Goodman and Related Families of Louisa County, Virginia

County Formation and Boundary History

Louisa County was formed in 1742 from the western part of Hanover Co. Hanover had been formed in 1720/21 from New Kent Co. In 1761, the northwestern part of Louisa, then known as Fredricksville Parish, was made part of Albemarle Co.

Prominent Goodman and Related Families

The Samuel Goodman b. ca. 1701 in New Kent Co. also had sons Samuel and Benjamin, b. ca. 1732 or before. In 1750, this Samuel gave his sons 150 ac. each, recorded in Louisa Co. These lands were on the Little River on the Hanover / Louisa border. Of these, Benjamin Goodman sold his 150 ac. and plantation on the Little River on 23 Oct 1754 for £140. His wife, Maria (Williams) was a party to the transaction. Under her maiden name, she had witnessed a Power of Attorney on 2 May 1752, along with her father, Daniel Williams, her mother Ursula (Henderson) Williams, and brother Henry Williams. Therefore, Benjamin and Maria must have married ca. 1753.

Several other transactions in Louisa Co. are revealing. Daniel Williams and wife Ursula sold their 635 ac. plantation and dwelling place for £254 on 28 Sept 1756. Thomas, David and Nathaniel Hart witnessed several deeds in Louisa Co. before 1754. Thomas Hart sold out his 300 ac. in Louisa Co on 25 Mar 1755. Thomas and Richard Henderson also bought and sold several parcels in Louisa Co., with the last sale about 1754. So, it appears that all of these related families removed from Louisa County to the Granville Co., NC area, about the same time, perhaps with a brief stopover for some in Lunenburg County, where Benjamin Goodman and his brother-in-law Henry Williams are recorded.

Other interesting Goodman land and court transactions in Louisa Co. included: James Goodman of St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover Co. on 22 Jul 1746 purchased 284 ac. in Louisa Co, with boundaries including David Maupin’s corner, on the north side of the Little River, and a corner on the side of Benjamin Dumas’ Mill Dam. Joseph Goodman witnessed deeds in 1757 and 1759 in Fredricksville Parish, Louisa Co. On 23 Feb 1750, Benjamin Dumas sold his 601 ac. and water mill on the Little River and adjoining Sam Goodman’s land, to James Goodwin of York Co., for £400.

Charles Goodman witnessed a deed in Louisa Co. in 1752, and another in 1757, and therefore was b. probably before 1730. He also purchased 400 ac. on 23 Jul 1757, on s. branch of the n. fork of the James River, and bounded by Roland Horsley’s corner on the river bank, for £40. Witnesses were Joseph Goodman, Bartlett Mills, and Garrett Hackett. About 1759, this Charles Goodman married Elizabeth Horsley, daughter of his neighbor Roland Horsley. The part of western Louisa Co. that was on the n. fork of the James River was later included in Albemarle Co., so this was certainly the Charles Goodman of Albemarle, who was actually in Albemarle since before its establishment, and while it was part of Louisa County.

A Charles Goodman, age 6, was apprenticed to Statham Love 25 Jul 1758 in Louisa Co. This was possibly a son of the Charles Goodman who purchased land next to Horsley in 1757, possibly by an earlier wife, prior to Elizabeth Horsley. Or, he could have been a grandson of the Benjamin Goodman born ca 1703, son of Benjamin Goodman, who resided in Louisa County until at least 

In The Douglas Register, the Rev. Douglas of Goochland Co., VA records the marriage of Anselm Alford and Ann Tony of Fluvania in 1782, and Drury Alford and Bettie Cannon of Louisa, 13 Mar 1782. This is particularly interesting, as: 1) The Drury name and Ansel/Ancil name both appear frequently in the names of descendants of John Goodman (ca. 1780-1845) who married a Robertson, and who were known to be in Blount Co., TN, and later in Lewis Co., TN and Hickman Co., TN. and 2) Their daughter Sarah Goodman married Colly Robertson in Albemarle Co., VA, 20 Dec 1828, which establishes that the Robertson family was probably of Albemarle, and 3) Their son John, b. about 1806, married Ruthy Roach in Blount Co., TN on 10 June 1819, and their son named a daughter Lureana, as our direct ancestor Amos Goodman and his second wife did, and so did his son Anselm, and 4) The Ferrell and Terrell names, also known to be of Hanover and Albemarle, also appears in this line.

Bartellot Anderson is also listed in the early St. Paul’s Parish records, and in many land records, as living near the Goodmans of Hanover and Louisa counties. S ee 1757 David Anderson deed, below. Bartellot/Bartlett Goodman was a VA Ranger in the French and Indian War. He was originally in and from Louisa County. He removed to Campbell Co., VA with his family about 1785, and with some of his family to Iredell Co., NC, about 1798, where he died in 1799. See more

Fredricksville Parish, Louisa and Albemarle Counties

26 Aug 1746: John Goodman discharged from paying levies. “He is antient and past labour.” (RG; Presumed to be 60+ years old, therefore b. before 1686). [Vestry Book of Fredricksville Parish]

Louisa Co., VA, Deeds of Interest

Selected Abstracts from: Louisa County, Virginia Deed Books A and B 1742-1759, Davis

  • 14 Mar 1742: Benjamin Dumas to Peter and Robert Garland, 100 ac., on north side of Little River … on Sam Goodman‘s line,. [LDB A:45]
  • 26 Mar 1742: Benjamin Dumas to Samuel Goodman [LDB A:175] [no abstract]
  • 12-Sep-1743 John Watson of Fred. Parish, Louisa Co. to John Richardson for £10…60 acres and plantation…part of land whereon sd Watson now lives. Signed: John Watson [no dower mentioned] 12 Sept. 1743 acknowledged by John Watson. P.104-105 [LDB A: 9]
  • 05-Jan-1744. Samuel Goodman of St. Martins Par. Hanover co., planter to Benjamin Dumas of St. Martins Par. Louisa Co. £25. One acre on north side of Little River in St. Martins Par. . near the River…adj. Garland orphans line … being part of a tract taken up by Edward Garland, dec’d. and by him sold to John Hinson and by Hinson sold to Charles Yancey, by Yancey sold to William Noble and by Noble sold to Samuel Goodman. Sig. Samuel Goodman. Wit: Frans. Eagles, William Breekin, Benja. Harris 26 Mar 1745 ack. by Samuel Goodman. [LDB A:175]
    This was apparently the original site of Goodwin’s Mill, later known as Swift’s Mill, later and relocated in the early 1800s to the south side of the river, but on the same dam site. See recent photo1 photo2.
  • : ?? David Hambleton of Fredericksville Par. Louisa County, Planter, to John Richardson of same, planter for £53-15 for 150 acres and plantation adj. David’s branch, which land and plantation was given to sd. Hambleton by Lancelot Armstrong, late of Louisa by deed of gift 24 Sep 1737 recorded in Hanover County. Sig. David Hambleton, wit. John Foster, John Watson, Edward Harris. [LDB A: 311]
  • 05 Sep 1745: James Hill, Samuel Hill, David Hill to Samuel Goodman, planter. 50 ac., n. side of Little River, bounded w/ county (Hanover/Louisa) line.
  • 02 Feb 1746: Thomas Chambers to John Whatley. 133 ac, part in Hanover, part in Louisa Co, Wit. Samuel Goodman, whose lands were adjoining.
  • 26 Feb 1748, John Richardson to John Hagard, 60 ac. and plantation. Witnesses: Thos. Lipscomb, James Howard, Benjamin Dumas, Susanna, wife of John Richardson. This appears to establish when John Richardson removed to the Lunenburg / Bedford area. That Benjamin Dumas was a witness, establishes him as neighbor and probably friend of Richardson and/or Hagard. By other land transaction references, a David Richardson lived in Louisa Co., on Great Rocky Cr., n. e. of Little River.
  • 6-Jun-1749: Grantor: Archelaus Yancey of St. Martin’s Par., Louisa Co., to Samuel Dodman (Goodman?) of same . Lb. 16 currt. money. 80 acres in St. Martin’s Par. adjoining land whereon said Archelaus now lives…on the lower Horsepen branch…up same to the mouth of a Branch…Joseph Bickley’s line…said Yancey’s line. Sig. Archelaus Yancey. Wit: Thomas Paulet, Richard Bullock, John Longan, John Bickley. Acknowledged by Archelaus Yancey. Mary, his wife, relinquished right of dower. [LDB A:??]
  • 23 Feb-1750. Benjamin Dumas and France, his wife of Louisa Co. to James Goodwin of York Co. £400 currt money 601 acres, together with a Water Mill… on east side of the river below the mill…Samuel Goodman’s corner…Bickley’s line…Robert Garland’s corner…Garland’ line …up the south and main fork of the River to Edward Bullock’s corner Bullock’s plantation …Thomas Poindexter’s corner. on Poindexter’s and Robert Yancey, Dec;d., line to the Little River on the west side. Sig. Benja Dumas. This is undoubtedly the same land and mill mentioned previously. [LDB A: 416]
  • 23 Oct 1750, gifts of land by Samuel Goodman to his sons Samuel Goodman, Jr. and Benjamin Goodman, adj. John & Edward Garland, near Joseph Bickley’s plantation, Archelaus Yancey’s line, corner on the side of Benjamin Dumas’ Mill Dam.
  • 2 May 1752, Mary Arnold grants power of attorney to Abraham Venable or Robert Anderson, to sell 200 ac of land and plantation, left to her by husband Johathan Arnold, late Rector of Fredricksville Parish. Witnesses: Daniel Williams, Ursula (Henderson) Williams, Maria Williams (later wife of Benjamin Goodman), Henry Williams.
  • 23 Oct 1754, Benjamin Goodman , of St. Martin’s Parish, planter, and Maria his wife (Maria Williams), to Patrick Belches for £140, 150 ac and plantation, on line with his bro. Samuel Goodman, and the Little River, given to sd. Goodman by his father, Samuel Goodman, 23 Oct 1750. (Marya, Her Mark X). This establishes that this is when Benjamin & Maria Goodman, and probably their Williams & Henderson relations, removed to Granville Co., NC. This also establishes marriage of Benjamin & Maria in Louisa Co., after May 1752 and before Oct 1754.
  • 11 Mar 1755, Richmond Terrill purchased 260 ac in St. Martin’s Parish, n. side of the Little R., near lands of John Whatley, Samuel Goodman, as described following:
  • 4 Dec 1756, John Whatley sold land to John Snelson, adjoining those of Samuel Goodman, John Moss, William Dickenson, Richmond Terrill and William Simms. Witnesses: Bartellot Anderson, Benjamin Anderson, Edmund Bacon.
  • 28 Sep 1756, Daniel Williams, Planter and Ursula (Henderson) his wife, sold 635 ac, including their dwelling place, to Edward Ambler of York Co. for £254. This establishes approximately when they removed to Granville Co., NC.
  • 23-Jul-1757. Thomas Hacket and Mary his wife of St. Margaret’s Parish, Caroline Co. to Charles Goodman Fredericksville Par, Louisa Co. #40, for 400 acres on south side of the south branch of the north fork of James River in Fredericksville Par., adj. Roland Horsley’s corner on the river bank, and his and Nathaniel Winston’s corner, Andrew Rayes line., wit. Garrett Hackett, Bartlett Mills, Joseph Goodman. [LDB B: 209]
  • 31 Dec 1757. David Anderson purchased 400 ac. in Fredricksville Parish, on Capt. (Sam) Overton’s line (now John Overton’s line), on the south fork of the Little River, also on Benjamin Henson’s line (now Nicholas Gentry’s). Wit: Wm. Anderson, Maxfield Hensley, Nathaniel Anderson. This David Anderson married Elizabeth, daughter of his neighbor Sam Overton, and they had a son named Overton Anderson, and a daughter, Ann, who married Thomas Fielding Lewis. This David Anderson was also probably father of the David Anderson who m. about 1778 in Hanover Co., to Elizabeth Goodman, b. abt 1762, daughter of Charles Goodman and Elizabeth (Horsley) Goodman of Albemarle. David Jr. and Elizabeth (Goodman) Anderson had sons William, Nathaniel and David, and other offspring.
  • 19-Nov-1762. Samuel Goodman the younger of St. Martins Par., Hanover co., planter to Patrick Belsches of St. Martins, Louisa Co, Merchant; Lb 115 currt money; 162 acres in St. Martins Par. bounded by lines of Robert Goodwin, Patrick Belsches, Archelaus Yancey, said Belsches and the River; said plantation is half part of 300 acres given by Samuel Goodman the elder by a deed of gift of 23 Oct 1750 to his two Sons Samuel and Benjamin Goodman…d dividing line run between them by Robert Harris Surveyor of the said Co.; same land whereon the said Samuel Goodman the Younger lately lived. Sig. Samuel Goodman Jr. Ack. 14 Dec 1762 by Samuel Goodman Jr. [LDB C: p ??]
  • 09-Mar-1769 David Hix wit. to deed 9 Mar 1769 Charles Cosby, Jr. and Rebecca his wife of St. Martins Parish, Louisa Co. to Robert Goodwin of Trinity Par. [LDB D1/2: 170
  • 13-Dec-1773 Charles Smith of Trinity Parish, Louisa County to John Bullock of same 200 pounds tract on South side of Little River containing by estimation 238 acres. Beg. at Little River a little above Goodwins Mill Dam S 42 degrees W to S 42 degrees W 12 poles to S 47 degrees E 20 poles to S 18 degrees W 25 poles to 53 degrees E 9 poles to S 10 degrees E 16 poles to S 6 degrees E 17 poles to S 70 degrees W 11 poles to 28 degrees W to Rev. Robert Yancey’s line along his line to corner in James Terry’s line, along Terry’s to corner in Robert Goodwin line along line to Little River to down River to Beginning including buildings etc. Sig. Charles Smith and Dorothea Smith. [Rec. 13 Dec 1773 LDB D: 104] (RG: The Mill Dam may have been the one sold to James Goodwin of York County, but Robert Goodwin is almost certainly Robert Goodman.)
  • Vestry Book of Fredrickville Parish, p. 115 of book, probably p. 110, [on same page as entry of 19 Dec 1776]
    At a vestry held for Fredericksville Parish at Willm. Tinsley’s June 30th 1777.
    “To James Travilian if he chooses to keep John Goodman & wife one year to commence from 1st Jany. 1777 if he refuses to take them at that [unintelligible-one word] Col. John Boswell, as he agrees to take them. Note that if Travilian does not keep Goodman & wife, he is to be paid in this proportion till they leave him.” (RG: John Goodman, son of Charles, did not marry until 1790, so this could not be him. This could be the same John Goodman named in an earlier Vestry record in 1746 as being “antient and past labour”, and now a pensioner of the Vestry.)
  • On 09-Nov-1778, John Boswell conveyed 166 acres on the west side of Gilbert Gibson’s mill creek and the north side of the South Anna River to Manoah Lasley. 
  • See 1777 St Martin’s Vestry record and 1778 Boswell to Lasley land conveyance above, and the 9 June 1788 Boswell land conveyance below. These three references together establish that Gilbert Gibson, father of Bartellot Goodman‘s wife Tabitha Gibson, and the John Goodman, relationship to other Goodmans of the area unknown, who was “kept” along with his wife by Col. John Boswell, probably lived near and knew each other. Given another John Goodman as the eldest son of Bartellot Goodman and Tabitha Gibson, it now seems likely that there was a previously unidentified John Goodman of Louisa County, b. ca 1786 or before, who may have been the father of Bartellot Goodman. He could have been another son of the Benjamin Goodman b ca 1762, perhaps by a first wife before Lucy Blackwell, and this John Goodman could have resided in New Kent County before removing, probably with one of his children, to Louisa County by 1746. Since he is still living in 1777, It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, for this to be Benjamin Goodmans brother, the John Goodman christened January 01, 1665/66 in Bedfordshire. Therefore, he must have been either a son, a nephew, or possibly some other relation. Also, in one St Paul’s Parish Processioning, on 15 August 1715 “… Benjamin Goodman’s son in behalf of his father …”. It is unlikely that a minor son would have participated in the processioning, so he must have been of age, 21 or older, and therefore born ca 1694 or earlier. Since Lucy Blackwell was supposedly born September 27, 1685, and would not have been having children with Benjamin at age 9, a first wife and family is definitely indicated.
  • 09-Mar-1778 James Meriwether, William Meriwether and George Meriwether Exors of Thomas Ballard Smith dec’d. of Trinity Parish Louisa Co… to Charles Goodman of Fluvanna #50 for 98 acres on Roundabout Creek part of which lies in Fluvanna co. and part in Louisa county. adj. Edmund Humphreys corner in Fluvanna. LDB E: 248]
  • 7 Oct 1781 – James Goodman to Elkanah Baugham 100 a. adj. said Goodman. Not sure who this James Goodman is or where land was.
  • 23-Mar-1784 Christopher Smith of Louisa to John Bullock of same 300 pounds current money 13 acres on both sides of Little River adjoining Mill known as Goodwin’s Mill and one moiety of said Mill with appurtenances, etc. Sig. Christopher Smith. wit. David Bullock, William Pope, Ro. Bullock. [Rec. 9 Aug 1784 LDB G: 297]
  • 13-Oct-1784: William Henderson and Mary his wife of St. Martin’s Parish of Hanover to Zachariah Pulliam of same for £136 16s current money for tract in St. Martins Parish Louisa County on Tarapin Swamp being part of tract whereon William Henderson and Mary now live adjoining Matthew Sims, John Michie containing 121 acres. Wit. Nathaniel Henderson, Christopher Henderson, Joseph Goodman. [Rec 14 Feb 1785, LDB H: 486]
  • 6 Jul 1786 – Joseph Goodman to John Phillips, 200 a. in Hanover & in Louisa County, on River. This appears to part of the lands given to Samuel Goodman to his sons Samuel Jr and Benjamin in 1750.
  • 01-Apr-1788 Lewis Bullock of Louisa Co. to David Bullock land on waters of Little River adj. Robert Goodwin, James Terry, dec’d., Robert Yancey, dec’d…. wit. Robert Yancey, Richard Jones, William Nuckols, Robt Bullock. [LDB F: 547]
  • 01-Apr-1788 Lewis Bullock of Louisa to David Bullock of same £280 land on waters of Little River in Louisa being land devised to sd. Lewis Bullock by his father adj. Robert Goodwin, James Terry, dec’d., Robert Yancey, Dec;d., Temperance Hix, Byrus Davis, and Robert Garland, one moiety of the mill known by the name of Goodwins mill reserving unto my mother, Anne Bullock, the use of said half of the mill and 50 acres adjoining same agreeable to my father’s will which leaves the sd. mill and land during life to her and after her death to sd. Lewis Bullock. Sig. Lewis Bullock [LDB F: 547]
  • 09 June 1788: I John Boswell of Fredericksville in the county of Louisa…. (leaves slaves to his heirs)… Lucy Captain and her child Nancy I do set free, a yellow boy James and his mother Luce I do set free. I give to the said James the tract I bought of John Goodman and desire my executors to give the said James a horse and saddle with nine pounds and a cow and calf and a tolerable education. And William Captain I do give the land purchased of Thos. Gibbins if he does not redeem it. proved 9 June 1788. [Louisa Co WB 3:206].

Some of the Goodman lands in Hanover and Louisa Co. were apparently in the family for several generations, as some were later sold, 100 ac. in Hanover by James Goodman in 1781, and 200 ac. in Hanover and Louisa by Joseph Goodman in 1786.


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