Goodmans of Adair and Russell County Kentucky

County Formation and Boundary History

Adair County was formed in 1801 from Green County. Russell County was formed
in 1826 from the southeast 1/3 of Adair County, plus small slivers of northern Wayne & Cumberland Counties.

Census and Land Records

Most of these records appear to be for Ansel/Anselm Goodman, born ca. 1750, of Bedford County VA and his descendants.

Adult Goodmans In Adair Co. 1810 US Census: Microfilm # 252-5, Enumerator: Fenniton Randolph, Date: 12-31-1810, Total Population: 6,186.

In the 1810 Adair Co., KY census are:

  • Andrew Goodman, age 26-44, with one male under 10, one male 16-25, one female 16-25.
    (m ca 1794 and b ca 1774, based on spouse and child ages)
  • Ansolem (sic.) Goodman, age 45+, with one male 10-15, one female 10-15, and one female 45+.
    (likely Ansel, b ca 1752, wife Edith and last two children, 10-16 and
    therefore b after 1790 and before 1800.)
  • Ansle (sic.) Goodman, 26-44, with one male under 10, one male 10-15, two females under 10, one female 26-44.
    (m ca 1800 b ca 1780, based on child ages)
  • Jesse Goodman, age 26-44, with one female under 10, one female 16-25.
    (relationship unknown, possibly a son, m ca 1810, and b ca 1790, based
    on child age)

In the 1820 Adair Co., KY census are:

  • Ansel Goodman, age 26-45, 2 males under 10, one male 16-18, one male 18-26, two females under 10, one female 26-45.
  • Andrew Goodman, age 26-45, one male under 10, one male 18-26, three females under 10, one female 26-45.
  • John Goodman, age 18-26, two males under 10, one female 16-26.
  • Marcus (Martin?), age 26-45, one male 18-26, one female 16-26, one female 26-45.
  • Ansel Goodman, age 45+, one female 45+.

See Ansel Goodman page for more on possible relationships.

From "Kentucky Land Warrants": Martin Goodman, received a land warrant in Adair Co., KY, for 50 ac. on Roaring Lilly Creek in 1822. He was therefore probably born ca 1800. Anslow (Ansel/Anselm?) Goodman, also had land warrant for another 50 ac. on Big Lilly Creek, Adair Co in 1822.

Big Lily Creek originates in Russell Springs, and flows south until it meets
Little Lily Creek just south of where SH619 (aka Nelson Mill Rd.) crosses Big Lilly Creek, about 3 mi. east of Jamestown, Russell Co., KY. From there, Big Lily Creek widens substantially, and becomes a tributary / cove of modern day Lake Cumberland. Prior to the damming of the Cumberland River, this now placid lake section may have been known as Roaring Lily Creek.

From the above, it is clear that Ansel/Ansolem Goodman b ca 1752 was in Adair County in the 1810 and 1820 census, and may have purchased more land in 1822, his name being misspelled as Anslow. One could also surmise that Martin and Anslow were related, probably brothers, or father and son, based on similar dates and locations.

By October of 1832, Ansel Goodman was in Russell County, KY, where he made his petition. Russell County was created from the eastern part of Adair County in 1826, so Ansel probably did not actually move, but lived in that part of southern Adair that was split off to become Russell County. In the testimony of others involved with Ansel’s petition, it is mentioned that he was "a Preacher of the Gospel". It is possible that Ansel was a preacher, and that records of marriages of others, performed by him, might exist in Adair/Russell County. Ansel remained on the pension roll in that county at least through 1835.

In December of 1832, an Ansel Goodman married Polly Walton in Wilson Co., TN. If this was our Ansel, he was in his mid-80’s at the time! Ansel’s death is not recorded in Russell County, KY. However, an Ansel Goodman died intestate in Wilson Co., TN in 1841. His inventory was provided and sworn to by Robert Goodman of Wilson Co., probably Robert Sr., who was the son of the John James Goodman born ca 1750/52 of Bedford County VA, and Robert was the brother of Amos, Arthur and Stephen Goodman of Hart Co., KY, as all were listed in the 1790 Greene County Court entry, cited elsewhere on this site. Ansel Goodman’s estate consisted of a single note for $35. to Robert Goodman, due Dec 25, 1833. This definitely establishes the link between the families of Ansel and John Goodman of Bedford, VA. Claiborne Goodman, son of Benjamin Goodman and Maria Williams of Hanover and Louisa Co., VA, and later of Granville Co., NC and Laurens Co., SC, also lived in Wilson Co., TN at that time.

In Grass Twp, Spencer Co., Indiana 1860 census appears: hh 1123, Martin Goodman 40, KY; Lockey 41, SC; and their children, all b. IN: William 19, Ansel 17, Leonard 11, Absalom 9, Mary 1. This is probably a son of the Martin Goodman who purchased land near Ansel/Anslow/Anselm, as he was b. 1820.


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