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We are seeking to build this website into the premier resource for the Goodman surname and a few select collateral families, and welcome articles about your specific Goodman or related family lines, especially if associate with any of the Goodman and other collateral lines already mentioned on this website.

There are several ways for you to participate.

  • You can write and submit articles on Goodman and related family genealogy and history by email.. We will review it and if your article is “on topic”, and appropriate, it may be published on this website. To see instructions, click: HERE.
  • Online article submission is available for serious Goodman and related family researchers that we know. This requires that you be registered as an author/contributor on the main website. You will need to use the Contact form to let us know you would like to be a contributing author and for what family line, and we will manually register you and email your login credentials and further instructions.
  • If you have any page specific comments, corrections, or supplemental information about any of the main website content, you can either submit a “Comment” form at the bottom of the applicable page. We will add it to our website content maintenance task list to be reviewed and updated as appropriate.
  • You can participate in the Goodman discussion forums on Ancestry or RootsWeb dot com websites, which are actually the same forum, just hosted differently. Messages posted to these Goodman forums are also automatically sent to the GOODMAN-L mailing list. This is a more public way to ask questions and help others in their research. We monitor and welcome your Goodman family related inquiries on these forums, and will reply if we can help. These forums have many participants, and lots of answers to your questions may already be posted and archived there.


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