Goodmans and Related Families of Campbell County, Virginia

County Formation and Boundary History

Campbell County was formed in 1781 from the eastern part of Bedford. Some Bedford County lands referenced in that County’s section may be found in later Campbell County records. And, earlier Campbell Co. lands may be traced in records of its parent counties (most recent to earliest): Bedford, Albemarle, Lunenburg, Brunswick, Isle of Wight and Surry.

Selected Campbell County Records

Some Early Campbell County Deeds

Abstracted from original Campbell Co. CH Records by Ron Goodman on 20 July 2001.

  • 1787, April 6 (DB 2/203) James Adams to Bartlett Goodman, for £12, 100 ac, … on branches of Flint Stone Creek
  • 1793, Nov 6 (DB 3/408) John Adams and Mary his wife to John Goodman, 198 ac on Flintstone Creek, along Bartlet Goodman’s line, part of 560 ac grant to Henry Davis
  • 1794, Dec 4 (DB 3/479) James Adams & Mary his wife to Bartlet Goodman, 49 ac. on Otter River, on a branch of Flint Stone Creek, … to Henderson’s line
  • 1795, Oct 1 (DB 3/573) Wm. Harris to Bartlett Goodman, for
  • 1798, Dec 15 (DB 4/585) Bartlett Goodman of Iredell Co., NC to John Bailey, for £50, 82 ac on waters of Flint Stone Creek.
  • 1798, Dec 15 (DB 4/586) Bartlett Goodman of Iredell Co., NC to John Goodman of Campbell Co., for £50, 142 ac on Flint Stone Creek, wit. Jno. Lynch.
  • 1800, Sept 23 (DB5/193) John Bailey and Rebeckah his wife to John Goodman, for
  • 1802, Sept 13 (DB 5/570) John Goodman and Betsy his wife to Daniel Snow, for
  • 1802, Sept 13 (DB 5/571) John Goodman and Betsy his wife to Robert Owen, for
  • 1807, Apr 13 (DB 7/562) John Goodman and Lucy his wife to Wm. Thompson, for

A 1864 Civil War map found in the Campbell County Library, just across the parking lot from the court house, shows a Goodman plantation about 2 mi. NW of the courthouse, and 1/2 the distance from the CH to Ward’s Road. Just 5 mi. WNW of the Goodman place is New London, home of Francis Thorp, who was appointed Sheriff of Campbell Co. in 1782 (DB 1/41-42).

Some Early Campbell County Marriages

  • 1788, Jul 14, Cornelius Carver to Sally Goodman, consent by Bartlett Goodman, father of the bride. Bond by Cornelius Carver and John Goodman.
  • 1786, Jun 1, Gibson Goodman to Elizabeth Crawley, consent by John Crawley. Wit. John Goodman
  • <1791, Oct 29, John Goodman to Elizabeth Howeth, performed by James Kenney, also lists bride as Howette.

Some Early Campbell County Wills

  • 1790, July (WB 1/177) The inventory of Frances Thorp is recorded, so he died some time prior. The inventory is extensive, and includes 25 slaves, 58 cattle, 8 horses, 32 sheep, 93 hogs, 39 geese, and furniture from several rooms, including two kitchens.
  • 1790, Jan 8 (WB2/10) The record of the settlement of the estate of Frances Thorp is recorded. Proceeds of estate sale were less than what was owed!


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