Goodmans of Bedford County Virginia

County Formation and Boundary History

Bedford County was formed in 1754 from the northwest part of Lunenburg and a small part of Albemarle. In 1755 the Act creating Bedford County specifies that “Lunenburg be divided, from the mouth of Falling River up the said river to the fork, thence up the fork running by John Beard’s to the head…and all that part of said Lunenburg shall be called by the name of Bedford…” [The Old Free State pg 142]. The border between Lunenburg and Albemarle was the divide between the James and Roanoke River watersheds. After Bedford was formed, this border was found to be impractical, and a line was drawn in 1756 from Flood’s Mountain (one of the “Appomattox River Mountains”) to the mouth of Stonewall Creek on the James River and all former Albemarle land southwest of that line and south of the James was added to Bedford.

New London, previously the county seat of Lunenburg, was Bedford’s first county seat. Later, Amherst was formed from the northern section of Bedford, lying between Bedford on the south, and Albemarle on the north. Then, in 1781, Campbell Co. was formed from the remaining eastern part of Bedford, including the town of New London, and the county seat was moved to Liberty, later named Bedford City. In 1786, a southwestern part of Bedford County, and northern part of Henry County, were divided to form Franklin County. Some Bedford related records before its 1754 formation may be found in earlier Goodmans and Related Families of Lunenburg County, VA

Selected Bedford County Records

According to Early Wills of Bedford Co. 1746-1766, in May 1758 Thomas Flippin, orphan of Thomas Flippin, was bound to Thomas Goodman. This is the earliest record of a Goodman in Bedford Co. that I have found, and interesting because of the later marriages of Goodman and Flippin family members of Barren / Hart Co., KY. The Flippin family is earlier found in Goochland, as are several Goodman families. Evidently, some members of the Goodman and Flippin families of Goochland migrated to KY through Bedford.

Virginia Land Grants in Bedford County

Abstracted from Library of VA Digital Collections

  • Richardson, John, 10 Sept 1760, 66 ac. both sides of Mill Creek, a branch of Goose Creek … beginning at his own old corner … along his own lines.
  • Richardson, John, and Susannah his wife, 26 Nov 1766, sell to Zachariah Neal for £15, 238 ac in Bedford Co., on branches of Elk Creek… to Walker’s corner. Susannah is named as married dau. of Ralph Fuqua, wife of John Richardson, by Ralph Fuqua will of 6 Nov 1765, proved 24 Jul 1770.) In 1816, a disputed property line entry in Court Orders mentions Elk Creek, No Business Mountain, both being a few miles NW of Lynchburg. The branches of Elk Creek are NW of Lynchburg, and flow SW until Elk Creek joins the Big Otter R., less than 3 mi. N. from its junction with the Little Otter. These references seem to place the homeplaces of the Richardsons and Neals around the main road between Bedford and Lynchburg, and about 1/2 way between the two.
  • Thorpe, Francis, 14 July 1769, 147 ac. on the head branches of Goose Creek … beginning at Crawford’s corner.
  • Fuqua, Thomas. 7 August 1770, 570 ac…. both sides of Long branch, a branch of Otter River … Fuqua’s corner .. Fuqua’s line .. Pointers in Walton’s line … along Hughs’s line … along John Fuqua’s line.
  • Thorp, Francis, 27 Aug 1770, 180 ac. both sides of Buffalo Creek … in his & Callaway’s line … to Inglis’s (?) corner … on Inglis’s line … to pointers in Austin’s line.
  • Richardson, John, 1 Aug 1772, 745 ac. … Seneca Creek … Troublesome Creek. Troublesome Creek feeds and is a section of the Big Otter River, and is due south of Lynchburg. Seneca Creek is just east of there. Its headwaters and those of Troublesome Creek are at Yellow Branch, about 5.5 miles SE of Lynchburg.
  • Thorp, Francis, and Callaway, George, 1 March 1773, 240 ac. both sides of Elliot’s branch. (From Bedford Co. Marriage Bonds at Bedford Co VA GenWeb site: Dec. 26, 1762; Francis Thorp married Elizabeth Callaway; James Callaway, Surety.)
  • Richardson, Jonathan, 7 Dec 1774, 120 ac. on both sides of Gill’s Creek. This is probably Col. Jonathan Richardson, and possibly the son of the elder John Richardson, whose wife was Susanna Fuqua. See the elder John Richardson will, 1794 in Greene Co., TN wherein he names his eldest son as Jonathan.
  • Richardson, Joseph, 15 June 1780, 300 ac. both sides of Rockcastle branch, a branch of Goose Creek … beginning at George Walton’s corner … along Walton’s line.
  • Richardson, Jonathan, 20 July, 1780, 80 ac on both sides of Gill’s Creek … on Charles Cox’s line.
  • Richardson, Jonathan, 1 Sept 1780, 430 ac. on Gill’s Creek at the mouth of Long branch … to Pate’s corner.
  • Thorp, Francis, 1 Sept 1780, 1264 ac. on north fork of Goose Creek, at Davis’s corner, in Randolph’s old line, along Davis’s line …along his own lines .. to his corner … to his & Mills’ in Randolph’s old line … along Mills’ line … to Thorp’s and Buford’s corner.
  • Thorp, Francis, 1 Sept 1780, 794 ac. assignee of John Robertson, part of patent granted to John Wainright … part of a patent granted to William Harvey … both sides of Buffalo Creek … beginning at Buford’s corner … on Joseph White lands line … on Austin’s line … on Buford’s line.
  • Thorpe, Francis, 1 Sept 1780, 620 ac. including 195 ac granted to John Harvey … also 91 ac granted to Stephen White … on both sides of Buffalo Creek … his own and Austin’s corner … on Robinson’s line …
  • Richardson, John, 1 Sept 1780, 192 ac. both sides of Ward’s Road including the head of Wainright’s grave branch … to his own corner … along his own lines.
  • Fuqua, Thomas, 1 June 1782, 120 ac. … N. fork of Otter River … on Austin’s Creek … Henderson’s line … to Otter R. down as it meanders … to the mouth of Austin’s Creek and up said creek as it meanders.
  • Richardson, Jonathan, 10 July 1784, 243 ac. on the Long branch … in George Reed’s old line.
  • Fuqua, Joseph, 29 May 1797, 120 ac., on the S. fork of Otter River … at John Fuqua’s.

Bedford County Virginia Deeds

Abstracted from various Library of VA microfilms and Bedford Co. deed books.

  • Ansel Goodman, 27 Aug 1786, from Raba (Arabia) and Elizabeth Brown, 150 ac. Grant from Augustine Leftwich to Joseph Patterson, then to George Hughes, then to Raba (Arabia) Brown, to Goodman. John Gallaway’s, Randolph’s old patent line, to Brown’s corner, along Brown’s line to the first station. Rec. 28 May 1788. Same date as next entry. Margin note: “Memo: This deed ought to have been recorded before the deed from Goodman to Maderis.”

    This was almost certainly Arabia Brown, possibly a son of Israel Brown, and Ansel and his father Robert’s close neighbor in 1758, on Flat Rock Creek, Lunenburg Co. Or, possibly a son of that Abraham/Arabia Brown. This is certainly the same Arabia Brown who testified on Ansel’s behalf in Russell Co., KY court that recorded and ruled on Ansel’s Rev. War pension application, and who knew Ansel before and after the Revolutionary War.

  • Ansel Goodman, 28 May 1788, to Henry Maderis, 56-1/4 ac., Waters of little Otter (no other locations, landmarks or boundaries mentioned), part of tract conveyed by Raba Brown, remainder of tract to Charles Caffery. Rec. 28 May 1788. (Note: The Little Otter originates N. of City of Bedford, circles east, then SE around the outskirts of Bedford, then SE until it joins the Big Otter, about 7 mi SE of Bedford city center, and about 1/2 way between Bedford and Lynchburg.

    This establishes the date after which Ansel and family removed to Stokes Co., NC, where they are recorded in the 1790 Stokes Co. US Census, but in none of the earlier Stokes Co records I have found. Also notable about the second transaction, is that Ansel and Edith apparently both personally signed their names. Another deed recorded by the same clerk, and on the same DB 8:72 page that includes the deeds mentioned above, clearly identified and differentiated “His X Mark” signatures. In Ansel’s 1832 pension application, he is indicated as using “His X Mark”.

  • The Virginia State Patent for the tract above may have been this one: Augustine Leftwich VPB 33:952 26 Sep 1760 212a Bedford both sides David’s Creek. Davids Creek no longer seems to exist, and according to one source, it is now known as Goose Creek.
  • Reynolds, Alexander &c, 1798, to Wm. Watson, 72 ac. on Big Otter River, adj. Andrew Donald &c.
  • Reynolds, Charles, 1799, 217 ac.
  • Reynolds, John and Ruth, 1799, to Gross Scruggs, 50 ac tract and 118 ac. tract.
  • Goodman, John, 1799, from John and Ruth Reynolds, 174 ac. on Sycamore Cr., near Big Island, adj. Scruggs, on main road from Liberty (later renamed to Bedford City, then simply Bedford) to Lynchburg.
  • Reynolds, John and Ruth, 1802, to Charles Reynolds, 83 ac. on branch of Otter River.

Miscellaneous Records

  • Two residents of Bedford Co., brothers Littleton Jeter and Fielding Jeter, removed from Bedford to KY in 1786. (“Our Kin“). A Fielding Jeter, b. 1804, probably son of the Fielding Jeter mentioned, married in 1824 Nancy Goodman, b. 1809 in SC, daughter of Charles Goodman (b. 1785) and Nancy King of Bedford. Charles and Nancy King Goodman removed from Bedford to Shelby Co., TN in 1828.
  • May 1758, Thomas Flippin, orphan of Thomas Flippen, bound to Thomas Goodman of Bedford. (Early Wills 1746-1766)
    This Thomas Goodman, presumably born ca 1738 or before, is unknown to me, and could be a previously unidentified son of one of the Goodmans of Hanover / Louisa County, namely: Samuel, Benjamin or Robert Goodman, all of whome were born ca 1698 to 1705.

Some Bedford Co., VA Marriages

Excerpts from Bedford Co. GenWeb site

Abstracted and provided by Edward Reynolds, also a Goodman/Reynolds researcher, who has multiple connections to our Bedford Co. VA and Barren/Hart Co. KY Reynolds and other lines. Note that several of these marriages were performed by Jeremiah Hatcher.

Rev Jeremiah Hatcher

Lula Jeter Parker’s “History of Bedford County, Virginia” talks about Jeremiah Hatcher as an early Baptist pastor. … “Jeremiah Hatcher came to Bedford from Powhatan County about 1781. Prior to that time he had been pastor of Tomahawk in Chesterfield County. After coming to Bedford he built, on his own plantation on the north fork of Otter, a house of worship, which was known as ”Hatcher’s Meeting House.” In a sketch of him in Virginia Baptist Ministers, it is stated that the ”Otter Church” was built up principally under his ministry, and enjoyed his indefatigable labors without fee or reward until the time of his death” (1804….”

Some Goodman Marriage Bonds in Bedford

  • Nov. 18, 1788; Matthias Reynolds & Martha Goodman; Chas. Reynolds Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Nov. 19, 1788. (Matthias Reynolds and Amos I. Goodman appear as close neighbors in 1810 census of Barren Co., KY., and Matthias and Martha Reynolds and Goodman families were early members of Green River Baptist Church of Barren Co. Other Reynolds / Goodman connections.)
  • Feb. 11, 1789; David Goodman & Nancy Deal, dau. of Sarah Parker; Thomas Phillips, Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Feb. 16, 1789.
  • Jun. 30, 1794; Matthias Cane & Rhody Goodman, dau. of Bartlett who gives his permission; John Goodman, Surety. (This Bartlett, b. ca 1770, is probably a son of the Bartlett/Bartellot Goodman who was a Fr. & Indian War soldier, and was granted lands in Louisa Co.).
  • Feb. 24, 1796; Robert Goodman & Ann(a) Neal, dau. of Zephaniah, permission of her father; John Goodman, Surety. See Neal Family, below.
  • James Blackwell GOODMAN [1795-1881] married Nancy PADGETT [1802-1859] in 1822. This name establishes a definite connection with the earlier Blackwells and Goodmans of Hanover Co., VA. See also: Lunenburg Co., VA page, Blackwell and Goodwyn (sic: Goodman) Wills.

Some Reynolds Marriage Bonds in Bedford

  • Nov. 18, 1788; Matthias Reynolds & Martha Goodman; Chas. Reynolds, Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Nov. 19, 1788. See above. Matthias and Martha Goodman Reynolds removed to Barren Co., KY ca. 1800, where Matthias became a deacon of the Green River Baptist Church.
  • Dec. 22, 1788; George Wigginton & Sisley (Cecilia) Reynolds; Joseph Drury, Surety. Joseph Drury was married to Sybil “Sibby” Wigginton.
  • Dec. 29, 1790; Alexander Reynolds & Jemima Bright, dau. of Charles, Sr.; Charles Bright, Jr., Surety; Married by William Dameron, Dec. 30, 1790.
  • Oct. 15, 1791; John Thorp & Ruth Rennols (Reynolds), dau. of Charles; David Thorp, Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Oct. 26, 1791.
  • May 1, 1795; Nathaniel Reynolds & Elizabeth Ann Bowyer; Adam Bowyer, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, May 5, 1795.
  • Mar. 13, 1797; James Page, s William & Frances Reynolds; William Stewart, Surety; Consent of Charles Reynolds; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, March 16, 1797.
  • Nov. 24, 1798; Obediah Reynolds & Polley Peatross; James Peatross, Surety; Married by Isham Fuqua, Nov. 27, 1798.
  • Dec. 18, 1799; Charles Reynolds & Nancey Palmer, dau. of Benjamin; Jesse Lockett, Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Dec. 26, 1799.
  • Mar. 14, 1800; John Reynolds & Nancey Milam, dau. of Zachariah; Jesse Bradley, Surety; Married by Isham Fuqua, March 18, 1800.
  • Jul. 30, 1802; Joseph Fuqua & Martha Reynolds, dau. of Jesse; Edward Reynolds, Surety. See following.
  • Nov. 15, 1806; Edward Reynolds & Celia Fuqua, dau. of Nancy; William Fuqua, Surety. (These are the parents of Mary B. Reynolds, later wife of Socrates Goodman). The will of John Fuqua, (Be WB 2:184-186) names wife Ann, Joseph Fuqua, Senr. as Executor, probably a brother, daughter Edy, wife of Moses Milam, sons William, Joseph, Ralph, John, daughters Elizabeth, Magdalen, Ann, Celey (Celia). Wit. Henry Jeter, Bettey (Bethea?) Jeter, John Bondurant.

Some Richardson Marriage Bonds in Bedford

  • Aug. 29, 1780; James Richardson & Margaret Caldwell, dau. of George; John Richardson, Surety.
  • Nov. 26, 1787; Anderson Melton & Nancy Richardson; Joseph Richardson, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, Dec. 4, 1787.
  • Feb. 18, 1793; John Richardson & Nancy Martin; Charles Cooper, Surety; Consent of Thomas and Rachel Martin.
  • May 9, 1798; John Richardson & Mary Williamson; Stephen McPherson, Surety; Consent of John Williamson, Sr.; Married by Joseph Drury, May 10, 1799.
  • May 9, 1798; James Newman & Sarah Richardson, dau. of Joseph; John Richardson, Surety; Married by Joseph Drury, May 10, 1798.

Some Callaway Marriage Bonds in Bedford

  • Nov. 24, 1756; James Callaway & Sarah Tate; Ben Howard, Surety.
  • Mar. 29, 1758; John Callaway & Tabitha Tate; James Callaway, Surety.
  • Dec. 26, 1762; Francis Thorp & Elizabeth Callaway; James Callaway, Surety.
  • Sep. 9, 1766; Thomas Barnes & Elizabeth Callaway, dau. of James; John Talbot, Surety.
  • Nov. 6, 1767; Charles Gwatkins & Mary Callaway; Richard Callaway, Surety.

Some Other Related Marriages in Bedford Co. Before 1800

  • Aug 26, 1779; Rowland Horsley & Nancy Talbot.

Terrell Family

The Lewis and Terrell/Terrill families also intermarried with the descendants of Charles Goodman of Albemarle Co., VA. Bedford Co. was formed in 1753.

David Terrell of Louisa Co. and wife Sarah purchased 250 ac. in Bedford Co. 6 Feb 1779. This was apparently only a part of his holdings, as he sold 345 ac. to Edward Terrell 24 Apr 1780, and 55 ac. to James Reid on the same date. Harry Terrell witnessed both transactions. Harry Terrell owned 400 ac. on the Licking Creek in Bedford, deed recorded in 1779. Harry Terrill was a Major, and Peter Terrill was a Capt. in the Bedford Co. Rev. War militia, along with Col. Jonathan Richardson, Ansel Goodman, John Goodman, John Lowry, Henry Lowry, Jesse Reynolds, Alexander Reynolds, Samuel Fielding, and 2nd Lt. Moses Fuqua.

Neal Family

Zephaniah Neal, Robert and Ann Goodman, and other Neal family members all resided later in Wilson Co., TN. See also land transactions above, Nov 1776 sale by John & Susannah Richardson to Zachariah Neal. Zachariah Neal was the father of Zephaniah Neal’s wife, Elizabeth Neal, and brother of Zephaniah Neal’s father, Daniel Neal. This Robert Goodman, b. February 27, 1775, was a son of the John Goodman who d. 1790 in Green Co., TN. Robert and his brother Amos were placed in the care of this John Richardson, or his son, Jonathan. Robert Goodman, his brother John (or James) Goodman, and their father removed from Greene Co., TN, to Wilson Co., TN about 1791/2. The elder John Richardson d. before 18 Aug 1794 in Greene Co., TN, where his will is recorded, and names wife Susannah. Robert Goodman may have returned from Wilson Co., TN to Bedford Co., possibly with his father John Goodman, and/or his older brother, also John Goodman, to marry Ann Neal.


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