Godfrey Goodman, Son of Edward Goodman I

Godfrey Goodman’s date of birth is unknown, but is estimated at about 1530. Godfrey Goodman married on 28 February, 1575/6, at the church of St. Mary lé Bow in London, Jane Croxton, the third daughter of Simon and Katherine Croxton of London. She was about 18 at the time, so was probably born about 1557/8.

Their issue were: Gabriel, Godfrey, Charles, Mary, Martha, Catherine, Susan and Jane. Godfrey died in 1587. The will of Godfrey Goodman, Senior was proved 5 March, 1587. (14 Spencer, Prerogative Court of Canterbury). Jane Croxton’s sisters were Katherine and Ann. After Godfrey’s death, Jane Croxton Goodman became the fourth wife of Edward Thelwell, who is also mentioned in Godfrey’s will, and was probably a cousin by marriage, son of one of his mother’s Thelwell relatives. See Related Families, following. After Edward Thelwell’s death, Jane spent the last years of her widowhood in the service of Mary, Countess of Southampton, known as a staunch Papist.

Godfrey’s will also mentions a brother Robinson, sons Gabriel and Godfrey, daughters Catherine, Jane and Martha, Nephew Edward Goodman, and a nephew Godfrey. See PDF Image of Godfrey Goodman Sr’s Will.

Issue of Godfrey Goodman and Jane Croxton:

(1) Gabriel Goodman, Gentleman of Nantglyn, Denbighshire.

The will of this Gabriel Goodman is found at PCC, dated 5 May 1658, proved 26 June 1674. See PDF Image of this will.

In this will, it names heirs Robert Wyn(n), Esq., of the County of Flint, brother Charles Goodman, Gent. County of Denbigh, and sisters Jane, Martha and Mary. Mary signed as witness, Mary Salusbury. The will was also witnessed by Godfrey Goodman, probably his brother, the Bishop. Sisters Catherine and Susan Goodman are not mentioned in the will. In ” Annals and Antiquities“, a portion of Bishop Godfrey’s will is quoted: “… the heirs of his brother Gabriel, who is now William Salusbury of Rug (Rhug)”. This source also states that one of the sisters of Gabriel Goodman and the Bishop married a Salusbury of Rhug.

See also, Related Families.

(2) Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester,

He was born in Ruthin in Denbighshire, North Wales on 28 February, 1582/3, and died 19 January, 1655/6. See PDF image of his will. proved 16 Feb 1656. This will is also filed in Denbighshire (DCR: NTD/947). Godfrey Goodman is buried in St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster. [John Strype’s Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Appendix I, Chap. 14, p. 137 “BISHOPS buried in Churches in or near London, within the Bills of Mortality”]

He was the nephew of Dean Gabriel Goodman of Westminster, where he studied and took degrees, and cousin to the Rev. John Goodman. He was an Anglican priest, and the only bishop of the English see since the Reformation who is generally reputed to have died in the Roman obedience. He furthur proved this by strong statements in his will. By 1616, he was Chaplain to the Queen in the court of James I at Windsor. He was vested as Cannon at Windsor, December 20th, 1617, and lived there from 1620 until about 1640. Several of his sermons of the time have survived. He also wrote a book, “The Court of King James I“. More on Bishop Godfrey Goodman at Catholic Encyclopedia.

At some point, Godfrey fell from grace, and was imprisoned in the Gatehouse (of the Tower of London?) for a time, even while his cousin John Goodman was in Newgate prison and their friend, Rev. John Williams, Bishop of Lincoln, was in the Tower of London. This was about the time (1633-40) that Archbishop Laud purged many of the Puritans and Catholics from the Church of England. This would have been a difficult time for the Catholics of the Goodman family, and may have been one of the many forces that drove some of them to the (supposedly) more tolerant America. Loud was subsequently impeached and later executed. Bishop Godfrey Goodman was later pardoned, but was even after several petitions, was denied a bishop’s pension. However, he hardly died penniless. His will included a great many bequests, including two tenements in Caernarvon, called Coed-mwar and Ty-du, to the care of trustees, including his brothers heirs.

(3) Charles Goodman. Mentioned in will of his brother Gabriel Goodman. Also named as Charles Goodman of Glanlieflyn in Bishop Godfrey Goodman’s will.

(4) Catherine Goodman. She is named in her father Godfrey’s will. No mention by Soden or in Gabriel Goodman’s will.

(5) Martha Goodman. Named in the will of her brother Gabriel. Named as Martha Bryfrorg of Anglesey in Bishop Godfrey Goodman’s will.

(6) Susan Goodman married Edward Prýs of Lwynyn, and their daughter, Ann Prýs, married Gabriel Goodman, her second cousin. (by whom?)

(7) Jane Goodman is mentioned in the will of her brother Gabriel.

(8) Mary Goodman, mentioned in will of brother Gabriel. She is probably also the witness Mary Salisbury in Gabriel’s will. She is also named as Mary Salisbury in Bishop Godfrey’s will. More from another source: Owen Salusbury of Rug, was born in the year 1612, and was the son of the celebrated William Salusbury, Governor of Denbigh Castle. He married, in the year 1635, Mary, daughter of Gabriel Goodman, of Ruthin, and had by her William, Dorothy (g). and Lowry. He died in 1677, and was succeeded by his son… William Salusbury, who married Mary, daughter of Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart., and had by her 2 sons, Owen and Roger…”. This account is probably confused because of the reference to Mary in her brother’s will, by which the author assumed that Mary was a daughter, instead of sister as the will states. William Salusbury, the son of Owen and Mary, is undoubtedly the William Salusbury of Rug, mentioned in Bishop Godfrey’s will. Owen’s father, William Salusbury, Esq., of Rhug, was the Royalist governor of Denbigh Castle, repaired it at his own expense, garrisoned and defended it with vigor for Charles I (1625-1649) in the Second Civil War (1648), but at last capitulated to Gen. Mytton. This William Salusbury, Esq. was the third son of Sir John Salusbury, Knight., of Lleweni, whose wife was Catherine Tudyr of Berain, later the wife of Edward Thelwell, and William Salusbury was therefore a step-cousin to the Goodmans.


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