Goodmans of Early Wales and England

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This section describes the ancient roots of the Goodman name, and the first Goodmans of Wales and England. This includes the first known Goodmans in Wales, starting with Edward Goodman, of Ruthin, Denbighshire, N. Wales, and his issue and their descendants. This is certainly the most historically prominent and well documented Goodman line of Wales and England, and due to its wealth and influence in the Royal Court and business circles by Colonial times, is probably one of the primary sources of many of the prominent Goodmans of Colonial America.

However, there were also many other Goodmans in England before this line took the Goodman surname. Therefore, we also introduce some of the other significant Goodman and related families of what is now the UK and Colonial America. Some of these were certainly of Welsh descent, and probably descended from the Ruthin / Denbighshire Goodmans, and others that were most likely descended from an earlier Goodman family of London. This section is closely linked to the following section, describing the early VA and NC Goodman families.

These sections are largely drawn from published sources in Wales, England, and published genealogies and family histories, genealogical reference materials, county histories, land records, church records and other works about the Goodman and related families in America.

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