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Please see links below for details and/or information about how to join this project.

Click: General information, Join Project, and order test kits

From time to time, FT DNA runs specials with discounts for certain test kits and upgrades. I generally recommend at least the Y-DNA 37 basic test for males. The Y-DNA 12 test, though inexpensive, is virtually worthless, in my opinion, but you can always start with that and then upgrade to a more comprehensive test later if you wish.. Please review other test kit options to determine which would be best for your own DNA research goals.

Click: Y-DNA Results, Grouped by General Haplogroup

I am currently the Administrator for the Goodman DNA Project at Family Tree DNA, and my contact information is posted on the project’s general information page. I try to group all new members as soon as their test kit results are posted by FT DNA staff. From time of test kit receipt, lab work and posting of results can take 12-16 weeks, depending on lab workloads. This is outside of my control, and I have no information on the status of any particular test kit. Please contact FT DNA directly for any inquiries.


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