Bladen and Anson Counties N. Carolina

County Formation History

Bladen County was formed in 1739 from parts of Pelham, New Hanover and Bath Counties. Anson County was formed in 1750 from Bladen County.

Bladen County was further divided in 1752 to form Orange County, in 1754 to form Cumberland County, in 1764 to form Brunswick County, 1786 to form Robeson County, and in 1808 to form Columbus County.

Anson County was further divided in 1753 to form Rowan County, in 1763 to form Mecklenburg County, in 1779 to form Richmond County, and in 1778 to form Montgomery County.

Goodman Families

A Samuel Goodman, probably b. ca. 1720 or earlier, was JP for Bladen Co., NC in 1743 through 1745 and was removed from that office for malpractice. He lived on the Peedee river. The Peedee runs through both North and South Carolina. (Remember the river Dee, in Denbigh?). His lands adjoined those of several Williams families, whose first grants in that county date to 1752, apparently when Anson Co. was formed from part of Bladen Co. Between June 1746 and 1751, this Samuel Goodman’s grants in Bladen Co., NC, from Lord Granville’s agents in Salisbury, NC, totaled over 3,160 ac.

This Samuel Goodman was possibly related in some way to the Samuel Goodman b. ca 1701 of Hanover Co., but is not the same person. As mentioned previously, this is probably the Samuel Goodman who arrived in SC with Major Benjamin Waring, December 1693, or may have been his son.

Several Terrell families also lived in the same general area, and had lands on the Peedee River. Henry Williams, brother-in-law of the Benjamin Goodman who married Marya Williams, also purchased lands in this area in 1765, and was granted additional land in 1768 on Mountain Creek.

The surnames of signatories of several petitions from residents of Anson and Montgomery County, 1770-1789, include several names that soon begin to appear as given or middle names in later Goodman lines: Lowry, Lewis, Terrell, Ferrell, Drury, and others. These surnames are what leads me to question the German ancestry of the John Goodman who married Mary Robertson December 09, 1802 in Rutherford County, NC, and their descendants had several of these early NC family names in their line.

Many other Goodman and Williams lands are recorded in Bladen, Anson, and other counties of southern NC. However, because I do not believe them to be directly related to my line, I shall not delve into them further.

As time permits, I will add deed and other abstracts regarding this Samuel Goodman and possibly related families to this page.


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