Battle of Bosworth Field – Participants of Note

Abstracted from “Henry VII, The First Tudor King”, by Eric. N Simons and other sources.

Jasper Tudor, Henry’s uncle, recruited and brought many Welch men to the battle.

Rhys ap Thomas of Carmarthen, with his 1800-1900 men of horse, engaged for Henry VIII, along with Robert Salisburie.”

“Rhys ap Thomas brought the Salusburies of Ystrad Clewydd, and were joined by many others, including Richard ap Howell, Lord of Mostyn.”

“When Richard’s standard fell, it was snatched up by Rhys ap Meredydd of Nant Conway as a trophy. Richard Howell of Mostyn laid Richard low, and Rhys ap Thomas gave him the final blow. Lord Stanley later placed the crown (or emblem) that Richard had worn into battle, on Henry’s helmet. Henry then and there knighted Gilbert Tabot, Rhys ap Thomas and nine other brave men. Henry’s uncle, Jasper Tudor, was made Duke of Bedford, Lord Stanley was made Earl of Derby.”

Other Notes:

The Stanleys at Bosworth were Lord Thomas Stanley and Sir William Stanley, who held sway in N. Wales. William Stanley’s Castle Holt was on the borders of Denbighshire. Their army was from the Dee Valley and N. Wales. They wore red coats. They remained uncommitted until the battle was joined, then sallied for Henry. Thomas Stanley’s 1st wife was Eleanor Neville. Sir William Stanley was condemned 10 years later by Henry.


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