/1810. John Goodman’s mother was Epharilla Thorpe/Tharp of Bedford Co., VA.

Susannah (AKA Susan) was possibly named after John Goodman’s sister Susannah Goodman, who married Joseph Richardson in Greene Co., TN in July 1790.

Sally Elsberry, originator of the bible records, was John Goodman’s 2nd wife. Online sources indicate that her name could not have been Sarah, as she had a sister by that name who married Nathan Sparks (see references below, several of which mention Nathan Sparks) and who died before 1810. Sally’s birth date is not given. Her name appears only as the writer, and the date the bible record started and brought up to date as 8/13/1815. Her last entry was probably that of Kiziah Goodman. Daughter Nancy, born in 1815, may not have lived long, and Sally may not have entered her name for that reason, listing only Betsy, John and Kiziah, the surviving children. This is further confirmed in Robert Hope Goodman’s letter in which he says that only three children were born to this couple. This would indicate that only 3 of those were still living when he was a young boy. Nancy’s name, appearing after 3rd wife Sarah’s, may indicate that this name was added after Sally died, ca 1816-18, and after his 3rd wife Sarah Martin took over the bible and record. The handwriting of the original record would need to be examined to confirm this.

Stephen Goodman, separated from others in family in this record, is probably John’s brother Stephen Goodman, of Barren / Hart Co., KY. Why his name appears at all is curious.

Polly Goodman cannot yet be identified by this researcher. However, Polly was a common nickname for Mary, and probably daughter Mary Goodman born 1800.

It is unfortunate that no maiden names are shown for the wives, and no death or marriage records are included in the abstract that I found. Copies of this bible record are known to be in the rare books and manuscripts collection of the University of Georgia, and I requested copies from them.

Other Records:

John Goodman was in Oglethorpe Co., GA in or before 1794. (Source: “List of Tax Defaulters year 1794, Oglethorpe County”, in the 12/4/1794 issue of Southern Sentinel & Universal Gazette, Augusta, GA.). This indicates that he did not remain long with his father and brother in Wilson County TN.

1800 US Census, Oglethorpe Co., GA: John Goodman, Capt. McCarlyle’s Dist., 00010-20100-00 : 1 male, 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-25. This 1800 census entry would seem to indicate that John Goodman had an otherwise unnamed 1st wife, believed to be the Sarah Goodman b. 9/29/1778 of the bible record above, who was the mother of Mary Goodman b. 2/29/1800, and one other daughter that died young, and that she died or they divorced before John Goodman married Sally Elsbury/Elsbury in 1806.

Oglethorpe County, GA Deed Book G, Pg. 166 – 13 Jan. 1808: Benjamin Elsberry, exor. Of the estate of Benjamin Elsberry, deceased, & Jeremiah Nesbitt, Nathan Sparks & John Goodman legatees of estate for $300 relinquish our right & titles to Needham Norris, Absolom Sparks & Lindsey Elsberry, 143 acres in said county on Beaverdam Creek waters, beg. stake N35W 36 chains to pine, N65E 29 chains to post oak, S35E 14 chains 50 links to post oak, N65E 23 chains 75 links to red oak, S35E 14 chains 50 links to post oak, direct line to beginning. Signed:  Benjamin Elsberry; John Goodman legatee; Nathan Sparks, legatee; Jeremiah (X) Nesbit, legatee.
Test: Peter Smith, William (X) ELKINS, Elisha … uly(?)
M. Mgomery, J. P. Recorded 26 September 1811 Isaac Collier, clerk

Lindsey Elsberry, 143 acres in said co. on Beaverdam Creek waters, beg. stake, N35W 36 ch. to pine, N65E 29 ch. to post oak, S35E 23 ch. 50 links to post oak, N65E 23 ch. 75 links to red oak, S35E 14 ch. 50 links to post oak, direct line to beg. (signed) Benjamin Elsberry exor., John Goodman legatee, Nathan Sparks legatee, Jeremiah (x) Nesbit legatee. Test: Peter Smith, Wm. (x) Elkins, Elisha ..uly(?), M. Mgomery, J.P. Recorded 26 Sept. 1811, Isaac Collier, elk.

Oglethorpe County, GA Deed Book J, Pg. 111   13 Jan. 1808 (1808 is underlined and a ? by it)
Benjamin Elsberry, exor. Of the estate of Benjamin Elsberry, deceased, Absolem Sparks, Jeremiah Nesbitt, Nathan Sparkes & Needham Norris, legatees of the same estate to John Goodman legatee of the same estate, exor. & legatees for $100, 45 acres on Clouds Creek waters in said county, beg. post oak corner, S35E 7 chains 50 links to stake, S65W 60 chains 25 to black oak, N35W 7 chains 50 links to stake, direct to beginning
Signed: Benjamin Elsberry, exr.; Nathan Sparks, leg.; Absolem Sparks, leg.; Jeremiah (X) Neesbeth, leg. Test: Peter Smith, WILLIAM (X) ELKINS, Elisha Ntly(?)
M. S. MGomery, J. P., Proved by WILLIAM ELKINS who saw Benjamin Elsberry, Sr. sign 14 Nov. 1818, Robert Gillespie, J. P. Recorded 23 Feb. 1819, Isaac Collier, Clk.

From a post on Rootsweb – World Connect:

Absolom Sparks (Sarah Thompson2, Thomas Thompson1) was born ABT 1771 in Rowan Co, NC, and died ABT 1830 in Pope Co, Arkansas. He married Mary Lydia Elsberry ABT 1790 in Franklin Co, Georgia, daughter of Benjamin Elsberry and Francina Luckey. She was born ABT 1774 in Wilkes, Georgia.


Nathan Sparks (Sarah Thompson2, Thomas Thompson1) was born 29 OCT 1775 in Rowan Co, NC, and died 4 SEP 1844 in Wilson Co, TN. He married Sarah Elsberry 10 MAR 1800 in Oglethorpe Co, GA. She was born ABT 1780, and died BET 1800 AND 1810 in Georgia. He married Nancy Hancock 2 SEP 1802 in Georgia, daughter of Jesse Hancock and Susan Cornel. She was born 17 SEP 1782, and died 15 APR 1856 in Wilson, Tennessee.


Georgia’s landmarks, memorials and legends: John Goodman was one of the early settlers and pioneers of Butts, Jackson Co., GA.

1820 US Census, Madison Co., GA: John Goodman 45+, 1M under 10 (Robert H.), 1M 10-15 (John Tharp), 2F under 10 (Nancy, Kiziah), 1F 10-15 (Kiziah), 2F 16-25 (Betsey, Mary), 1F 25-45 (3rd wife Sarah Martin)  p. 12 of 13 on

1830 US Census, Madison Co., GA: John Goodman 50-59, 1M 10-15 (Robert H.), 1F 50-59 (3rd wife Sarah Martin), 1F 5-10 (Susannah), 1F 10-14 (Nancy), 1F 15-19 (Kiziah) p. 110.

1840 US Census, Jackson Co., GA: John Goodman age 60-70, wife age 60-70 (Sarah Martin), daughter age 15-20 (Susannah) p. 58/115.

1840 US Census, Jackson Co., GA: John T.(Tharp) Goodman 30-40, wife 20-30 (Irena Palmer), 1F under 5  p. 5.
John Tharp Goodman married Irena Palmer 14 Oct 1834 in Jackson Co., GA. They had 4 daughters: Martha 1838, Lavisa 1840, Mary 1842, and Julia A. 1844 (based on ages in 1850 US Census). John T. Goodman died before 1838, when his widow married 2nd to Cornelius M. Shockley in Jackson Co., GA. The Goodman girls are enumerated in the 1850 and 1860 US Census with Cornelius and Irena Shockley in Jackson County GA.

1850 US Census, Subdivision 45, Jackson Co., GA: John Goodman 77 VA, Sarah Goodman 72 SC, Susan (Susannah) Goodman 23 GA are in HH 853, p. 22/3.

John Goodman died in 1859.

Of the two sons recorded in John Goodman’s family bible, only Robert Hope Goodman had a son. John Tharp Goodman had only daughters. Robert Hope Goodman’s son:

  • Charles Mason Goodman (b. Sept 1850 – d. Dec 1913)

Charles Mason Goodman had:

  • Robert Hope Goodman (b. Nov 1877 – d. Bef 1920).
    – In 1910, he is enumerated in US Census in Manhattan, NY, Ward 12, Dist 719. He was a theatrical agent, with wife Emma (Manley). She was born in IL, her parents in Germany, and she was an actress. They married in 1907 in NY.
    – His wife Emma later remarried and is found in Nassau, NY in 1920, age 39, with new husband Warren Tupper, age 54, Warren’s mother Mary Tupper, age 81, stepson Robert H. Goodman, then age 10 (actually 11), and 4 servants in the household.
    – The 1925 NY census finds Warren Tupper and Emma Tupper in Nassau County, with 1 maid, but no sign of her son Robert H. Goodman, who would have been only 16 at the time. I could not find him in any later US census records anywhere. From this, it seems that this line probably ended here.
  • Phillip McKean Goodman (b. 12 Oct 1881 – d. before 1830)
    – 1900 US census with parents and siblings in Atlanta Ward 7, Fulton, Georgia.
    – Spouse name and his exact birth date from WW I Draft record.
    – 1920 US census in Atlanta, Fulton Co GA with wife Mary E. and son Phillip McKean Goodman Jr, age 2-11/12 (b. Feb 1917).
    – 1930 US Census, widow Mary E. and son Phillip Goodman are living with one of her aunts in Atlanta.
    – Phillip Goodman Jr. was born 22 Jan 1917 in Atlanta, GA, the only son of Phillip M. and Mary E. Goodman.
    – 1940 US Census, Phillip McKean Goodman (Jr.) and wife Dorothy are in Hocking County, OH, with son Phillip McKean Goodman III, born ca May 1939 in OH. In that census, they state that their residence in 1935 was Atlanta, GA.
    – Phillip McKean Jr. served in WW II, survived the war, and died 15 Sept 1958 in Polk Co., FL. He is buried in the Lakeside Memorial Park, Winter Haven, FL, with a military veteran headstone.
    – Because US Census of 1950 and later are no online yet, we do not yet know if this couple had any other children. However, it is likely they did.
  • Charles Mason Goodman II – (b. May 1888 – d. May 1962);
    – He married Margaret M. O’Conner and they had only one son: Charles Mason Goodman III, and no daughters.
    – The middle name of Mason is known from recorded property purchase and sales records in Orange County, FL, where he is referred to variously as C M Goodman, Charles Goodman, and Charles Mason Goodman Jr., and is party to transactions for the same properties.
    – In the 1920 US Census, Charles, Margaret and 1 month old son Charles are living in the home of Margaret’s sister Annie and her husband Reginald Paschall in Atlanta.
    – The family removed before 1830 to Orlando, FL, where they are found in the 1930 US Census, where son Charles is age 10, and in the 1940 US Census where son Charles M is age 20.
    – In the 1950, 1954 and 1959 Orlando City Directory, Charles M. and Margaret Goodman are at 615 N. Westmoreland Dr.
    – Charles Mason Goodman III was the only child of this family. He was born in Dec 1920 in NC, and died before 11 Aug 1992 in Orange County FL. In the 1950 Orlando City Directory, he and wife Anne C. are at 2508 Boyd Ave, and he is a commercial engineer. They are not in the 1954 city directory. In 1959 they are at 3719 Dover.
  • Harold Thorpe Goodman (b. Oct 1890 – 21 July 1976).
    – In the 1910 US Census he is found as a single man age 19 and born in Georgia, in a boarding house in Manhattan Ward 16, New York, New York. As noted above, in 1910, his eldest brother, Robert Hope Goodman was also in NY, in Manhattan, Ward 12, Dist 719.
    – On 4-25-1915, he gave his name as Harold Thorpe Goodman when he enlisted in the US Navy at Hampden Roads, VA, age 24 years 6 months, and residence at 611 W. 127th St, NY, NY. He served as Electrician 1st Class at at Newport RI, and was Chief Electrician – Radio at  Harvard Radio School, Cambridge MA. He was discharged at that station on 4-24-1919.
    – After his discharge, Harold moved to Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia, where is is found in 1920 census with wife Eileen (incorrectly indexed as Ellison). She is age 27 and born in NC.
    – In the 1930 US Census, Harold T. Goodman, 39 and born GA, is a Sales Manager for Abbott Shoe Co., and wife Eileen M. Goodman, 37, born NC, is a nurse, and they are found in Yarmouth, Cumberland, Maine. They are childless.
    – In the 1840 US Census in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA, Harold Goodman 49 and born GA is a radio operator for US Dept. of Commerce, wife Eileen Goodman, age 47 and born in NC is a bookkeeper. Living with them is a niece, Elizabeth Ramsden, 22 and born in GA, who is a stenographer. They are still childless.
    – Harold Thorpe Goodman died 21 July 1976 in Fayette, Cobb Co. GA.

So, given the above, it seems like the only surviving male descendants of this John Goodman will have been from the line of his son Robert Hope Goodman’s son Charles Mason Goodman Sr., including:

  • Descendants of his grandson, Robert Hope Goodman II of New York, if he survived after 1915, which seems doubtful;
  • Descendants of his grandson Charles Mason Goodman III of Orlando, Florida and his wife Anne;
  • Descendants of his grandson Phillip McKean Goodman Jr. and wife Mary, including Phillip McKean Goodman III.


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