Ron Goodman’s Direct Ancestors

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My direct ancestors are all in the primary level. Sub-pages under each ancestor are for spouses and other known children of that ancestor.

This section covers ten generations of my direct ancestral lines, from about 1668 to current day, as they moved from VA to TN, then to Barren / Hart Co., KY, and into Knox and Henry Co., IL, and finally into western KS and central MO. Although many of my father’s generation, born 1920s to 1940s, remain in MO or KS, as with nearly all families in this century, the age of train and air travel has caused later generations to be spread across the USA, and as far as the Philippines.

This section also includes information about many related families of those times. The information in this section has been determined to be solidly documented fact. It is drawn primarily from early land, military and other Colonial America records, US Census records from 1800 to date, court records, church records, family letters and from the earlier primary research done by Josephine Goodman Routh and others.

These are my direct ancestors, earliest to most recent. Follow the links for additional information on their families, spouses and related families.

Probable – Based on naming patterns, locations, old family letters

Benjamin Goodman, ca 1668 VA – 1729 VA

Robert Goodman I, ca 1698 VA – aft 1763 VA Maternal: Unknown

Robert Goodman II, ca 1725 VA – ca 17?? VA  Maternal: Unknown.

Certain – Documented and Proveable by court, land and bible records

John James Goodman, ca 1752 VA – 1790 TN   Maternal: Thorp(e)

Amos I. Goodman, 1782 VA – 1854 KY  Maternal: Conway, Fuqua, Jones

Anselm Goodman, 1802 TN – 1861 IL  Maternal: Fowler, Jones, Logsdon

Socrates Euroclydon Goodman, 1825 KY – 1915 KS  Maternal: Reynolds, Fuqua, Bright

John Anslem Goodman, 1860 IL – 1960 KS  Maternal: Fenton, Pond

Roy Eugene Goodman 1897 KS – 1977 MO  Maternal: Blocher, Falwell, Hollinger, Wyland, Roberts

Clifford Eugene Goodman (my father – living)

Ronald Eugene Goodman (me!)

My Goodman Families – Migration Path

N. Wales and/or England ??. Late 1400 to 1600s

York, New Kent, Hanover Counties Virginia ca. mid 1600s to mid 1700s

Hanover, Lunenburg and Bedford Counties, Virginia mid 1700s to about 1788

Greene and Blount Counties, Tennessee ca. 1788-1805

Barren and Hart Counties, Kentucky ca. 1805-1830s

SE and NW Illinois ca. 1830s to 1870s, Primarily Knox County

Western and Central Kansas Pioneers ca. 1870s to early 1900s

South Central Missouri ca. 1920s-1950s

Various military stations 1950s-Present


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