Goodmans of Knox County IL

Knox Co., IL, formed from part of Fulton Co., was contained in that part of western IL reserved as bounty land for veterans of the War of 1812. The original bounty offer was for $16. cash, and 160 acres, which was raised to 320 acres by Act of Congress, December 10, 1814.

In "War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois", I found bounty land grants to Cleophas, Jacob, John, Peter, William, and another John Goodman. Of those, the grants of Cleophas (#18002) and John (#6085), were located in Knox County. William (#6086) was nearby, in Peoria Co. However, only Cleophas appears to have personally claimed his land. The others apparently sold theirs to lawyers or speculators (contrary to the intent of the Congress, and to restrictions supposedly designed to prevent that kind of thing). Anselm may have been related in some way to Cleophas Goodman. Anselm's son, Socrates, then living in Knox Co., IL, named a son Cephes, a close approximation.


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