From: Robert Wynn

Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 15:36

Dear Mr. Goodman:

In your above-mentioned article I believe there is an error in the statement that Robert Wynne of Conwy was the 3rd son of Sir John Wynn ap Maredudd. I believe Robert Wynn of Plas Mawr, Conway, N. Wales was the son of John Wyn ap Maredudd ap Ivan ap Robert (d. 1525). This John Wyn ap Maredudd was the father of both Sir John Wynn and his brother Robert Wynn of Plas Mawr.

It is odd how this line seems completely intertwined as it was Dorothy Griffith, daughter of Sir William Griffith, Kt. of Penhryn who was the first wife of William Wynn Williams of Cochwillian (who was not knighted or otherwise titled) who became Robert Wynn’s first wife; a May-December marriage without issue.

Robert Wynn of Plas Mawr upon this Dororthy Griffith’s decease, married secondly Dorothy Dimock or Dymock (an old Flintshire surname). She bore him 7 children one of whom died in childbirth. Later after the death of Robert Wynn of Plas Mawr in 1598 this Dorothy Dimock married William Williams of Vaynol who was later created a Baronet on June 15, 1622. The Wynn of Plas Mawr line seems to have become extinct except with some intriguing possibilities of emigration to Virginia with a grandson – John Wynn of Conwy.

Also, in your article you mention the title “Coronet” in conjuction with William Williams; a term of which I am unfamiliar except as a armorial device or military vessel along with Edward Thewall as ‘Prince of Wales’ in brackets?

Best regards,

Robert Wynne


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