Thomas Goodman, Mercer of London

In “Genealogical Gleanings in England”, Henry F. Waters (1907), Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore 1981, are two intriguing references. The first is the will of John Quynby of London, servant with Thomas Goodman of same city, read 28 July 1556, in which bequests include: three rings to Jane, daughter of Thomas Goodman, two “lewts” (probably lutes) for Thomas and “Insent” Goodman, probably also children of Thomas, and to Ursula Goodman, probably also the daughter of Thomas, or perhaps his wife, was to receive his signet of gold with the “Splede Egle”. This last was probably an early Goodman crest on a sealing ring, which by this account was apparently in use by the retainers of the Goodman family prior to the granting of arms in 1572. Mr. Quynby’s will also mentions “my apparel in Spain as well as here” and “debts abroad”, indicating that this Goodman family was relatively wealthy and well traveled, and were probably participating actively in Edward’s mercer trade. Thomas Goodman, being married and with several children by 1556, was probably born before 1520, and may have been closely related to Edward “Redsleeves” Goodman. He may have been the family’s representative to the Mercers Guild, which was then based in London. The name Ursula, a daughter of William Goodman of Ruthin and Margaret Brereton, as mentioned following, was probably a traditional Goodman female name.

Because the names of these Goodmans do not match the names of the known children of Thomas Goodman, son Of Rowland/Roland Goodman of Goodmans Fields, who died in 1606, this Thomas Goodman was a different person.


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