Goodman Families of Barren and Hart Counties

Goodman and Related Families in Tax Lists and Census

Early Barren County Tax Lists

Jeames (James) Conway – 1806
Thomas Conaway – 1807
Thomas Conway – 1808
Thomas Conaway – 1809
Elisha Conaway – 1807, 1808

US Census Records

In 1810, an Amos Goodman appears in Jefferson County, with Joab (Joel?) Goodman.

Another Amos Goodman is in Barren (later Hart and others) County, KY. Many other Goodmans, including two Johns, a John Jr., two Williams, Charles, Jacob, Jessee, and several others, were also in Barren/Hart County. See complete Barren Co. list below.

The Barren County (later Hart County), KY 1810 census data was very interesting for several reasons. There were lots of Goodmans there! And, for the most part, the families appear to be grouped, as if several families were on the same property, comprising 6 ‘extended’ families. This appears to result from the fact that the enumerators probably recorded the census as families were encountered.

On page 33, I found: Matthias Reynolds, husband of Martha Goodman of Bedford Co., VA and David (or Davis) Reynolds, within 1-4 lines of Amos Goodman. Amos had one female over 45 in his household, probably Epharilla (Thorpe) Goodman, his mother. Mathew Harper, 2nd husband of Sarah Jane Richardson Goodman, was just 2 lines away from Matthias Reynolds and wife Martha Goodman, who married in Bedford Co., VA. Wm. Richardson was also within a few lines of Amos Goodman, and had too many females in his family group to be accounted for by the age of the eldest, some of which may have been the widow Sarah Jane Goodman and her children by Obediah Richardson. Obediah Richardson was not found, and the other males in Wm. Richardson’s group were too young to be Obediah, so he is presumed to have died before the 1810 census. So, it is not surprising that we see several later inter-marriages among these families. Finally, although many of the Goodman’s neighbors had slaves, not one of the Goodman or Reynolds families did. Wm. Richardson had 12 slaves, some of which may have previously belonged to Obediah Richardson.

Barren Co., KY Census of 1810 – Microfilm M252 #5

Pg Ln Last First M
24 0 Goodman Fielding ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
24 2 Goodman Jessee     1 1 1     1    
26 8 Goodman Charles         1 1 2   1  
29 8 Goodman William 1 2 2 1   3   1 1  
29 12 Goodman Hardin 2     1   3 1   1  
29 13 Goodman Alan/Alex     1     1   1    
29 14 Goodman John 4   1     1   1   1
29 15 Goodman Abraham   2   1   4   1    
33 25 Harper Mathew 2 2   1   2   1    
33 27 Reynolds Matthias 2 1     1 3 1 2 1  
33 32 Harper Hance     2 1 1 1 2 2   1
33 36 Goodman Amos 1     1   1   1   1
33 37 Logsdon John   2 4   1 2 1     1
33 38 Reynolds David       1   2   1    
33 39 Logsdon Tho.         1         1
33 40 Richardson Wm. 1 1     1 6 1 2 1  
 37 32 Connaway Tho. 1 1 1 1 1     2   1
46 2 Goodman John Jr. 1     1       1    
39? 5 Goodman Jacob 2 2 3   1   1     2

In 1820, Amos Goodman was in the new Hart (previously part of Barren) County, with Arthur and Stephen. Arthur and Stephen therefore probably came to KY after Amos, and between 1810 and 1820. Other Goodmans appear in the other counties formed from Barren County in later years, primarily Hardin and Monroe.

In the 1830 census for Barren County, were found only John, Varda, and Mary Goodman families. Varda and Mary appear to be Matriarchs, at 45+ each. John was a single male, age 50+. John and Varda were both on pg. 117, and Mary was on pg. 157. Other details were hard to decipher from the microfilm.

In the 1830 Hart County census, Amos, Ansolom (sp.Anselm), and Arthur Goodman are on pg. 211. Steven was on pg. 213. Amos was residing with 4 young males, 5 young females and his wife. Ansolom had 2 young girls, and 2 young boys, and his wife. Arthur also had 2 boys and 6 girls. Steven’s family consisted of 3 young males and 3 females. Interestingly, the 1830 census appears to have been done by several methods. Some enumerators just took the information as they encountered families, and some alphabetized their results. Since pages 211 and 213 were of the alphabetized form, it is hard to surmise anything by the proximity of the names on the list, as one could with the 1810 Barren Co. census.

Other Records

Barren County Marriages

Richardson, Elizabeth to Logsdon, Thos….June 28, 1810. This may have been the Elizabeth Richardson named as a daughter of John Richardson in his 1796 will in Greene County TN. 

Richardson, Susannah to Logsdon, Thos….Dec. 23, 1813-Dec. 22, 1814. This was actually Susannah Goodman, the widow of Joseph Richardson. They married in Greene County TN on July 1, 1790. It would be interesting to know if this Thomas Logsdon was the same one who married Elizabeth Richardson three years earlier. 
Excerpts from “Minute Book 1803-1841 of the United Baptist Church of Christ.”, Barren/Hart Co., KY, courtesy J.P. Grady:
p. 3.  Names of Members (6th August 1803)  Joseph RICHARDSON p. 4.   Susanna RICHARDSON, Patsey RICHARDSON
p. 7.  Received upon credit of letters Joseph RICHARDSON and his wife Susanna
p. 18.  Received by experience Patsey RICHARDSON
p. 21.  Appointed Bro. R. J. Munford to cite Brother J. RICHARDSON to our next. (Fourth Saturday in Dec 1810)
p. 26.  Complaint against sister RICHARDSON
p. 27,  Sister RICHARDSON to appear at our next church meeting (Fourth Sat in Jan 1813)
p. 39.  Sister Susanna LOGSDON and her daughter Patsey RICHARDSON made application for letters of dismission and they were granted. (Fourth Saturday in Sep 1819)

Richardson, Sarah to Harper, Mathew…Dec. 19, 1815. This was actually Sarah Jane Goodman, widow of Obediah Richardson of Greene County TN. They married in Greene Co. TN, May 16, 1797 and he died probably before 1810. Mathew Harper married twice before Sarah, 1st to Elizabeth Pierce on April 21, 1794 in Spartenburg, SC. She died May 08, 1807 in Smith County TN. He married 2nd to Judah Reynolds, daughter of Matthias Reynolds and Martha Goodman, on December 31, 1807. She died on May 07, 1815 in Barren County KY. He married 3rd to Sarah Jane Goodman Richardson, and Matthias Reynolds was Surety for that marriage.

In “Kentucky Land Warrants”, in 1821, Jacob Goodman patented 71 ac., Monroe County, on Spring Creek. In 1832, John W. Goodman had 200 ac., Muhlenberg County, on the Green River.

A Jacob Goodman was married to Sarah Reynolds, according to the will of Charles Reynolds, father of Sarah, probated in 1821. Several Goodman and Reynolds families were members of the Green River Baptist Church in the early 1800s, and so John W. Goodman was probably related to them.


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