Goodman Families of Surry, Nansemond
and Isle of Wight Counties, Virginia

County Formation and History

Information on the Goodman families of these counties is consolidated on this page, since these counties all adjoin each other and lie on the southern side of the mouth of the James River, and the same Goodman families of these counties occur in the surviving county records of all of these counties.

In 1637, the original Warrosquoyacke County, on the south side of the Norfolk River, was renamed to Isle of Wight. At that time, the part of James City County south of the Norfolk River was on its western border, and newly formed Upper Norfolk County was on its eastern border. Upper Norfolk and Lower Norfolk were both created from Norfolk County the same year.

In 1645, Upper Norfolk County was renamed to Nansemond County.

In 1652, that part of James City County lying south of the James River was split off to form Surry County.

In 1691, Lower Norfolk was divided into Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties.

In 1703, Charles City County, on the western border of Surry, was divided, and its southern part that were adjoining Surry County, was named Prince George County.

In 1732, Brunswick County, pending from Prince George for several years, was finally organized, containing all of the western parts of Prince George, Surry and Isle of Wight Counties.

In 1746, Lunenburg County was formed from the western parts of Brunswick County. More on Goodmans of Lunenburg and its later progeny counties later.

In 1634, the King of England directed the formation of eight shires (or counties) in the colony of Virginia. One of these was Elizabeth City Shire, which included land area on both sides of Hampton Roads. New Norfolk County was formed in 1636 from Elizabeth City Shire. It included all the area in South Hampton Roads. In 1637, New Norfolk County was divided into Upper Norfolk County and Lower Norfolk County and Upper Norfolk County became Nansemond County in 1646. Now an extinct county, Nansemond is part of the City of Suffolk, where the records are now located.

Note: All of the Nansemond probate records burned during the Civil War. Nansemond County is no longer in existence. The records were sent to Suffolk, Virginia.

Goodman and Related Families

See: William Goodman of Surry VA.

Deeds, Grants, Wills and Orders of Interest

  • 1635: Grant to Henry Hart, 350 ac in Surry County.
  • 10 June 1637: Francis Goodman is listed in the headright grant of Thomas Powell, of Upper New Norfolk County.
  • 01 Aug 1638: Francis Goodman is claimed on the headright grant of Thomas Dewe (Dew), also of Upper New Norfolk County. These may be one and the same person, having been claimed twice, as sometimes happened.
  • 07 May 1638: Richard Goodman appears on the headright grant of Thomas Burbage in Upper Norfolk Co., (later Nansemond). A Richard Goodman is also listed in the register of Christ Church Parish, on 22 Dec 1679, with 8 acres of land and 9 negroes. (Cavaliers and Pioneers) Also: Land Patents, Richard Goodman, on Nancimum (sp) River, adj. John Parrett, one of 12 persons transported by Thomas Burbage, 600 ac east side River 5-7-1638. (Nansemond Chronicles, p. 573). This is actually the same Burbage headright grant previously mentioned in the Emigrants page of this site.
  • 1645: Upper Norfolk County renamed to Nansemond County.
  • 1648: Grant to Thomas Hart, 100 ac in Surry County.
  • 31 Mar 1653: George Goodman was claimed on a headright grant of Thomas White and Peter Sexton, Norfolk Co., (RG: Since Upper Norfolk had been renamed to Nansemond in 1645, this must have been Lower Norfolk, before it was divided into Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties.)
  • 1652 and 1662: Two grants of 200 ac each to Nicholas Williams in Surry County. The 1662 grant may have been a renewal of the original 1652 grant, and not necessarily a new one.
  • 11 Mar 1664/5: Grant to James Collins, “foure hundred acres of Land Scituate Lying and being in ye upper parish of [tear]County of Nanzimond ” … “nere ye Land of Thomas Mayson …” for transportation of eight persons. See also: Collins Family Pages, by Michael Collins Dunn.
  • 1668: Surry County Tax List Tithables: Thomas Hart, Thomas Williams, David Williams.
  • 14 April, 1670: Grant to Edward Thelwell and his partners, 250 acres near the head of the Southern Branch of the Nansemond River, adjoining Thomas Mason and Francis Wells. (Cavaliers and Pioneers II, p. 96, citing Virginia Patent Book 6:368) (RG: This was the first of three patents to Thelwell, including two in VPB 6:595, 24 Feb 1675/6, all in the same area, for a total of 550 acres in Nansemond County. Edward Thelwell, whose family we know was related to the Ruthin, Denbigh, N. Wales Goodmans, may or may not have actually lived in Virginia, and may have had overseers managing his holdings there. Or, or he may have simply collected rents from those he transported until their indentures were completed. In any case, it is very interesting that he should have lands in Nansemond County, and that those lands were adjoining those of the Collins family, which later intermarried with the Goodmans of Nansemond and Isle of Wight Counties.)
  • 29 July 1671: Grant to James Collins, for the transportation of four persons, 164 acres in the Upper Parish of “Nanzemond” County, “adjoining his land & land of Francis Wells”. (Cavaliers and Pioneers II, p. 95, citing Patent Book 6, p. 364.)
  • From the above grants, we see that Francis Wells and Thomas Mason both adjoined Edward Thelwell, while Thomas Mason also had land “nere” that of Collins in 1664. As for Francis Wells, he had received a grant of 600 acres “nere the head of the South branch of the Nancimond River” on 20 October 1665 “beginning by the branch side” and running north. (Cavaliers and Pioneers p. 543, citing Patent Book, 5, p. 463 (562).)
  • 1671-1684 Surry County Tax Lists: William Goodman on Lawnes Creek (5) 2. (RG; Lawnes Creek was on the border of Nansemond and Isle of Wight)
  • 11 April 1672: William and Rebecca Goodman mentioned. This is presumed to be the date they were married, or the date the marriage bond was recorded. (Nansemond Chronicles 1606-1800 – Abstracts from Quaker Records in Nansemond County C.H., 1908).
  • 1674: Surry County Tax List Tithables: Roger Williams, Richard Williams.
  • 24 Feb 1675/6: To Mr. Edward Thelwell. 150 acs. Up. Par. of Nanzemond Co., 24 Feb. 1675/6, p. 595 [note: probably came over with above Arthur Holder]. At land of Mr. Walter Bazely’s orphts., now in posession of Thomas Holder; adj. Thomas Mason & his own land; upp the Beaver Dam Sw.; &c. Trans of 3 pers: Tony, Isabell & Bastian, Negroes.
  • 1678: Surry County Tax List Tithables: William Goodman, several Williams.
  • 1679: Edward Thelwell, Arthur Allen and Robert Horneing, 337 ac in Isle of Wight and Nansemond County. [IW DB 7:16] viz: 1679  Nov. 29 – VA Pat Bk 7, p. 16.  Arthur Allen of Surry Co., Edward Thelwell and Robert Horneing of Nanzemond Co., 337 acs., S. side of Beavor Dam Br., a br. of the S’n br. of Nanzemond Riv.; part in Isle of Wight and part in Nanzemond Co…. Beg. at land of Tho. Mason, now in possession of John Dotery, 200 acs., part granted to Richd. Showell, 30 Oct. 1669; deserted, and granted to the above named, with 137 acs. adj. waste land; further due to transport of 7 persons: Robt. Ruffin, Rich. Lanham, Geo. Adwell, Mar. Whitehead, Thos. Futrell, Lewis Williams, Edwd. Davis.
  • 20 Apr 1680: George Goodman is claimed as one of 12 persons transported in the headright grant of Richard Booth, the grant being in Isle of Wight County, near Col. Bridger’s line. Was this the same George Goodman claimed by Thomas White and Peter Sexton in their 1653 grant? Impossible to tell.
  • 20 Apr 1682: William Goodman is listed among those transported by John Bryan, for 470 ac in Nansemond County.
  • 14 Dec 1682: William Goodman and Rebecka (Rebecca) Goodman witnessed marriage of John Collings (Collins) to Mary Tooke. (Friends in Nansemond and Isle of Wight Counties, VA). Also ref: “John Collins, whose father-in-law was John Barnes, and Mary Tooke of Surry County. Dec 14 1682 (Lower VA Meeting of Friends (Quaker), p. 116). (RG: This second reference implies that this was probably the 2nd marriage of John Collins, and that John Barnes, presumably father of his late 1st wife, may have attested to and approved the union. See also John Barnes will ref 5 July 1692.)
  • 20 Oct 1683: Will of John Collins (d. 2 Jan 1683): To Wm Goodman, 1000 lb tobacco for keeping his child this year. Rest of estate to children of Rebecca Goodman (RG: wife of Wm. Goodman), Jean Nuby and Elizabeth Izzard (daughters?). (Surry DB4:342) (Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Surry Co., VA 1671-1750, Davis)
  • 20 Apr 1684: Richard Goodman is listed among those transported by Benjamin Harryson (Harrison), grant of 620 ac. in Surry County.
  • 1685: Grant to Roger Williams and John Williams, 1200 ac in Surry County.
  • 01 Feb 1684/5: Wm. Davis, servant to Wm. Goodman, would do no more service. 39 lashes and imprisoned in irons until his master discharges him.[Surry Court Orders 4:492]
  • 24 Oct 1685: William Goodman fined for not going to church (he was Quaker, would not attend Church of England services) [Surry Court Orders 4:495]
  • 05 Jan 1685/6: Wm Goodman to pay 300 lb of tob. for man in irons (probably Wm Davis, preceding) [Surry Court Orders 4:506]
  • 1687: Grant to Henry Hart, 285 ac in Surry County.
  • 1687: Grant to George Williams, 150 ac in Surry County
  • 1687: List of Militia in Surry County: of foot: (included) Henry Hart, Roger Williams, James Watkins, Thomas Blunt, Robert Littleberry, Charles Williams, Robert Hart, Thomas Blunt (2), Wm. Goodman, Robert Renols (Reynolds), Robert Reddick, Thomas Hart (see below), James Reddick, Anselm Bayley. (Virginia Military Records from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, The Wm and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler’s Quarterly, p. 328)
  • 1688: Grant to Roger Williams, 150 ac on Surry County.
  • 1688: Surry County Tax List Tithables: William Goodman, Thomas Hart, Henry Hart, Robert Hart.
  • 1690, Fall Court: Wm Goodman awarded fees for “covered a house”, for Nicholson and other [Surry Court Orders 4:65, 4:48, 4:49, 4:54, 4:58]
  • 20 Dec 1690 Deed: George Blow of Southwarke Parish to William Goodman of Lawnes Creek parish, 2700 lbs tobacco, 100a in Southwarke Parish, part of a tract belonging to my brother, Richard Blow, and given by him to me… adj. Richard Blow and Pidgeon Swamp. Witness: William (x) Newsum, John Collins [Surry DB4:191]

    20 Dec 1690 Deed: William Newsum and wife Ann Newsum to William Goodman, both of Lawnes Creek Parish, 3300 lbs tobacco, 120a. in Southwarke parish on Pigeon Swamp adjoining the land above… bought by William Newsum 3 Mar 1687/88 after the death of Richard Blow. Witness: George (x) Blow, John Collins [Surry County Deed Book 4, p.193]. These two deeds appear to be the sale of Richard Blow’s 1684 patent, now entirely in the hands of William Goodman.

  • 19 Jan 1691: Wm Goodman appointed Surveyor of the highways in the place of Richard Smith, and that he cause the roads to be cleared according to law. (Surry Co. Court Recs, 1691-1700, Book V:22)
  • 1692-1697: William Goodman was a Juror on 4 Jan 1692, 8 Aug 1693, 29 May 1694, 4 Jun 1695. [Surry Court Orders 4:60, 4:75, 4:77, 4:78, 4:100, 4:131]
  • Bef 5 Jul 1692: Jane Barnes declines to take oath, against her religion. (Surry Co. Court Recs, 1691-1700, Book V:30)
  • Bef 5 Jul 1692: Will of Jno. Barnes, dec’d. Wm. Goodman who married one of my daughters to administer estate. Jane Barnes, widow. (Surry Co. Court Recs, 1691-1700, Book V:38)
  • 5 July 1692: William Goodman declines to administer estate of Jno. Barnes dec’d, John Tooke named administrator in his place. (Surry Co. Court Orders, 1691-1700, Book V:45) (RG: This may have been William Goodman the younger, whose will is unknown, and whose wife is not named in his estate appraisal of 22 Mar 1735, but by the references preceding, she was a daughter of John Barnes.
  • 05 July 1692: Anselines Bailey, land of one of his orphans, is mentioned. This is very likely Anselm Bayley, a son of the Anselm Bayley that was on the 1687 Militia Roster.(Surry Co. Orders, 1691-1700, Book V:??). See: 1688 Will of Anselm Bayley.
  • 23 Jun 1693: Henry Goodman, executor of Thomas Norris, awarded horse and 1000 lb tob. for damages, to be taken from est. of Thomas Cotton. (Surry Co. Court Recs, 1691-1700, Book V:70). This award was later reversed, and Henry Goodman ordered to pay all costs (Book V:75, and Book V:80)
  • 1694: Surry County Tax List Tithables: William Goodman, Thomas Hart, Henry Hart, Robert Hart.
  • 22 May 1695: Wm. Goodman intends to depart colony (Surry Book V:49) (Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Surry Co., VA 1671-1750, Davis)
  • 11 Nov 1697. “Wm. Goodman and Robt. Reynolds having been summoned by the Sheriff of this county to appear at this court to be sworn grandjury men not appearing, it is ordered that the Sheriff take the bodies of the said Goodman and Reynolds into his custody… until they enter into bond… for their appearance at the next court… to answer for their contempt in not appearing at the last court.” [Surry County Orders 1691-1713, 4:199]. Goodman was later excused for having good reason (4:203]
  • 1702: Surry County Tax List Tithables: No Goodman or Harts. Several Williams, incl. Roger Sr, Roger Jr, Charles, William, Bart.
  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls of Virginia Company in Surry County: Henry Hart 725 ac, Robert Hart 600 ac, Joseph Richardson 300 ac., Wm. Williams 300 ac., Roger Williams 150 ac, Charles Williams 100 ac.
  • 1704: Grant to Robert Hart, 1000 ac in Surry County.
  • 1704: Grant to George Williams, 200 ac in Surry County.
  • 26 March 1711: Hart, Thomas. Hopkin Howell’s bond to administer estate, sig. Thomas Howell and Benjamin Ricks. The bond of Robert Hart, William Goodman, and Robert Sherrer for the estate of Thomas Hart, the orphan of Thomas Hart, dec’d 26 Mar 1711 (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, p. 72, ref Isle of Wight Wills, Book I, p. 519). (RG; This could be either the elder William Goodman, or his son, William)
  • 28 Apr 1711: Grant to Henry Goodman, 256 ac in Nansemond County, near a place called Salem. [VPB 10:29]. In William Curry Harllee’s, Kinfolks’s, Vol. III, pg. 2337 is an article on Henry Goodman, in which it states he settled in Nansemond County as early as 1663. On 28 April 1711, he patented 256 acres of land, “Near Salem on both sides of Peter’s Swamp in that part of Nansemond County, which later became part of Gates County, N. C.”. If Harlee is correct, then some of these Goodmans of Nansemond and Isle of Wight may have had lands in what was to become NC much earlier than originally thought, and did not remove from Nansemond, but simply were recorded in later NC records as those counties / precincts were being formed. However,
  • 28 Apr 1711: Grant to John Goodwin and Benjamin Goodwin, Nansemond County, 122 acres near the head of Notts Creek on the south side thereof [VPB 10:28]. Is it a mere coincidence that this grant was issued immediately before that of Henry Goodman? Were John and Benjamin Goodman in the original grant, and not Goodwin?
  • 1714: Grant to George Williams, 260 ac in Surry County.
  • 20 June 1715: William Goodman’s inventory presented. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, p. 81, ref Isle of Wight Wills, Book I, p. 597).
  • 25 November 1715: Estate of William Goodman, appraisal by John Williams, Thomas Williams, Thomas Holliman, John Wombell. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, p.81, ref Isle of Wight Wills, Book I, p. 601).
  • 22 Jan 1717: Grant to Thomas Goodwyne of Surry County, 425 acres on both sides of the Warwick Swamp. Beginning and extending on the south side of the swamp a corner of James Jones’ land [VPB 10:350-351]. Was this actually the Thomas Goodman who died in Surry County 20 Dec 1748 (below)? Needs examination of estate and inventory in Surry County Wills.
  • Before 1727: Thomas Goodman, witness at a trial (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight, VA, “Book II, The Great Book”, #19). Same question as above. Research other parties at trial.
  • 24 Oct 1727: Will of Rebeccah Goodman. Legatees: son William, daughter Mary Evans, daughter Ann Bell. Son William Executor. Witnesses: Charles Binns, Elizabeth Atkinson. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight, VA, “Book II, The Great Book”, #26)
  • 14 Aug 1728 Deed: Richard Blow and wife Elizabeth Blow to John Mangum, 100a. on the north side the main Blackwater Swamp and south side of Pidgions (sic) Swamp… “beginning at the head of a bottom in Goodmans Old Field… along a line of marked trees till itt joyns to John Williames line thence along Williames line till it joyns to William Bynums so along Bynums line to the said Pidgions Swamp thence down the said swamp…” Signed: Richard Blow, Eliza (x) Blow. Witness: Saml. Taylor, Delony [?]
  • 22 March 1735: Estate of William Goodman. Appraised by Arthur Jones, William Crocker, W. Pitman. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight, VA, “Book II, The Great Book”, #77)
  • 1736: Henry Goodman lived in Mills Swamp, w/ John Pipkin, John Lee, Moses Kittrell. … John Hill’s mother was Martha Whitmell of the Bount family on Mulberry Hill. (re: Nansemond Chronicles).
  • 1737: Marriage of Thomas Gwaltney of North Carolina and Martha Goodman, daughter of William Goodman (Isle of Wight DB 5, p. 111, DB 10, p. 68) (Marriages of Isle of Wight County VA 1628-1800)
  • 01 Dec 1748: Grant to John Goodwin, Surry County, 1190 acres on both sides of the main road leading from Cooks Bridge to Nottaway River and on both sides of Warwick Swamp. [VPB 27:81-83].
  • 20 Dec 1748: Estate of Thomas Goodman, ref Elizabeth his wife. (Surry DB9:590). (Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Surry Co., VA 1671-1750, Davis, p. 72,) and: Capt. Thomas Goodman, Inventory by Elizabeth his widow, DB9:528) needs date.
  • 11 May 1767: William Goodman, joiner, to Henry Williams, consideration of 18L.9s.10p, set of joiner’s tools, etc. Sig. William Goodman, wit.: Joseph Williams, Joseph Williams, Jr. [Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Book 1, p. 498] Note: W. Goodman probably sold his tools because of his age. He came to Mecklenburg from Surry County. (RG: This was Henry Williams, elder brother of the Maria Williams who married Benjamin Goodman, and who was in Mecklenburg Co. from 1765 thru 1767, where three of his children were born. He removed about 1769 to Orange County, NC. This sale of joiner’s tools is the only potential connection I can find of the Goodmans of Surry to those of Hanover/Louisa who came to NC later.)
  • 05 Feb 1789: Will of John Darden (d. 11 May 1788): Legatees: wife Charity (Goodman); to son John, plantation bought of Elisha Darden; son Henry Goodman Darden, son Elijah; son Mills (Miles); son William; daughter Salle (Sally). Henry and William Goodman to have charge of the estate given sons Henry Goodman and Elijah Darden. Executors: Benjamin Eley, William Goodman, Henry Goodman. Witnesses: Michael Johnson, John Darden son of Hardy Darden, John Duck, Eley Johnson. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight VA, Will Book 10:125)
  • 28 Jan 1811: Lands of Ed. Riddick, wit: John Goodman, and –
  • 18 Jan 1812: Ed Riddick, lands in “Great Cypress Swamp”, witnesses: Benj. Goodman, John Goodman. In Author/Transcriber’s notes, it says: Edward Riddick’s wife was Ann Goodman, b. 1782, d. 25 Oct 1855, dau. of James Goodman, who was s/o Joel s/o Henry Goodman of Gates Co., NC. [ Nansemond Co. Deeds, Upper Parish]

Anselm Bayley / Bailey Families

According to the research of Joy Whaite (1994) it appears that all the Baileys in the 16th-18th centuries in England bearing the Christian name Anselm can be traced back to just two Bailey families of Gloucestershire, one in Elmore Parish, the other in Wheatenhurst Parish. The fact that the patriarch of the Wheatenhurst family was baptized in Elmore is evidence that these two families were probably related – perhaps both derived from an original Bailey ancestor living prior to 1500.

“In the late 17th century, two Anselm Baileys immigrated to Virginia. Both must have come from Gloucestershire, and they were probably related. The first may have inspired the emigration of the second, who was presumably his cousin. The first, listed as “Ansell Bayly,” sailed from Bristol about 1661 and settled in Isle of Wight County. The name Anselm appears often among his descendants in Virginia south of the James River. According to Donna Beers, who has extensively researched this Anselm & his descendants, only the descendants of this Bailey family used the name Anselm south of the James. The given name Anselm appears with other surnames in that area, but not with other Baileys. The second, an “Anselm Bayly,” appears in 1689 in Virginia as a headright of Henry Waring. This Anselm probably moved to New Kent County (north of the James River), where his sponsor received a land grant for his importation. Throughout the 18th & 19th centuries, the name Anselm appears in Bailey families in the area of New Kent, Henrico, and Hanover counties. The Bailey families using the name Anselm who lived north of the James River were probably therefore related to each other, just like their southern cousins.” [Descendants of Ansolme Bailey/Bayly, 1600’s – 1900’s, Virginia & Belmont/Clinton Co’s Ohio, ‘A Quaker Family'”, compiled by Donna Beers, 1996. pp 2, 26]

20 Oct 1689: land patent exists for New Kent Co. for Henry Waring. 500 acres. Stratton Major Par., upon Pianketank Sw. 20 Oct 1689, p. 23. Adj. David Bram’s land, &c. Granted to Mr. George Burge, 16 Apr 1683. deserted, & granted sd. Waring by order, &c. Imp. of 10 pers: James Nicholson, Jno. Richards, Israel Sheppard, James Welch, Andrew Neech (or Welch) James Rogers, Sarah Ellis, An. Jordan, Moses Roper, Anselm Bayly.


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