Wilson County TN Goodmans

The following text is as I received it from Bob Carver, except for some formatting cleanup, and a few notes of my own, identifiable as: [RG: ]:

The Goodman Families of Tennessee

When I first started to research the GOODMAN FAMILY, I learned quickly that there was very little information on it in the hands or memories of the older living generation of relatives.  Aunt Mattie Carver Hibbett was of some help, but when I visited a cousin, Bennie B. Goodman, my reaction to his response was dismay. I asked him what the first name of his grandfather was and his reply was "I don't know. We always called him Pa." Even when I suggested that it might have been "Stephen" (and it was), he just shrugged and said, "Never heard that.
Might have been."

As our GOODMAN FAMILY lived close to the line separating Davidson and Wilson Counties, it is probable that members of the family can be located in both places in the earliest records.

Captain WILLIAM GOODMAN received Warrant #297 from Major Mountflorence for 3840 acres. There is a note on the back side of this paper which says "the within men-tioned warrants was received and came to hand about 20 December 1783 with location inclosed. Signed Martin Armstrong, Sr. [DCT, W&I, Book 1, p. 99]. [RG: Capt. William Goodman was killed in battle during the Rev. War, at Eutaw Springs in SC. A Chloe Goodman was one of his heirs, as well as Jacob Goodman, as further described following.]

Some of the history of Capt. Goodman is found in the deposition of Jacob Sitgraves (sic), for 640 acres. This was dated August 14, 1785, "Murry Co. TN". It states that "Jacob Segraves, Sr., of lawful age,…deposed that he enlisted in the N.C.Cont. Line when he was about 16, and was enlisted by a man named Rush or Bush at Harrisburg in Granville Co., and was returned to CAPT. GOODMAN's Co., then marched towards Charleston, S.C., and on the way was engaged in battle at Utaw Springs, where CAPT. GOODMAN was killed with many of his men, among whom were Thomas Sanders and Hutson Ray, who he knew very well…." [Whitley, TENNESSEE GENEALOGICAL RECORDS, p. 80]

JACOB GOODMAN of Camden County, NC, sold William Lurry, Jr., of the same county, "all his lands that were due him as heir of Captain WILLIAM GOODMAN, deceased, as a Continental Officer. I also appoint William Lurry, Jr., my attorney to receive from the United States all lands due me as an heir of my brother, Captain WILLIAM GOODMAN, deceased, as an officer in the Service of the United States in last war." This was dated June 1, 1798. [Ibid., p. 260]. [RG: This Jacob Goodman is probably the same one who later settled in Barren/Monroe County KY and had many descendants in that county.]

CLAIBORN GOODMAN of Laurens County, SC, "appointed my friend Sampson Williams of Smith County, TN, my attorney, to receive all that is due to me or detained from me by ways or means whatsoever by John Hazlet, late of South Carolina, and now of Tennessee, Sumner County, for recovery of a negro boy or man named Dick which was left me by my brother, WILLIAM GOODMAN, deceased." This entry was dated August 30, 1802, and recorded in Davidson County, TN, on December 4, 1804. ['Ibid., Book 2, p. 390].
[RG: Claiborne Goodman was a son of Benjamin Goodman and Maria Williams,
previously of Hanover/Louisa County VA, Granville County NC, and lastly in
Laurens County SC.]

HENRY GOODMAN of Davidson County, TN, mortgaged to John Cockrill of the same county, "property of several horses, and other items. March 27, 1806. Witnessed by William Blount Robertson." [Ibid., Book 3, p. 87]

In the report of a supplementary inventory of the estate of Jesse Mullens, deceased, there is a judgment against HENRY GOODMAN for $12.50 listed. [Ibid., April Term, 1807, p. 162]

In the inventory of the sale of the estate of Arthur Edwards, deceased, there are notes on GOODMAN, GLEAVES, Jaburns, John Castleman, Joseph Cook, and others. [Ibid., January Term, 1808, p. 200]

Both CLBORN (sic) GOODMAN and Thomas CLEMENTS were purchasers of items at the estate sale of Simon McLendon, deceased. [Ibid., Book 4, December 14, 1809, p. 77]

There was a MICHAEL GOODMAN who was listed on the list of Captain Kincade's Company, Davidson County, TN, in 1812. [ Whitley, PIONEERS OF DAVIDSON CO., TN, p.14] JOHN GOODMAN was on Captain Mullen's Militia Company list [Ibid., p. 20] and a second JOHN GOODMAN was on Captain Campbell's list. [Ibid., p. 31.]

HENRY GOODMAN was one of the persons whose note was payable at Nashville Bank as a debt to the estate of John Dickinson, deceased [Ibid., August 25, 1813, p. 367]

CLAIBORNE GOODMAN was in Davidson County by August 8, 1816, when he purchased items at the estate sale of James Hamilton, deceased. [DCT, W&I, Book 7, p. 46]

In the will of William Davis of Davidson County, TN, dated March 24, 1820, and proved September 1, 1820, he mentions his wife, Mrs. Sarah Davis; daughter, Mrs. Anne Bass; daughter, Mrs. Abram Wright; Mrs. Giles Harding; and Mrs. John Goodman. He appointed his wife sole executrix of his will. Witnesses were Ephraim H. Foster, John S. Topp, and William L. Willis. [Ibid., p. 434.]

Among the Davidson County Marriage Bonds are the following:

  • Ellen Davis to Abraham Wright, solemnized by William Hume, VDM, August 1, 1816.
  • Ann Davis to Kinchen C. Bass, September 7, 1813.
  • Charlotte Davis to Giles Harding, September 30, 1812. [His first wife, Martha Donelly, whom he married January 31, 1804, died in the interim.]

Unfortunately, the bond for the Davis daughter and JOHN GOODMAN is not listed.

A WILLIAM GOODMAN was a purchaser at the estate sale of Elisha Brewer, deceased, on November 14, 1823. [Ibid., Book 8, p. 310]

JOHN GOODMAN paid a debt to the estate of Robert P. McFarland, deceased, as noted in the settlement of that estate, dated June 3, 1824. [Ibid., p. 321]

There is a confusing entry in the settlement reported for Jesse Jackson's orphans. The abstract reads: "Elizabeth Jackson to Obediah Jackson, her guardian; W. B. GOODMAN; Martha Jackson to Obediah Jackson, her guardian; Joana (Josina) Jackson to Obediah Jackson, her guardian, heirs of Jesse Jackson, deceased: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, and Josina. Signed by William Saunders and Francis Saunders, Commissioners." [Ibid., p. 334]. Apparently, a part of the entry was deleted. It most probably should have read: "Elizabeth Jackson to Obediah Jackson, her guardian; Mary Jackson to W.B. Goodman, her guardian".

In the settlement and division of the estate of Jonas Menifee, deceased, William W. Goodman was one of the vouchers listed in the report dated July 2, 1824. [Ibid., p. 400]

All that is certain of the earliest GOODMANS in Davidson County is that there were three brothers: Captain WILLIAM GOODMAN, JACOB GOODMAN who lived in Camden County, NC, CLAIBORNE GOODMAN of Laurens Co., SC, and later Davidson County, TN. More will be said of the last named later.

[RG: Bob's assertion above is now known to be incorrect. As I noted before, and as Bob also cited, Capt. William Goodman died in 1781 at Eutaw Springs battle. Jacob Goodman was his brother's heir, but Jacob never lived in Davidson County, as he sold his inheritance to William Lurry, Jr., and used the proceeds, as well as his own probable Rev. War grant, to purchase lands in Barren/Monroe County, KY. Claiborne Goodman was very probably related to Robert Goodman Sr., but possibly a 2nd or 3rd cousin, at best.]

There were the following marriage bonds recorded in early Davidson County, TN:

  • Lidia Goodman to Peter Bainbridge, May 11, 1806.
  • Thomas Goodman to Elvira S. Compton, December 30, 1845.
  • Albert G. Goodman to Lydia Ann Fitzhugh, October 14, 1846.

There was only one marriage bond found in the early 19th century recorded in Sumner Co., TN:

  • Jesse Goodman to Elizabeth Epperson, October 29, 1838, Ananias Epperson, bondsman

A JOHN GOODMAN was one of the witnesses to the will of Peggy Carothers of Sumner County, TN, on April 21, 1814. [Whitley, SUMNER COUNTY, TENNESSEE, Abstracts of Will Books 1 and 2 (1788-1842), p. 20.]. This could have been either this JOHN J., or the JOHN who was son-in-law of William Davis of Davidson County.

In Rutherford County, TN, there were these marriage bonds:

  • Amanda M. Goodman to William B. Vaughter, December 30, 1846.
  • Bettie Goodman to James Gooch, November 7, 1871.
  • Cynthia Goodman to Daniel Dunn, December 23, 1869.
  • David Goodman to Caroline Ellis, October 1, 1867.
  • Edmund Goodman to Elizabeth Neal, November 1, 1827, William Vaughter, bondsman
  • Edmund Goodman to Amanda Neal, March 8, 1843.
  • Eliza Goodman to Monroe Sutherds, October 13, 1866.
  • Emily G. Goodman to Mosbey Davis, January 15, 1867.
  • H.L. Goodman (female) to N.G. Kimbro, January 15, 1861.
  • Jack Goodman to Edith Gooch, October 1, 1866.
  • Jethro Goodman to Mary Good, June 8, 1839.
  • John Goodman to Mary Louisa Davis, September 5, 1842.
  • Kitty Goodman to George Hibbett, December 24, 1868.
  • Liddie A. Goodman to Frederick Herron, August 14, 1858.
  • M.J. Goodman to J.H. May, December 16, 1868.
  • Margaret Goodman to H.H. Carter, February 22, 1860.
  • Malinda Goodman to Henry Hoover, October 6, 1869.
  • Miss S. J. Goodman to W. M. Cutchen, November 15, 1870.
  • Samuel H. Goodman to Amanda H. Speer, September 14, 1857.
  • Sarah A. Goodman to Nicholas S. Haynes, October 22, 1849.
  • Thomas H. Goodman to Martha A. Oliphant, October 26, 1841.
  • William Goodman was bondsman for William Steger to Mary Neel, March 8, 1834
  • William Goodman to Mary F. Hill, November 30, 1836, Edmund Goodman, bondsman
  • William A. Goodman to Laura Allen Charlton, December 21, 1871.
  • William B. Goodman to Sarah W. Carter, March 22, 1824.

The marriage bonds in Wilson County will be included later.

There is an intriguing entry in the abstracted records of East Tennessee's
Greene County:

"GOODMAN, JOHN – August, 1790, ROBERT and AMOS Goodman, children of JOHN Goodman, were ordered committed to the care of John Richardson until further orders. STEPHEN and SARAH and RACHEL Goodman were committed to the care of Joseph Richardson." [from the Greene County Court Minutes, in Fischer, TENNESSEE TIDBITS, 1778-1914, Vol. I, p. 146.] Greene County was created in 1785 as part of North Carolina and is adjacent to that state's boundary line. The names, Robert, Amos and Stephen are all first names of Wilson County Goodmans in the early 1800s.

[RG: The Robert Goodman mentioned is Robert Goodman Sr., of Wilson County, of more following. The Amos and Stephen Goodman named both remained in E. TN until about 1804/5, when they removed to Barren/Hart County KY. Sarah (Jane) Goodman married Obediah Richardson in Greene County TN, and shortly before/after his death, she also removed to Barren/Hart County KY, where she married 2nd to Matthew Harper. The Joseph Richardsopn mentioned married Susannah Goodman, elder sister of the other Goodmans named, on July 1 1790, also in Greene County, TN, so Sarah and Rachel Goodman were actually placed in the care of their elder sister and her new husband.]

In the Blount Co., TN marriage bonds, AMOS GOODMAN married Sarah Conway, August 30, 1801, with Thomas Conway, bondsman. [Allen, TENNESSEE SOLDIERS IN THE REVOLUTION, p. 58] [RG: My ancestor, Amos I. Goodman, the same as mentioned in the 1790 Greene County Court citation. Sarah Conway was his 1st wife.]

HENRY GOODMAN applied for a pension while living in Anderson Co., TN, on August 28, 1832. He was born December 18, 1758, in Georgetown District of South Carolina. When he enlisted in the SC Troops during the Revolution, he was residing in Cheraw, SC. He was taken prisoner by the British at the siege of Charleston. Paroled, he went home until the following summer when he was recalled to serve under Col. Abel Culp. He was at the Battle of Eutaw Springs where CAPTAIN WILLIAM GOODMAN was killed (see above). In 1780, he married Catherine Smithhart and died June 11, 1833. She died September 30, 1836. In 1852, three of their children were still alive: Esther Massengale, Catherine Stout, and John L. Goodman, who was 54 years old. [Armstrong, TENNESSEE HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION, II, p. 45]

There is likewise an interesting record from early Rutherford County, TN. The abstract reads "GOODMAN, GEORGE – Died before 15 October 1816 when Nicholas Woodfin and Townsend Fugett were released as security for Jane Fugett, formerly Jane Goodman, as executor of the last will and testament of George GOODMAN. Thomas Smith became her new security. [Rutherford County Court Minutes, Book K, page 32, as printed in [Ibid.]

The warrant issued to John Dean, private in the NC Continental Line, January 5, 1808, was transferred on November 30, 1808, by his brother and heir at law, William Dean, to ROBERT W. GOODMAN of Raleigh, NC. [Whitley, TENNESSEE GENEALOGICAL RECORDS, p. 23.]

Warrant No. 653 for 375 acres was issued to SAMUEL GOODMAN, corporal, for his service in the NC Continental Line, November 18, 1820. [Ibid., p. 35]

The Goodmans of Wilson County, TN

The first member of our GOODMAN FAMILY to appear in the records of Wilson Co., TN, was ROBERT GOODMAN. According to the family Bible, he was born February 27, 1775. He was listed in the 1850 census as being 75 years old and is not in the 1860. Living with him in 1850 was his wife, RHODA GOODMAN, who was born about 1787. She was his second wife. DOCTOR GOODMAN (it is not known why he was so called) married RHODA LANDRUM in Wilson County, TN, on September 10, 1839, The family Bible clarifies this issue for us, as ROBERT's first wife is not named, but their marriage date is given as being February 27, 1795, and her death date as March 10, 1825. [GOODMAN FAMILY BIBLE, in possession of Mrs. Novella Bond Jackson, Sharon, TN.]

The 1820 Census of Wilson County, TN, shows that there were four heads of households named GOODMAN: Boswell, Claibourne, Edward, and Robin. The first and third were listed close together, and the second and fourth not too far apart, but definitely closer to each other than to the other two. EDWARD was probably EDMUND. BOSWELL GOODMAN married Mary Bumpass, August 30, 1817, in Wilson County, with Robert Smith, bondsman. He disappears from the records after the 1820 census.

The CLAIBOURNE GOODMAN is the same man who appears first as a resident of Laurens County, SC, one of the brothers of the deceased CAPTAIN WILLIAM GOODMAN of the North Carolina Continental Line of the Revolutionary War.

The ROBIN GOODMAN of 1820 was the ROBERT GOODMAN of the 1830 census, and one of the several who show up ten years later in the 1840 census.

By 1830 and 1840, there were these GOODMAN households:

[1830-page 120, entry 7]        
[1840 – part I, page 9, entry 16]

Claibourn(e) Goodman  – 60-70  
Clay Goodman – 70-80
female   – 60-70       
female  – 70-80
male     – 30-40       
female  – 70-80
male     – 30-40       
male    – 
male     – 20-30
– 20-30
he owned 10 slaves

[1830 – page 68, entry 18]     
[1840 – part I, page 2, entry 25]

Robert Goodman – 50-60          Robert Goodman – 60-70

female      –
50-60               female   
– 50-60
– 30-40              
male      – 15-20
– 15-20
– 15-20        
   – 10-15
– 10-15          [1840 – part
II, page 3, entry 11]  

–  5-10           

Robert Goodman – 50-60

–  5-10
                 female – 30-40

–  under 5              
male   – 20-30

he had slaves                       

[1840, part I, page 2]         
[1840, part II, page 3, entry 29]
Levina Goodman – 20-30         
Robert Goodman – 30-40
          male – under 5        female         – 40-50
          male – under 5        male          
– 15-20
– 15-20
male           – 10-15                          

  male           – 10-15
                                female         – 5-10
– under 5
male           –
under 5

Our ancestor, STEPHEN, son of ROBERT GOODMAN, SR., also appears for the first
time as head of a household in 1840:

[part II, page 4, entry 7]

Stephen Goodman – 20-30 
– 20-30  
male   – under 5 
– under 5 
           female – under 5

Of the above, we can definitely state that the Claibourn(e) of 1820 and 1830 was the Clay Goodman of 1840.

The first land record was dated May 25, 1816?, and it was the deed from Robert Hamilton to ROBERT GOODMAN for a tract of land on Suggs' Creek. [Deed Book F, p. 234]

EDMUND GOODMAN obtained 103 acres on Smith's Fork from Robert Bumpass, November 27, 1822. [Deed Book I, p. 377]  He sold this tract of land to Manson Lester on March 11, 1834. [Deed Book P, p. 288].

EDMUND GOODMAN married twice, both times in neighboring Rutherford County, TN. His first wife was Elizabeth Neal, whom he married November 1, 1827, William Vaughter, bondsman; and his second was her sister, Amanda Neal, March 8, 1843. EDMOND (sic) H. GOODMAN made his will April 26, 1839, and it was recorded December 12, 1839, in Wilson County. [W&I, 1837-1839, p. 611]. He names his niece, Nancy Walton; and appoints John Lester and William Word as executors. Witnessing the will were John Cock and David Jones, Jr.

CLAIBORNE GOODMAN was born February 11, 1769 and died June 16, 1850. He married Sarah H. (surname not known), who was died February 14, 1848, aged 80. They are buried in Mt. Juliet Cemetery. A deed dated June 25, 1831 implies that CLAIBORNE GOODMAN originally settled in Davidson County, as he sold one acre there to Samuel Booth on that date. [Deed Book N, p. 437] He sold 200 acres in Wilson County to M. F. Medlin on November 7, 1850. [Deed Book Y, p. 86f]. He made his will August 16, 1848, and it was recorded in Wilson County, November 17, 1850. [W&I, 1848-1863, p. 269]. He names his grandson, Burrell P. Perry; his granddaughter, Maria Eskridge; and the following persons, whose relationship to him is not stated in the will: Rhoda W. Perry; John James Goodman; Benjamin L. Goodman; Samuel A. Goodman; and the heirs of William B. Goodman. He appointed James Hamilton as executor. Witnesses were W.H. Dobson and John M. Bland.

CLAIBOURNE and SARAH GOODMAN had the following children:

  1. Rhoda W. Goodman who married Turner Perry, March 17, 1817, with William Goodman, bondsman, and solemnized by Jacob Browning, MG, WCT. They do not appear in any land transactions in Wilson County.

    They had at least the one son mentioned in the will:

    1. Burrell P. Perry, b. February 6, 1821 and d. May 13, 1851, whose name was apparently Burrell Turner Perry, Jr., and not "P" as a middle initial, as his marriage bond in Davidson County, TN, says Burrell, Jr.

      He married Elizabeth T. Gleaves, June 4 (27), 1833, by John Hall, JP. [see GLEAVES FAMILY for her]. Rhoda, Turner, Burrell and Esther Perry (1767-1855) are all buried in Mt. Juliet Cemetery.

  2. John James Goodman who married Sarah W. Smith.

    JOHN J. GOODMAN, bought 80 acres of land in WCT from Charles R. Puckett, October 22, 1831. [WCT, Deed Book O, p. 66]. He sold this 80 acres to N.G. Carter, October 14, 1833, [Ibid., Book P, p. 347]. Nathaniel G. Carter married Keseah (sic: Kiziah) H. Johnson, January 11, 1816, in Wilson County, by James Foster, JP, and Elijah Brien was their bondsman. Among the Carter children was a daughter, Sarah C. Carter, who married WILLIAM A. (H.) EAST [see EAST FAMILY.]

    JOHN J. GOODMAN and his wife, SARAH W., sold all their interest in the estate of George Smith, deceased, to William D. Smith, October 10, 1837. [Ibid., Book S, p. 480]  This deed confirms that JOHN JAMES GOODMAN married SARAH W. SMITH, a daughter of George Smith.

  3. Benjamin L. Goodman
  4. Samuel A. Goodman
  5. William B. Goodman, who married Sarah W. Carter, March 22, 1824, Rutherford Co. and died before his father made his will. One of these children may have been the granddaughter:
    1. Maria Goodman, who married Richard Eskridge, September 10, 1834, in WCT, with G.W. Hill, bondsman

Robert Goodman Sr.

ROBERT GOODMAN, SR., born as stated above on February 5, 1775, could have been [RG: Certainly was!] the ROBERT mentioned in the Greene County record, as he would have been only 14-15 years of age, and therefore in need of a guardian. As he had a son named JOHN, and STEPHEN, his son, named his eldest son, JOHN, this is a real possibility, which needs further study in the Greene Co., TN records.

ROBERT married (1) February 27, 1795, and this wife (name not recovered yet) died March 10, 1825. Her name could have been Sarah or Ann, or Sarah Ann, as the second daughter of Stephen is so named. The eldest is named for Elizabeth Clemmons, her maternal grandmother. Why ROBERT waited 14 years to remarry is not known. He married (2) Rhoda Landrum, who was born about 1787, on September 10, 1839. She might have been a widow at the time with children of her own, as the census entries could indicate.

The first land record for him was dated May 25, 1816?, and it was the deed from Robert Hamilton to ROBERT GOODMAN for a tract of land on Suggs' Creek. [Deed Book F, p. 234]  On January 24, 1835, JONAS SWINGLEY sold ROBERT GOODMAN 15 acres on Barton's Creek. Six months later, he sold this tract to James Somers on June 23. 1835. [WCT, Deed Book Q, p. 110f]

Interestingly, SWINGLEY was the great-grandfather of TALLEY GUILL CARVER who married RANIE CATHERINE GOODMAN, the great-granddaughter of ROBERT GOODMAN.

On November 12, 1847, William Spicer and his wife, Cresep, (sic) sold ROBERT GOODMAN 36 acres near Little Cedar Lick. [Ibid., Book W, p. 474f] William Earnest sold him another 50 acres on Suggs' Creek, September 30, 1851. [Ibid, Book Y, p. 579] He sold Elizabeth Lannum 25 acres on Suggs Creek, May 16, 1853 [Ibid., Book Z, p. 278f] and18 acres to Barney Tipton in the 1st Civil District on June 8, 1849. [Ibid., p. 307]

ROBERT GOODMAN was bondsman for Charles Golston and Elizabeth Neel (RG: sic: Neal), August 12, 1812, WCT.

ROBERT GOODMAN, SR., made his will January 19, 1858, and it was recorded March 14, 1859. [W&I, 1858-1863, p. 62f] He names his wife, Rhoda Goodman, who was to receive his land in the 24th Civil District; and others mentioned were the heirs of Albert Goodman and heirs of Robert Goodman, Jr., "the names of whom I have forgotten". He appointed James Thompson his executor. Witnesses were Charles Turner Hewgley and J. W. Hardy [see HEWGLEY FAMILY for these two men].

By his first wife, ROBERT GOODMAN, SR., had the following children:

  1. Albert Goodman who married Loury Ragsdale, October 1, 1829, WCT, by William M. Swain, JP, Caleb M. Swain, bondsman.
  2. Robert Goodman, Jr.

    He married 1st to Martha Richardson in Wilson County, TN, February 20, 1820, with his father, ROBERT, SR., as bondsman, and Thomas S. Green, JP, performing the ceremony. In the above Greene County, TN, record, the guardians appointed for the children of JOHN GOODMAN, to wit: Robert, Amos, Stephen, Sarah and Rachel Goodman, were John and Joseph Richardson. Here thirty years later a Richardson marries a Goodman!

    ROBERT GOODMAN, JR., was dead by August 26, 1845, when an estate sale occurred.

    The inventory and account of sales of the property of "ROBERT D. GOODMAN, deceased" was reported to the County Court and recorded, October 8, 1845. Individuals who purchased items were: Martha Goodman, widow; Abner G. Lain; John Goodman; Elizabeth Goodman; Amos B. Goodman; Henry A. Baird; John J. Somers; Clinton Baird; Thornton Lane; Samuel Shannon; Stephen Goodman; William Goodman; William B. Gholston, John J. Goodman; James Baird; Zara Haralson; Edmond Crawford; Wiley Eskew; James B. Comer; William B. Carraway; Gilleon (Gideon?) Smart; William Eskew; Alfred Eskew; James B. Spinks; George B. Hanks; Lewis W. McCartney; William Graves; David Lane; and the estate included notes held against: Richard Ozment; Alfred Askew; Stephen Goodman; and James B. Comer. [W&I, 1843-1848, p. 206]

    ROBERT GOODMAN, JR. and MARTHA RICHARDSON had the following children:

    1. Amos B. Goodman, who married Nancy Ann Lanham, July 27, 1853, WCT, by Rev. Jordan Chandler
    2. William Carroll Goodman, who married Lavina Summers, May 22, 1853, WCT, by J.F. Hooker, JP
    3. Mary Elizabeth Goodman, who married Stephen Lanham, July 16, 1854, WCT, by D.B. Moore, MG
  3. Stephen Goodman born February 16, 1813, married MALINDA CLEMMONS on February 22, 1835, WCT, by James Somers, JP, with J.C. Bennett, bondsman. 

    MALINDA was the daughter of JEPTHA CLEMMONS, SR., and his wife, ELIZABETH [see CLEMMONS FAMILY].

    Peggy Shannon, Stephen Goodman and Malinda his wife, and Polly Caroline Clemmons, the heirs of Jeptha Clemmons, deceased, to Jeptha Clemmons 120 acres in the 22nd Civil District. [Deed Book U, October 21, 1843, p. 440]

    STEPHEN GOODMAN, 35, and his wife, MALINDA, 40, were living in the 24th Civil District in 1850, household 185, next to ROBERT GOODMAN,, 75, and RHODA, 63, and JESSE GOODMAN, age 26. Living with STEPHEN and MALINDA were: John Goodman, 14; Jeptha Goodman, 12; Elizabeth Goodman, 10; Sarah Goodman, 7; Harvey Goodman, 6; William Goodman, 5; Frances Goodman, 2.

    According to the family Bible, STEPHEN and MALINDA CLEMMONS GOODMAN had the following children:

    1. John Calvin Goodman (b. November 6, 1836)(d. 1859), married Mary Jane Bridges, September 7, 1858, WCT, by William L. Young, JP They had no children. [Young was married to NANCY HEWGLEY]
    2. Jeptha Goodman (b. May 4, 1838)
    3. Elizabeth Clemmons Goodman: born July 19, 1840, and died September 26, 1861. She married James L. Wright, October 12, 1858, WCT. He was a son of HOLLIS WRIGHT and ELIZABETH LIGON [see WRIGHT FAMILY]. They are buried in the Hollis Wright Cemetery and had one child, who died as an infant, and is also buried there:
      1. Elvira Elizabeth Wright (d. January 9, 1861)
    4. Sally Ann (RG: aka Sarah in the 1850 census] Goodman: born September 25, 1842, and married Alex Bond on August 15, 1867. They had three daughters:
      1. Frances Novella Bond (b. August 10, 1869) who married R.H. Jackson
      2. Malinda Margaret Bond (b. September 17, 1872)
      3. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Bond (b. October 24, 1875)
    5. Harvey Goodman (b. October 6, 1844)
    6. William Stephen Goodman born August 25, 1846 and died August 30, 1915. He married Martha Lane (b. August 21, 1851)(d. February 8, 1937) and they are buried in the Hollis Wright Cemetery. They had eleven children:
      1. Ellie Goodman
      2. William Mose Goodman (1870-1953) married Minnie Lane (1877-1920) They did have children.
      3. Robert Lafayette Goodman (1876-1963) married Emma Fuqua (1877-1946). They had two daughters:
        1. Ruby Goodman (d. March 17, 1976) married Mr.Neely
          1. Searcy E. Neely (b. November 17, 1894) (d. October 1, 1948)
        2. Daughter Goodman (name unknown?)
        3. Benjamin H. Goodman who married Provie and they had children
      4. Batey Goodman, who married Carrie
      5. Delbert Goodman, married Laura and they had:
        1. Bessie Goodman
        2. Addie Goodman
        3. Gladys Goodman who married a Mr. Vantrease and they had four children:
          1. Louise Vantrease who married a Mr. Draper
          2. Jeannette Vantrease who married a Mr. Bright
          3. Robert C. Vantrease
          4. Howard K. Vantrease
        4. H.C. Goodman
        5. M. H. Goodman
      6. Green Goodman, married Augusta and they had children
      7. Aggie Goodman
      8. Nora Myrtle Goodman (1888-1972) married Hugh Delbert Telford (1887-1956) and they had children
      9. Mollie Goodman, who married Martin Cherry Pomeroy (1874-1929)
      10. Fannie Goodman
      11. Walter H. Goodman married Etta Hale and they had at least three children:
        1. Everett H. Goodman who married Minnie Mae Ammons, and they had at least one son:
          1. Howard Eugene Goodman, who married Elizabeth Doss and they had two daughters:
            1. Carol Lynn Goodman
            2. Rose Ann Goodman
        2. Bennie B. Goodman who married Amanda Lee Dies and they had at least one son:
          1. Bennie B. Goodman, Jr., married Katherine Ann Smith, and they had two children:
          1. Sandra Kay Goodman
          2. Barry Goodman
        3. Naomi Goodman who married Grover Redman and had a son: Ray Redman:
    7. Frances J. Goodman (b. July 6, 1848)
    8. Robert Jackson Goodman born January 7,. 1850 and died February, 1915. He married twice: (1) Permelia ("Polly") Caroline Crudup, daughter of Josiah Crudup IV and his wife, Louisa Jane Wright [see CRUDUP and WRIGHT FAMILIES]. After her death, he married Eva Gleaves.
      He had three daughters by his first wife:

      1. Dovie Ann Goodman (1868-1950) married A. A. Tobe Shreeve (1865-1946) and they had seven children:
        1. Robert Claude Shreeve (1886-1925)
        2. Clifton Shreeve
        3. Lila Shreeve (b. March 22, 1890)(d. February 10, 1925) who married Samuel Hershel Carver (b. October 30, 1889)(d. October 14, 1970). They had children. [see CARVER FAMILY]
        4. Lillian Shreeve
        5. Sudie Shreeve, who married James Allison Wood and had one son:
          1. James Allison Wood
        6. Daisy Shreeve (b. January 19, 1898)(d. May 1, 1917) who married Rumsey Parrish
        7. Eleanor Shreeve
      2. Lena Goodman (b. 1869) married Bascomb Lane. They had one son:
        1. Leslie Lane, who married Johnnie Castleman and they had three children:
          1. Richard Lane
          2. James Lane
          3. Jeanne Lane
      3. Ranie Catherine Goodman (b. January 19, 1880)(d. February 12, 1920) married TALLEY GUILL CARVER
        [see CARVER FAMILY for their descendants]

Other GOODMAN marriages in Wilson County:

  • Edmond Goodman who married Rachel Watts, March 26, 1829, WCT, by Thomas D. Lansden, JP, with James Word, bondsman
  • Ansel Goodman who married Polly Walton, December 27, 1832,WCT by Thomas P. Holland, with Prince Lambert, bondsman/li>
  • Frances Goodman who married Burrell Ivy, December 19, 1831, WCT, with Thomas Gunn, bondsman
  • Jesse Goodman married Sarah Johnson, July 25, 1841, WCT, by Milkijah Vaughn, VDM
  • Laura Goodman married James H. Ragsdale, October 3, 1840, WCT, with William S. Wilburn, bondsman
  • Mary Jane Goodman married Isaac N. Oliphant, April 18, 1861, WCT, by J.J. Ellis, MG
  • Sarah A. Goodman married John D. Bone, September 18, 1851, WCT, by A.S. Ivy, MG


  • Benjamin Goodman Hanover 1782, 8 white persons
  • Benjamin Goodman New Kent 1785 5 white persons
  • Charles Goodman Albemarle 1785 8 white persons
  • James Goodman Nansemond 1783 4 white persons
  • James Goodman Nansemond 1784 6 white persons
  • Joseph Goodman Hanover 1782 11 white persons
  • Samuel Goodman Hanover 1782 1 white person
  • Timothy Goodman Hanover 1782 1 white person
  • William Goodman Pittsylvania 1782 8 white persons
  • William Goodman Pittsylvania 1785 6 white persons

There was a Benjamin Goodman of Hanover Co., who in 1750 was named with his mother, Lucy. Robert Goodman of Hanover Co., mentioned in 1739 and 1763.

Samuel Goodman, son of Benjamin Goodman, was baptized on April 26, 1701, in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.


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