Anselm Goodman (1802 – 1861)

Anselm Goodman was born 12 Jul 1802 in Greene Co., TN, and was the only son of Amos I. Goodman and his first wife, Sarah Conway.

White Co. TN Fall Court, p. 34, Oct 12, 1807: “Ordered by the Court that a child by the name of Ansolum Goodman be permitted to remain in the possession and care of Thomas Little.” This was apparently only a temporary measure. From the 1810 Barren Co., KY census, it seems Anselm Goodman had been sent to live with his father Amos I. Goodman in Barren County by that time, possibly after he remarried to Mourning Jones. Thomas Little appears in the Blount Co., TN Tax list of 1800, so could easily have known and/or been related to the Conways and Goodmans of Blount County.

In the 1820 White Co, TN census, Thomas Little and Thomas Conway are immediately adjacent neighbors. This Thomas Conway, age over 45 in this census, and with wife 25-45, could have been the brother of Sarah Conway, 1st wife of Amos I. Goodman, who was Surety for the marriage of Amos and Sarah in Blount Co., TN in 1801. The Thomas Conway family also had three females under 10, one female 10-16, and one male under 10. Thomas Little does not have any children in his household, only he and his wife, both over 45.

Anselm Goodman married Nancy Fowler, 2 May 1824 in Hart Co., KY. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William Whitman. Nancy was the daughter of Edward and Lucinda Fowler, of Madison Co., KY. Anselm Goodman d. 27 Aug 1861 in Oxford Hills, Knox Co., IL. Nancy Fowler Goodman d. 1 Jan 1874 in Knox Co., IL.

Their children, from the family record pages in the bible of Anselm & Nancy Goodman, were:

  • Socrates Euroclydon Goodman, b. 10 July 1825 in Hart Co., KY and d. 26 Feb 1915 in Ravanna, Finney Co., KS. “Soc” was my direct ancestor.
  • Lurana Jane Goodman, b. 11 Oct 1827 in White Co, IL (on the IN / KY border with IL) and d. 3 Sep 1834 in Lawrence Co., IL.
  • Benjamin F. Goodman, b. 29 Dec., 1829 in Hart Co., KY. He removed to KS about the same time as his brother Socrates.
  • William Christy Goodman, b. 19 Jul 1832 in Lawrence Co., IL (Adjacent to Knox Co., IN). He m. 20 Sep 1859, Luan Dunn of McLean Co., IL. He died June 1894 in McLean, IL. They apparently removed to KS about the same time as Socrates and Benjamin Goodman families, as their son Seth Franklin Goodman, married Hulda Malcom, who was b. 1866 in Junction City, Geary Co., KS., and daughter Sarah Conway Goodman married William A. Morse, 11 Apr 1875 in Junction City, KS.
  • Amos Thorpe Goodman, b. 23 Feb 1835 in Lawrence Co., IL and d. 16 Oct 1836 in Knoxville, Knox Co., IL.
  • Harriet Beecher Goodman, b. 26 May 1837 in Knox Co., IL. She m. James Epperson on 9 Nov 1859.
  • Cyrus Jeptha Goodman, b. 6 June 1839 in Knox Co., IL and d. 27 Jan 1866 in Woodhill, Henry Co., IL.
  • Anselm Conway Goodman, b. 20 Mar 1842, Trenton, IL and d. 9 Aug 1847, also in Trenton.
  • Nancy Angeline Goodman, b. 21 Dec 1844 in Trenton, IL and d. 25 Sep 1845, also in Trenton.

From the dates and locations of birth of their children as recorded in their family bible, we learn that they removed about 1827 or before, to White Co., IL, possibly via Indiana, and probably in the company of Goodman and related families. They returned briefly to Hart Co., KY, where son Benjamin was born. Judging by the several locations of their children’s births, Anselm was moving his family around quite a bit! By 1836, the family appears to have finally settled down in Knox Co., IL.

Anselm does not appear in the any census records under his proper name, which has hampered tracking him somewhat. In the 1830 Hart Co KY census, he is listed as Ansolem Goodman, age 20-30, with wife 20-30, 2 sons under 5 (Socrates and Benjamin), one daughter under 5 (Lurana Jane), and one other female, 15-20, currently unidentified, but possibly a half-sister of Anselm or a sister of Nancy. This extra female is too young to be a daughter of Amos Goodman and Sarah Conway, but could be a daughter of Amos Goodman and Mourning Jones. In the 1840 US census, Anson Goodman is recorded in Knox Co., IL, (p.72) with four male children and one female child. The sex and ages of the remaining children of Anselm Goodman and Nancy Fowler match the sexes and ages of the children of Anson Goodman, as recorded in the census. In the 1850 census, Anson Goodman, occupation merchant, age 48 and b. in TN, was in Henry Co., IL (p.114/309/309), with wife Nancy, age 48 and b. KY, and with children William, age 18, b. IL; Harriet, age 15, b. IL, and Cyrus, age 10, and b. IL. Two known children, Lurana Jane Goodman and Amos Thorpe Goodman, both born after 1840 and died before 1850, would not have been included in any census records, so our family bible is the only evidence of their existence. The older boys, Socrates E. and Benjamin F., were apparently out of the home by 1850. A Benjamin F. Goodman, probably the son of Anselm/Anson, is in Jersey Co., IL in 1850 census.

In 1849, Anselm Goodman was Administrator of the estate of James Dixon, Knox Co., IL. File box 36.

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