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County Formation History – Adair/Russell/Barren/Hart Counties

In this section, I am only documenting my research into a few KY counties associated with my own Goodman line. Researchers interested in Goodman and related lines of other counties of KY should go to appropriate primary sources or GenWeb web sites for the appropriate counties and other web sites for their surnames and lines.

In 1790, Lincoln County was comprised of what are now Barren, Adair, Warren, Monroe, Hart, Green, Russell and Pulaski Counties.

In 1798, Barren Co. was formed from parts of Warren and Green counties.

In 1801, Adair Co. was formed from Green Co.

In 1819, Hart Co was formed from parts of Hardin and Barren Counties.

In 1820, Monroe Co. was formed from the southern part of Barren, and part of Cumberland Co.

In 1825, Russell Co was formed from parts of Adair, Wayne and Cumberland.

Small pieces of Barren, Green, Adair, Cumberland and Monroe were combined to form Metcalf Co. in 1860.

In 1790, KY was part of VA, and all census records were lost. The census records of all KY counties for 1800 were also lost. However, KY tax lists of 1800 show a Jesse Goodman and a John Goodman in Barren Co., and a Samuel Goodman in adjacent Warren Co. Other Goodmans were in Madison, Shelby and Pulaski Counties.

One thing to remember as census data is examined, is that these early counties were often sub-divided and/or combined between census dates, as described previously. Therefore, even though an individual appears to be in different counties from census to census, in fact, it is often the county boundaries that have moved, and not the family.

Other KY Goodmans, possibly Related

A George Goodman married Betsy Flippin 19 Mar 1803 in Barren Co. This may have been an older brother of the John Goodman children, having removed to Barren Co. before their father’s death, perhaps with Matthias Reynolds and Martha Goodman of Bedford Co., VA.

In the index of articles that appeared in the "Kentucky Gazette" , a Frankfort (Barren Co.) KY newspaper of the time, are two advertisements by John Goodman. On Feb 4, 1799, John Goodman had cabinetry work for sale at his shop. Some other businesses in the vicinity are mentioned, including the nail factory of Thomas Hart. Then, on July 1, 1806, it is announced that John Goodman of Frankfort had published a book, which was now available for purchase from the author. Its publisher is named, but not the book’s title or subject. Given the previous advertisement, I would guess that it was a text or guide for cabinetry and woodworking, and that the citizens of the area, knowing John’s trade, and many probably knowing John, would also know its subject. This John Goodman may be the father of the Drury Goodman who later removed to Lewis Co., TN, as the Lewis Co. Goodmans are known to have included at least two who produced fine musical instruments, including D.D. Goodman, presumably Drury Dallas Goodman.

In "The "Cornstalk" Militia of Kentucky, 1792-1811",Clift, G. Glen 1909-, two Goodmans are recorded as "Officers of the Militia of the Commonwealth": Philip Goodman is listed as a Lieutenant, 7th Regiment, Madison County, Commissioned July 9, 1798. In other sources, Philip is recorded as married in Washington County, VA, in 1793, and died in Hardin County, KY in 1833. A Samuel Goodman is listed as an Ensign, 2nd Regiment, Nelson County, Commissioned July 9, 1792.


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