Goodman and Related Families of Goochland County, Virginia

County Formation and Boundary History

Goochland Co., is on the southern borders of Hanover and Louisa Counties, and just east of Albemarle.

Prominent Goodman and Related Families

The Douglas Register

In The Douglas Register, the Rev. Douglas of Goochland Co., VA records the marriage of Anselm Alford and Ann Tony of Fluvania in 1782, and Drury Alford and Bettie Cannon of Louisa, 13 Mar 1782. This is particularly interesting, as: 1) The Drury name and Ansel/Ancil name both appear frequently in the names of descendants of John Goodman (ca. 1780-1845) who married a Robertson, and who were known to be in Blount Co., TN, and later in Lewis Co., TN and Hickman Co., TN. and 2) Their daughter Sarah Goodman married Colly Robertson in Albemarle Co., VA, 20 Dec 1828, which establishes that the Robertson family was probably of Albemarle, and 3) Their son John, b. about 1806, married Ruthy Roach in Blount Co., TN on 10 June 1819, and their son named a daughter Lureana, as our direct ancestor Amos Goodman and his second wife did, and so did his son Anselm, and 4) The Ferrell and Terrell names, also known to be of Hanover and Albemarle, also appears in this line.

Also in the Douglas Register is recorded the marriage on 26 Mar 1781 of John Goodman, ca. 1751, and Jeannie (Jane) Lawrie (Lowry) b. ca. 1761, in Goochland. See: John Goodman of Goochland VA for more.

Goochland County Grants and Deeds

30 Jul 1742: Robert Good (Goodman?) was granted 480a in Goochland, on the James River between Deep Creek & Muddy Creek [VPB 20:400-40]. Was this our mysterious Robert Goodman of Hanover, brother of Benjamin and Samuel, his name truncated in the grant? Or possibly his son. now an adult and striking out on his own?


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