Goodmans of Indiana

A Bartlett Goodman was in Greene Co, IN, in the 1840 and 1850 census. In 1840, he was aged 50-60. He may have been the son of the Bartelott Goodman who gave away his daughter in Bedford Co., VA in 1788, and the grandson of the Bartelott Goodman of Louisa Co., who was a VA Ranger in 1756. On the same census page in 1840, and also in Greene Co., IN, are James Goodman, John Goodman, and William Wesley Goodman.

The following are from Dubois IN, 1850 census, courtesy of Lonnie Fink, via Internet mail, and probably indicate a strong connection to the Powel / Powell families of Denbigh Wales, and later VA, as mentioned previously:

hh586: John POWEL 65 m farmer VA ( born ca 1785), Drucilla 59 f VA ( born ca 1791), John 29 m VA ( b ca 1821);

hh587 Joseph W. GARLAND 31 KY md 30-dec-1839 Dubois CO, IN Susannah POWELL GARLAND 35 VA Drucilla 10 IN Joseph 8 IN Susannah 4 IN Gabriel 1

hh588 Washington GARLAND 33 KY md 27-nov-1839 Dubois CO,IN Amanda POWELL GARLAND 26 VA John 6 IN Elizabeth 4 IN James 2 IN;

hh589 William E. POWELL 30 VA md 10-sep-1845 Emaly GOODMAN POWELL 26 IN Mary POWELL 3 In John 2 IN Rhoda 3m f IN Goodman, Catherine 69 VA;

hh590 George W. GOODMAN 30 IN md 22-oct-1840 Perlinda POWELL GOODMAN 28 VA William 8 IN Margaret 5 IN Emaly 3 IN Feraba 6m f IN;

hh622 James POWEL 30 VA md 23-nov-1844 Sarah OXLEY POWEL
21 IN William 5 IN;

hh778 John MAYO 30 IN Judy 60 VA Elizabeth 26 IN Martha 21
IN William POWELL 26 IN James WALKER 12 IN.

Marriage Index: Indiana, 1851-1900


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