Goodman and Related Families of Gates and other Eastern Carolina Counties

Including: Perquimans, Pasquotank, Chowan, Bertie,
Edgecombe, Halifax, Hertford and Gates

County Formation and History

In the beginning, Albemarle County, then the only county of North Carolina, was part of Virginia, consisting of Virginia counties of New Norfolk (in 1637 split into later Upper and Lower Norfolk) and Isle of Wight. In 1651, Upper Norfolk was renamed to Nansemond, and still extended into what was later North Carolina.

By 1681, Albemarle County had been split into Precincts around Albemarle Sound consisting of: Curritick (on the eastern coast), and going to the west: Pasquotank, Perquimans and Chowan, each of those being the areas both north and south of Albemarle Sound. In 1696, Most of the area south of Albemarle Sound was created as Bath County. From 1705 on, Bath County was further divided. However, since most of the Goodmans of NC that I am documenting here were in the counties north of Albemarle Sound, I shall not go further into those southern NC counties on this page. In 1710, North Carolina and South Carolina were formed as separate provinces.

Chowan County, the westernmost county of NC until 1710, was later divided as follows:

In 1722, Bertie was formed from western Chowan.

In 1729, the parts of Bertie, Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank and Curritick south of the Sound were all taken away from the original counties to form Tyrell.

In 1741, Edgecombe was formed from northern Bertie, and Northampton was formed from the western parts of Bertie.

In 1746, Granville was formed from western part of Edgecombe. More on these western precincts / counties: Granville, Orange, Rowan, etc.

In 1758, Halifax was created from Edgecombe.

In 1759, Hertford was formed from parts of Bertie, Chowan and Northampton.

In 1778, Gates was formed from parts of Chowan, Perquimans and Herford.

From this time on, the boundaries of these counties of NE North Carolina remained stable, while counties from Granville and west continued to be formed and divided.

Deeds, Grants and Wills of Interest

In these records: CR: Colonial Records of North Carolina. CAG=Compendium of American Genealogy. Abbreviations for counties: CH=Chowan, GA=Gates, BE=Bertie, PE=Perquimans, PA=Pasquotank, ED=Edgecomb, NH=Northampton, HE=Hertford, HA=Halifax.

17 Jan 1732. John Pipkin Sr. to John Pipkin Jr. … part of the patent granted to Charles Scott on 17 April 1694, (Nickel) Swamp, Sig. JNO PIPKIN, wit. by Simon Daniel, William W. Bentley and Henry Goodman. (CH DB W:206-207). One of these John Pipkins had married in 1722 to Martha Goodman. (Daughter of ??)

21 May 1745: Will of John Pipkin. sons: Philip, Lewis, Isaac, John, Daniel (to each a tract of land), Joseph (1 negro) and Jesse (1 negro)); Wife and executrix Martha. Witnesses: Henry Goodman Jr., Timothy Goodman, Henry Goodman Sr. [CH DB??:??] Proved 18 Jul 1745.

04 Sept 1748: A list of Capt. John Shearrard’s Company at Wilmington Alarm. incl: William Williams in one Company, and the following were all in Capt. John Sampson’s Company: James Williams, John Williams, Anthony Williams, William Houston, Joseph Williams, William Goodman, James Williams, Archibald Houston. [NC V22:??]. a Spanish force landed at Brunswick, NC and plundered it. They defeated the Spanish, took a few prisoners, and destroyed and salvaged the Spanish ship. The William Goodman of this account was probably a descendant of William and Rebecca Goodman.

25 Nov 1754: Roll of Capt. Charles King’s Company NC Militia: Henry Goodman, John Carter, Wm. Gatling, Wm Gatling Jr, John Gatling, Edward Gatling, Howard Pipkin, Isaac Pipkin, Joel Goodman, Wm. Goodman, Trustram Bethey (Tristram Bethea), Jesse Bethey (Bethea). [NC V??:??]

25 Nov 1755. List of men commanded by Capt. Charles King, Pasquotank County, NC. included: Henry Goodman, Joel Goodman, William Goodman, Howard Pipkin, Isaac Pipkin, Trostram Bethey (Tristram Bethea), Jesse Bethey (Bethea), Wm. Gatling, Wm. Gatling Jr., John Lee, John Drury, Edw. Gatling. [CR V22:359]. Isaac Pipkin married about 1760 to Charity Goodman, daughter of Henry Goodman, and they lived in the part of Chowan County that was later Gates County. See: Pipkin-Goodman House.

16 May 1772: Will of Edward Hare of Hertford County. Legatees incl: John Pipkin son of Isaac Pipkin, Isaac Pipkin, John Goodman. [HE DB ??:??]

8 Feb 1780 – William Goodman, Senr. to my son, William Goodman, Jr Good Will and Respect I owe to my Dutiful Son, William Goodman 170a. land I purchased from my son, John Goodman sit. mouth of a branch called Long Branch joining Henry Goodman and Isaac Pipkin part of a patent granted to John Pipkin, decd. bearing date 4 Apr 1720. William Goodman Witnesses: John Bethy (Bethea), Henry Goodman.

7 Apr 1782 – John Goodman to “My brother William Goodman” – land William Goodman, Senr. purchased of William Bentley, was taken up by William Ashley on Beaver Dam Swamp – joining Isaac Pipkin, land that William Goodman, decd. made to his son, Henry Goodman, John Bethey (Bethea) land that William Goodman, decd. made to Stephen (no last name given.) Sig. John Goodman, Witnesses: Henry Goodman, Edith Goodman.

21 Dec 1786 – John Goodman of Edgecombe Co., to Solomon King of Gates Co. – 10 Pds. – 50a. – which land was granted to William Skinner patent dated 11 Mar 1740 and conveyed by deeds to William Goodman and Isaac Pipkin the 1 Aug 1760 – “at a Oake standing on the side of Winton Road, Pipkin’s Line” – joining William Goodman. Sig. John Goodman, Witness: William Odom, Uriah Odom, Mary Lang.

12 May 1789 – Isaac Pipkin for the love of son, John Pipkin, both of Gates Co. – 100a. – part of a patent granted to William Bently 22 Feb 1719 – joining Main Road, Bray Warren and Phillip Lewis. Sig. Isaac Pipkin, Witnesses: William Goodman, John Goodman.

28 Jan 1789 – Henry Delday to Henry Eborn Sears – 20 Pds. 50a. – joining Joel Goodman, William Gatling, Isaac Pipkin and William Goodman. Sig. Henry Delday, Witnesses: James Brady, Samuel Collins, Mary Brady.

27 Dec 1790 – David Goodman to Isaac Darden of Hertford 60 Pds. 50a. – “ being a part of a tract of land formerly granted to Henry by patent dated 28 Apr 1711” joining William Goodman, Isaac Pipkin and Henry Dilday. Sig. David Goodman, Witnesses: William Goodman, John Kittrell.

29 Jan 1791 – Henry Ebron Sears to Henry Dilday – 20 Pds. 50a. – joining Joel Goodman, William Gatling, Isaac Pipkin and William Goodman. Henry Ebron Sears, Witnesses: William Vann, James Brady, Siles Vann.

11 May 1791 – Solomon King to John Gatling – 14 Pds. 8 Sh. – 48a. – which was granted to William Skinner by patent dated 11 Mar 1740 and conveyed by deed to William Goodman and Isaac Pipkin 1 Aug 1760 – joining Winton Road on Pipkins line, William Goodman and Coplands line. Sig: Solomon King, Abegail King, Witnesses: Jo Vollintine (Valentine), Edward Garling (Gatling), William Warren.

1794 Will of Solomon King, Gates Co., N.C. names: Wife Abigail; daughter Mary Goodman, son-in-law Henry Goodman, grandson Solomon King Goodman, grandson William Goodman, granddaughter Mary Goodman; daughter Elizabeth Tynns (Tyner or Tynes), son-in-law Thomas Tynns, grandson Nathaniel Tynns; granddaughter Abigail Porter, grandson Elisha Porter; daughter Martha Sumner, son-in-law Jethro Sumner, grandson Demsy King Sumner, daughter Abigail Vollentine (possibly widow of Jo Vollintine/Valentine cited in 1791 deed above?), granddaughter Rebecca King Vollentine, grandson Solomon King Vollentine; trusty friends David Darden, John Lee; Wit: William Goodman jurat, James Gatling, Jesse Saunders. Also mentions lands: my plantation in Edgecombe County now in the care of Isam Holomon, the land and plantation on the west side of Cypress Swamp which I purchased of Jacob Menshew in Gates County, my plantation and lands that I purchased of John Lee in Gates County whereon I do now Live on the west side of Cypress Swamp and a parcel of land adjoining the same which I purchased of Jacob Menshew on the East side of the Swamp it being all the land that I purchased of Jacob Menshew on the East side of the said Cypress Swamp; also names a total of 20 negro slaves, some in Gates and some in Edgecombe.

Goodman and Related Families

John Goodman born about 1762, was the third son of the Joel Goodman who was b. abt. 1732 in Bertie Co. NC and d. 1786 in Gates Co., NC. Between 1732 and 1786, Bertie County was divided several times, with Gates County formed in 1778 from what used to be the northern part of Bertie that became Herford County in 1759, plus part of northern Chowan County. This Joel Goodman was the son of the Henry Goodman who was b. about 1700 in Nansemond Co., VA, and who d. 1783 in Hertford / Gates Co., NC. Henry Goodman was the son of the William Goodman ca. 1678-1735 of Isle of Wight, who was the son of William and Rebecca Goodman.

If this is so, John Goodman’s brothers were James, Henry, Timothy, David, Joel, Cyprian and William Goodman, of Gates County, NC. Of these brothers, only John’s will is not known, and there is no known record of his children or wife, but he is presumed to have died before 4 May 1795, as the will of Joel Goodman of Gates Co., NC on that date mentions the estate of John Goodman, deceased.

In Pasquotank Co., NC, the militia rolls of 1754-5 list William Goodman, Joel Goodman, and Henry Goodman, all known descendants of William and Rebecca Goodman. Also in that county were Robert Bayley and several other Bayleys, who were possibly descended from the Anselm Baley who was on the Surry Co., VA militia roll with William Goodman in 1687. Also there were: Joseph Richardson, Stephen Richardson, several Overtons, Howard and Isaac Pipkin, Trustram and Jesse Bethea, John Drury, and Joseph Ferrill. These are all names that recur in later Goodman lines of early TN and KY.

A John Goodman was Entry Taker (recorder of land sales) for Edgecombe Co., NC, and whose accounts were listed as delinquent in 1790 (Colonial Records of NC). This John Goodman was related to the Joel, Timothy, William and Henry Goodmans of Gates Co., and probably those of the same name in Dobbs Co., NC. Those accounts may have been delinquent due to his death in that year, the news of which may not have reached the capital when the delinquency was noted.

The 1768 will of a David Lewis of Dobbs Co. NC, names Henry Goodman administrator, and Timothy Goodman gave security. This was probably the David Lewis, Sr. of Albemarle Co., VA, whose wife was Miss Terrell. These Goodmans are probably the brothers Henry Goodman ca. 1726 and Timothy Goodman ca. 1728, mentioned as the sons of the Henry Goodman whose will of 5 April 1778 is recorded in Gates Co., NC. The elder Henry Goodman is probably the same Lt. Col. Henry Goodman who resigned his commission in the Dobbs Co. NC Militia in 1777 due to poor health, and gave surety bond 6 March 1773 as Public Treasurer for Dobbs Co., NC. Henry and Timothy Goodman were summoned to be Grand Jurors in Kingston, Dobbs Co., NC on 27 Oct 1773.

The will of David Lewis, Sr. is probably recorded in Dobbs Co., NC in addition to Albemarle Co., VA, where he died, because Dobbs Co., NC was the residence of William Terrell Lewis, his eldest son and heir. William Terrell Lewis had sons Micajah, Joel, James and John. Three of those sons were at the battle of King’s mountain in 1782, probably under the command of Col. James Williams of Granville Co., NC, whose sister Maria Williams was the wife of Benjamin Goodman. John Lewis, a son of William Terrell Lewis, married first Sarah Talliaferro, who’s family also intermarried with the Conway family of Fauquier Co., VA, and some of who removed to Greene Co., TN. Sarah Conway married my ancestor Amos Goodman in 1801 in Blount Co., TN, formed from part of Greene Co., TN. The second wife of this John Lewis, was Susan Clarkson, who was b. about 1735, the daughter of David Clarkson of Albemarle VA, and sister of Manoah Clarkson of Albemarle VA, whose daughter Mary Clarkson was the wife of Jeremiah Augustus Goodman, and whose other daughter Mildred Clarkson was the wife of Nathan Goodman.



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