Gabriel Goodman 1528-1601

Doctor of Divinity and Dean of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter of Westminster, Middlesex, and a member of the Privy Council of James I. It is possible that his sons may have been George, Hugh and Edward Goodman of Westminster, who were almost certainly brothers. However, these may have been only protégés, who took the Dean’s name, as the custom of the time was. Gabriel established a hospital in Ruthin in 1590, by charter of Elizabeth I (1558-1603), and also founded the first grammar school in Ruthin in 1595. He played a major role in the first known translation and editing of the Bible into the Welsh language in 1588.

A painting of Gabriel, titled: “Dean Gabriel Goodman, Kneeling at the Alter”, hangs in Westminster Abby to this day.

See PDF image of Dean Gabriel Goodman’s Will, dated 16 July 1601.

Article about Gabriel Goodman by The Old Ruthinian Association.

See more on Dean Gabriel Goodman, including Memoirs, at Dave Goodman’s site.


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