Eastern Tennessee Goodman and Related Families

County Tax Lists

From abstracts in “Early Tennessee Tax Lists”, Edited by Sistler, and also from “Early East Tennessee Taxpayers”, compiled by Pollyanna Creekmore from original tax lists from the E. TN Historical Society’s annual publications, with references to the current collections and owners of the original lists.

Note that both Sistler’s and Creekmore’s lists show these as GOODMAN, while other abstractors of grants and deeds from other period records may show Goodin, Gooden, or Goodwin, and sometimes with the different spellings in the same abstract.

Last Name First Name County, List Year(s), Property
Gooden James Greene Co 1783
Gooden Benjamin Greene Co 1783
Gooden Thomes Greene Co 1783
GOODMAN Amos Blount 1805
GOODMAN Benjamin Greene, 3rd Dist., Henry Conway 1783, 4H, 4C, Value £44
GOODMAN Benjamin, Jr. Greene, 3rd Dist., Henry Conway 1783, 8H, 8C, Value £88
GOODMAN James Greene, 3rd Dist., Henry Conway 1783, 3H, 8C, Value £34
GOODMAN Joseph Blount 1800
GOODMAN Stephen Blount, List of Capt. Montomery’s Co 1801, 1 poll
GOODMAN Thomas Greene, 3rd Dist., Henry Conway

1783, 6H, 4C, £64

GOODMAN John Greene Co, Captain Edward Tate’s Company
John Goodman entered 50 ac. on Lick Creek in Greene County TN on 13 August 1780.
1798, 50 ac, 0 poll
GOODWIN Benjamin Greene Co, Captain Christopher Bullard’s Company 1799, 150 ac, 0 poll
Riardson (Richardson) Johnethen(Jonathan) Greene Co, Captain Edward Tate’s Company 1798, 50 ac, 0 poll
Ritshrdson(Richardson) ?? Greene Co, Captain Edward Tate’s Company 1798, no land, 0 poll
Ritshrdson(Richardson) Susenah(Susanna) Greene Co, Captain Edward Tate’s Company 1798, 140 ac, 0 poll
CONWAY Henry Greene 1783,1805,1812
CONWAY Henry, Jr. Greene 1812
CONWAY George Greene 1805
CONWAY Joseph Blount, List of Capt. Montomery’s Co. 1801, 1 poll
CONWAY Jesse Blount, List of Capt. Montomery’s Co. 1801, 1 poll
CONWAY Thomas Blount, List of Capt. Montomery’s Co. 1801, 1 poll
HUSTON Saml. Greene, 4th Dist. 1783, 4H, 14C, Value £42
HUSTON Robert Greene, 4th Dist. 1783, 350ac, 1H, Value £112
RICHARDSON John Greene, 4th Dist. 1783, 3H, 13C, Value £78
RICHARDSON John Blount 1800
RICHARDSON Jno. Blount, List of Capt. Bogle’s Co. 1801, w/200 ac
RICHARDSON Obadiah Blount, List of Capt. Montomery’s Co. 1801, 1 poll
RICHARDSON John Wilson 1815

The James, Thomas, Benjamin and Benjamin Jr. Goodmans on the 1783 Greene Co. 3rd Dist list cannot be accurately identified at this time. However, it is tempting to speculate that they would all be related in some way, and that this James Goodman could be the same John James Goodman, grandfather of Robert Hope Goodman, and previously of Hanover Co., VA, then Bedford Co., VA, as mentioned in the Robert Hope Goodman letter

The Huston (sic. Houston) names are included here, because it shows how that name could have been brought into the family of Robert Goodman, later of Wilson Co., TN, from such a prominent family in the same county as their 1790 and later guardian, John Richardson.

I currently believe that Henry Conway was either the father or uncle of the Thomas Conway of Blount Co., TN, who gave security for the marriage of Amos I. Goodman and Sarah Conway in 1801 in Blount Co. Certainly by the common listing of Stephen Goodman, Obadiah Richardson, husband of Amos Goodman’s sister Sarah Jane, and also Thomas, Jesse and Joseph Conway, all in Capt Montgomery’s Co. in Blount Co. in 1801, more specifically identifies that this must be the same Thomas Conway who provided security for the marriage of Amos Goodman to Sarah Conway in Blount Co., that same year. Col. Henry Conway’s brother, Joseph Conway, did go to TN, and died in Cocke Co., TN about 1807. That Joseph Conway had sons Thomas and Joseph, also a daughter Sarah, birth dates all unknown. However, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Conway, supposedly married William Hogan, date unknown.

Henry Conway’s wife was Sarah Hundley. At this time, it is believed that Thomas was the father of Sarah Conway, 1st wife of Amos I. Goodman. However, it is also possible that Sarah was the daughter of Henry or one of the other Conways of early Greene or Blount Co., TN. More on Henry Conway. This family is still being researched to determine with certainty the parentage of Sarah Conway who married Amos I. Goodman, and Thomas Conway, who gave security.

Eastern Tennessee, 1780 – 1810

  • See: Goodspeed’s History of Greene Co., TN.
  • 1776 Watauga Petition, from early settlers of TN, then western part of NC, to NC Assembly, one signer was Drury Goodin (possibly Goodman). Drury Goodin is listed in other records of early Washington Co., TN variously as Gooden or Goodwin or Gooding. His inventory (and presumed death in 1800) is recorded under Goodwin. 
  • NC Land Grants in TN, 1778-1791: recorded in Greene Co, 1786-1788, transcribed by Virginia L. “Ginny” Keefer.
    (Note that in Sistler’s “Early Tennessee Tax Lists”, above, all of those names listed below as Goodin, he interprets as Goodman!)

# 172 John Richardson 274 ac on Boones Creek
# 770 Joseph Goodman 100 ac. on Sinking Creek, Washington Co., 1787
#1655 Henry Conway
#1674 William Conway
#1687 Thomas Goodin (Goodman) 150 ac a draught of Lick Cr.
#1709 Thomas Flippin 200 ac n. side Holston R.
#1718 Thomas Flippin 200 ac n. side Holston R.
#1805 John Terrill 200 ac n. side Holston R.
#1825 John Goodin (Goodman?) 230 ac. Big Gap Cr.
#1867 Benjamin Goodin (Goodman?) 400 ac. Lick Cr.
#1894 Wm Terrill Lewis 5,000 ac N side TN River
#1914 John Richardson 240 ac. Grassy Branch of Lick Cr. On 29 Sept 1800, John Richardson’s widow Susannah and her son Obediah sold John Richardson’s 1783 grant of 240 ac in the Grassy Branch of Lick Creek to George Harmon, who was also from Bedford Co., VA.
#1967 Benjamin Goodin (Goodman?) 120 ac Swan Pond Cr.
#1995 James Goodin (Goodman?) 200 ac both sides of Lick Cr.
#2188 James Richardson 640 ac S side Nolachucky R.
#???? Joseph Conway ?? ac on Clay Lick Creek, S. side Nolachucky
#2190 Henry & William Conway 300 ac n side Nolachucky R.
#???? Henry Conway, 640 ac joining a place called the barrens (Middle Dist.)
#2286 Benj. Goodin (Goodman?) & Joel Lewis 600 ac Lick Cr.
#2296 Benj. Goodin (Goodman?)
#2380 Joseph Conway
#2415 William Conway
#2421 Joseph Conway

… others to same individuals in various Greene Co. locations ….

Benjamin Goodman, husband of Maria Williams, died before this time, so these grants were to another Benjamin Goodman, perhaps the Benjamin Goodman mentioned as brother of Timothy Goodman of Hanover Co., VA.

  • Greene Co., TN Marriages: Joseph Richardson m. Susanna Goodman, 1 Jul 1790.
  • In Tennessee Tidbits, 1778-1914, Vol 1, compiled by Marjorie Hood Fischer, p. 146: Goodman, John – August 1790 (Greene TN, Co Court Minutes #/170). “Robert and Amos Goodman, children of John Goodman, were ordered committed to the care of John Richardson until further orders. Stephen and Sarah and Rachel Goodman were committed to the care of Jos. Richardson.”
  • The above action may have been contested, and John Goodman may not have actually died in 1790, as in same ref as above, is found: (Greene TN, Co Court Minutes #/207), John Goodwin (sic. Goodman?) and his wife were to appear at the next court and show cause why their children should not be bound out. (As previously ordered to the Richardsons?). They may have done just that, as Robert Hope Goodman’s letter says that John (age 18), and Robert (age 16) Goodman did go with their father (James according to RHG Letter, Joh according to the Court minutes) to Wilson Co.
  • Microfilm of Greene Co., TN Clerk’s fees, includes mention of fees paid by John & Susan (Susanna) Richardson, 1792.
  • John Richardson’s will, dated 18 Aug 1794. Greene TN, Co Court Minutes, no#/391. He died before 1795 in Greene Co., TN, when his will was entered. Susanna Richardson was named executrix. The will lists wife Susannah, children Jonathan, Obadiah, Elizabeth, Mary. My youngest children Joseph, Jesse, Siller (Pricilla?). Wit. John Price, Mary King, John Gass.
  • 1800, September 29, Greene Co., TN Deeds, volume 4, page 456, Indenture, Susanna Richardson and Obied Richardson, both of Greene Co., TN, one part, and George Harmon, same place, other part, $265 pd, 240 acres…Wit: Thomas Perry, Hugh Maloney, Jesse Carter. Reg 17 May 1801.
  • 1802, January 1, Greene Co., TN Deeds, volume 8, page 125; Thomas Harmon and Zachariah Luster, both of Greene Co., TN, 30 pounds pd, 100 acres on Lick creek, tr adj John Goodman. Wit: Isaac Harmon, George Harmon, Moses Harmon. This indicates that John Goodman stilll owned his 50 ac tract on Lick Creek until at least this date, and probably longer.
  • Blount Co. TN (formed from Greene Co) Court minutes, Nov Term, 1804, #B/32: Orphans Joseph Richardson, 11 yrs & 5 mo, and Drury Richardson, 7 yrs & 4 mo, bound to John Black Cusak until they are 21. These were probably the natural sons of either Jonathan or Jesse or Fuquay Richardson, since Obediah and Joseph Richardson were later living with their Goodman wives in Barren Co., KY.
  • A Samuel Goodman married Elizabeth Houston, 5 January 1803, in Rockbridge County, VA (Virginia Genealogist Vol. 22 no. 1, Jan-Mar 1978). The Houston name occurs as a middle name of Delbert Houston Goodman, b. 1884, whose great-grandfather was the Robert Goodman, Sr., b. about 1775 in VA, and who was the son of the John Goodman who died in 1790 in Greene Co., TN. The family of Gen. Sam Houston was also of Greene Co., and later Blount Co., TN. Many of the TN Goodmans went to Texas, and some fought in nearly all of the famous battles for Texas independence.

William Terrill Lewis and related Clarkson & Goodman families of Albemarle:

  • From Woods, History of Albemarle, VA.: “William Terrell Lewis had 11 children. Three sons, Micahah, Joel and James, were at King’s Mountain battle. Son John m. Sarah Taliaferro, then Susan Clarkson, sister of Peter. Manoah Clarkson, brother of Peter and Susan, was the father of Sally Clarkson, wife of Jeremiah A. Goodman, son of Charles Goodman of Albemarle. Another of Manoah’s daughters, Mildred, was the wife of Nathan Goodman, brother of Jeremiah A. Goodman.”
  • William Terrill Lewis’ son, Joel Lewis, was the partner of Benjamin Goodin (possibly Goodman?) in other land grants on Lick Creek, Greene Co., TN. (of previous mention).
  • William Terrell Lewis was the recipient of many NC land grants in TN:

1786 #1580 600 ac., w/ James Hubbard, n. side French Broad R., incl N. Copper Cr., Greene Co.
1787 #2162 3,500 ac, w/ Wm. Lenoir, n. side of TN River, Greene Co.
1787 #2227 500 ac on the Alexander Branch of the Nolachucky River, Greene Co.
1787 #2232 2,500 ac. adjoining Henderson’s & Compy Line, Greene Co.
1788 #2579 400 ac. n. side Clinch R., Hawkins Co.
1788 #2580 500 ac. Creek into Clinch R., above mouth of Emery’s Cr.
1789 #2589 400 ac. n. side of Clinch
1789 #2593 500 ac. s. side Clinch
1789 #2595 500 ac. s. side Clinch
1788 #2879 5,000 ac. Big Cr. on Elk R., Middle Dist.
1788 #2881 5,000 ac. w. side of Richland Cr., Middle Dist.
1788 #2899 5,000 ac. s. side Duck R., Globe Cr., Middle Dist.
1788 #2933 5,000 ac. Big Cr. on Elk R., Middle Dist.
… and many more thousands of ac. in Middle & Western Districts of TN.

Hart Family

In “Tennessee Bible Records and Marriage Bonds“, Acklen, 1933, the following passage is found: “Christina Moltern was the daughter of John Moltern and his wife Sally Hart. Sally Hart was the daughter of Leonard Hart and his first wife, Sally Goodman. Leonard Hart was a Revolutionary War Soldier; he was with the King’s Mountain patriots. He was a surveyor and was appointed to survey a great road from Shoals to the Holston River …”. The King’s Mountain reference tells us that he was with Col. James Williams, the brother of Maria Williams who married Benjamin Goodman, during that historic battle. The Holston River valley is west of Greene Co., TN, so it also tells us that Leonard Hart and Sally Goodman were pioneers of that area of TN.

Early Tennessee Marriages

There were several Goodman and related family marriages in Blount and Greene Counties, TN, probably related to the Goodmans who are the main subject of this site. Others may have occurred in Sevier Co., which lies between Greene and Blount Co. Madison Co. adjoins Blount Co.

    • John Goodman married Ruthy Roach June 10, 1819 in Blount Co.
    • Robert Goodman, Jr. married Martha Richardson Feb 20, 1820 in Wilson Co.
    • William Goodman married Betsy Samples, 5 Mar 1824 in Blount County, TN.
    • Joel Goodman married Polly Wright, 8 Apr 1826 in Blount County, TN.
    • Rachel Goodman married Dr. Simpson Doughtry in 1832 in Greene Co.
    • Thomas Goodman married Mary Hix, 4 Sep 1836 in Blount County, TN.
    • Ansel Goodman married Polly Walton, 22 Dec 1832 in Wilson County, TN.

Goodman Richardson married Rebecca Couples in Madison Co., TN Jul 14, 1849.>/li>

Those after 1810 are probably of descendants of Robert or Stephen, or of their older siblings, if any.

Lick Creek, Greene County TN

The Lick Creek watershed in Greene County, TN, runs generally across the northern border area, northeast of Greeneville, and flows southwest until it joins the Nolachucky River, and where they join is where some of Henry Conway’s lands were located. Below is a map that I created by overlaying the Lick Creek watershed, as shown in various US Geological Survey maps, with a Google Maps snippet. The overlay may not be exact, but is a pretty good general representation of the location of Lick Creek and its major tributaries. I have also notated the map with names of some of the known Lick Creek tributaries, and also with known approximate locations for land grants to Henry Conway and John Richardson as stated in their various early NC grants in TN, as cited above. Note the area now known as “Goodman Rd / Loop”, just north of I-81 and Lick Creek. The current address of this area is: Goodman Loop, Bulls Gap, Tennessee 37711, and is named after Samuel Goodman b- June 30-1878 d- December 8,1930, who married Mary Moore b-Feb. 22-1888, D-Feburary 19-1978 and their family. Additional research is needed to determine if this Goodman family was related to the James (John James) Goodman, who was granted 200ac on Lick Creek as cited above.

Also interesting to note, is that the current path of I-81 appears to follow the same general location as the “Warrior’s Path” as shown in this early Colonial era map of E. TN. and which was also the path to and through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky taken by Daniel Boone and his party. This path was most likely a well used road from the late 1700s through the 1900s, so would have been a natural route between the Richardson lands at the headwaters of Lick Creek, all the way to the Conway lands at the mouth of Lick Creek at the Nolachucky River, with the Goodman lands presumably in between the two.  


Lick Creek, Greene County TN, Map Overlay


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