How to Submit a New Article

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Create your article in MS Office Word, Wordpad, or any other document editor you are familiar with. Don’t worry about detailed formatting, other than good, logical paragraph structure and flow.
  • Do NOT copy/paste content or images from other websites. You may copy content from your own personal website, if you wish, and if you do, you affirm that you are the author of that information, and give us permission to also post the content on this website. Because we have pretty good search engine ranking and placement, it is possible that your article will get more exposure and a better search engine placement here than it does on your website.
  • Give your article a good, self-explanatory title on the first line. See some of the titles in existing articles for guidance. Try to keep the title to no more than 4-10 words.
  • If your article has multiple sections and topics, use on-line bold section headings to identify them.
  • In the body of the article, do not select any special fonts, font sizes, text colors, styles, or other highlighting, other than occasional bold, italic or underline, where appropriate. If you do, we will generally change all that back to our website defaults when we review and edit the article.
  • Bullets and numbered lists are OK where appropriate. Use the article editor buttons for those. Do not try to change the bullet styles.
  • Use proper paragraph and sentence structure, grammar and spelling. We will do some basic editing if required, but we rely on our authors to provide a decent first draft. Your document editor should include a spell checker. Please use it.
  • If the article gets to be too long, and covers too many topics, break it up into multiple, more focused articles. We will keep them together, or organize them as needed, when we place them on the website and its menus.
  • If you have a genealogy program, like Family Tree Maker, you can submit one or more reports as text or PDF files. We suggest the FTM Outline Descendant Tree format, which you can copy from FTM and paste into your article as text, or publish as a PDf file.
  • Do not provide exact birth dates and other specific information on living individuals. Identity theft and fraud may be possible if you do. Year of birth should be adequate for living individuals.
  • Any photos should be emailed as separate attachments and not embedded in your article. We will place these in appropriate places when we convert the article to the website, and may resize and/or crop them as necessary.
  • Cite specific references and your sources in your article whenever possible.
  • If you wish, you may include links to pages on other websites, as long as they are appropriate, and are in support of information your article. Maintaining the links once the article is published is your responsibility. We will not research and/or repair broken links to external websites.
  • At the end of your article, provide a 12 to 40 word summary description of your article.

When you are satisfied with your new article, email it to me as an attachment. I will provide a private email address when you initially contact me to discuss your article.

We may need to make some spelling, grammar, formatting, and other editorial changes, and if we do, we will ask you to review and approve those changes before we publish your article.

We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason, at our sole discretion.


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